Choosing the perfect beach wedding dress should be exciting and fun, so don’t allow the pressure of finding the perfect dress take away from enjoying this cherished wedding planning time. With over a decade working with wedding dress experts, we’ve compiled a checklist of DO’s and DON’Ts for finding your dream dress.summer florida beach wedding dress

DO’s and DON’Ts for finding the perfect Beach Wedding Dress

  • DO- Decide your style choice ahead of time. Avoid sticking with only the hottest trends and consider styles that flatter your figure and personal fashion sense. Also consider your beach wedding package decor and the style it brings to your wedding day.
  • DON’T- Get stuck in Pinterest mode. Keep in mind these (likely) photo-shopped models may or may not have your same body type, skin tone, bust, hair…. Find your inspiration, but be open to variations that suit you and your style. Check out our photo page for more inspiration!

  • DO- Consider the weather. Florida beach weddings are likely warm weathered events with a variety of weather on the east coast beaches and the west coast or Gulf beaches. So with the exception of December-February, choose a dress with a breathable fabric. Traditional long gowns are popular but it’s probably best to avoid long sleeves, which may leave you melting in the heat!
  • DON’T- Forget about your skivvies! It’s a good idea to have both a strapless bra and regular bra on hand. This will give you the best idea of what you’ll actually look like on your big day! No-show underwear are a good idea too so you’ll know exactly what’s going on underneath! *The same is true for any fittings.
  • DO- Bring your camera when dress shopping. Make sure to have a friend or sales associate take your picture outside in the gown before purchasing. Sometimes the natural sunlight can bring “new light” to your undergarments that would otherwise go unnoticed inside.

Beach bride style with natural flowers and an ivory lace dress from one of our Palm Coast, Florida beach weddings

The last “DO tip” before you say “I DO” is to enjoy your dress shopping experience. Whether it’s with your mom, sister, best friend, or peacefully by yourself, cherish this traditional bridal right of passage. Find the dress that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and aisle ready!

A bride poses for her Daytona Beach Weddings Photography.

Anastasia State Park Weddings are the ideal spot for photos by the dunes.