Beach weddings are becoming more popular, especially in the US where large crowds indoor are currently discouraged and this will likely continue into 2021. So, it is a good idea to find out what the local restrictions are for a Florida beach ceremony in order to avoid roadblocks before you set up that beautiful wedding arch in the sun and sea. In Florida, all beaches are considered public space, however each county has different rules.

Bride and Groom hold hands on Siesta Key Sand

Are permits Required to have a beach wedding?

Each local government in Florida has different regulations regarding weddings and events on their beaches. Your dream wedding is likely possible providing you find out these rules and obtain a permit if necessary. The easiest way to do this is to use our Florida beach wedding planning company since we are already very familiar with the permit process and the people we need to contact to expedite one. Permit fees vary, often depending on guest count, and can range from $75 up to $400. However, since a permit may be part of your budgeting process when planning your beach wedding, here is a quick rundown on which popular beaches require a permit for a wedding ceremony (at time of writing this post):

Maybe it is easier to state which beaches do NOT require a permit (at this time):

Beach wedding in clearwater with guests

Are flowers or confetti allowed on the beaches?

Fake flowers, streamers, confetti, rice, balloons, or anything else that could harm or damage the beach environment should not be used during beach  weddings. Some beaches do allow real petals, however

Wedding couple at Wilbur By the Sea beach

Other Requirements for a Florida Beach Wedding

Getting a State of Florida marriage license is the most important step to make your marriage legally valid. You must also have an authorized person officiate your wedding ceremony. With our Florida Beach Weddings company, we have that officiant built right into your wedding package, and that person also coordinates how the ceremony proceeds. However, you can also use your own officiant if you have a special minister or other person legally qualified to do so. The person who performs your ceremony is then responsible for returning the marriage license to the county that issued it within 10 days of the ceremony.

Sunny Florida Weather

The weather in Florida is warm most of the time, but there can be fluctuations depending on time of year and geography. Rain is the primary concern when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, with June to September being the rainiest in Florida.  Our Beach Wedding Specialists will work to schedule your ceremony at the time of day that is the least hot and/or rainy…but we must always be prepared!

Will there be other people on the beach?

Yes there will be but often they are respectful of your special time. November through February may be quieter on the beach since the water is cooler, and you will still get beautiful weather. Beach locations like Pass-A-Grille Beach, Redington and Sunset Beach, often are quieter venues. Obviously, weekends and national holidays mean busier beaches, so take that into consideration when doing wedding planning.

Couple kisses on St. Augustine shoreline after beach wedding ceremony

The most Budget-Friendly beach venues

You may have a beach location in mind already for your wedding in Florida. However, like the weather, the east coast of Florida (Atlantic ocean) can be very different from the west coast (or Gulf coast) when it comes to costs for accommodation, entertainment, and more. The Atlantic side is often cheaper than the Gulf beach side, with Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas being the exception. Destin is likely the most expensive. To keep your costs down consider the Daytona Beaches, St. Augustine beaches and Cocoa Beach; they are just less expensive in terms of accommodations and entertainment. For you to tie the knot, wedding packages on the east coast are cheaper too.

Bamboo wedding arch with flowers and white chairs on Daytona Beach

To save money on the west coast, we suggest you consider the Clearwater and St. Pete beaches, which are near Tampa making them easy to travel to with lots of hotel options. When it is sunset time you can enjoy beautiful photographs. Of course, eloping to Florida is the cheapest option. Contact us today to explore a beach for your wedding!

Sunset behind wedding couple kissing on a Gulf beach in FL