wedding on the beach

Florida destination weddings are becoming more popular than ever for brides and grooms that are planning a beach wedding. A wedding on the beach is the perfect romantic way to say “I do” for many people. Planning early can be the best way to ensure your wedding comes together perfectly.

Planning the perfect beach wedding starts with picking your beach location and venue. Getting married on the beach does not mean that you need to travel out of the country. A beautiful wedding on the beach can happen right in sunny Florida.


Tips for Planning A Wedding On the Beach


Beach weddings in Daytona are popular destination wedding spaces so you do want to book early. Your first step to getting married on the beach is to ensure that you have your date booked. You should plan as far as possible.


Of course, you can always book later, but it is best if you can book around 6-12 months out from your planned date. One of the things you can do to make the process easier is to be a little more flexible on your wedding date.


You should plan for about 50% attendance rate at your beach wedding if it is a destination wedding. If you live near Daytona than of course that changes things. A local resident will have a much larger turnout, than those that have to travel to Daytona for the wedding at the beach.


Make a List


If your wedding is a destination wedding, lists are a very important part of the planning process. Making lists of everything that you will need for your wedding on the beach is vitally important for a destination wedding.


Include on your list the following:

  • Delegation of duties
  • Transportation
  • Packing list
  • Ceremony necessities

In addition to the general bridal planning, you will need to delegate some of the duties for your destination wedding in Daytona. Enlist the help of your bridal party, family, and friends to ensure that every detail is planned for the day and keep a list of who is responsible for what.

Transportation Arrangements


Make a list of what transportation you will use to get around during your stay. Contact the transportation method of choice early on to book your transportation so you can check that off your list.


What To Pack


You will need to arrange to get your wedding attire to the venue, and all the things that you will need during your stay. Make a list of everything that you want to bring with you so nothing is left behind.


Ceremony Necessities


Make a list of everything you want at your ceremony. Having a list to check off will ensure that you do not forget anything. Getting organized and using lists to your advantage can help you to have the amazing beach wedding you always dreamed of.