So there is a lot that goes into planning a destination wedding. With Your Destin Beach Wedding, we take of a great deal of the time consuming tedious detail planning. Things like, tides and ceremony times, decor, set up, seating, officiating, the list goes on. This allows you to plan your destination wedding as more like a vacation and less like work. So let us make even that a little easier for you with this Destination Wedding Adventure List. 

Destination Wedding Adventure:

Things to do in Destin, Florida for Couples 

It’s time to declare a time budget and get ready for some fun, relaxation, and bonding.


  • Destin Harbor: Eat, shop, take a boat tour. The harbor is a landmark in Destin and a must see for a laid back day of exploring and eating.

  • Segway Tour: Check out the city of Destin and learn a bit about the city’s history and tips of other must see locations. A fun way to cruise around town and take in the sights!

  • Boat tours: From sunrise to sunset, there are boats cruising through the gulf, harbor, and pass. Spot some wildlife like turtles, dolphins or sharks on a nature boat tour. Fly high in a parasail. Take a fishing charter boat for the freshest catch. Speed through on a high speed boat or relax and sail as the sun sets. Whatever your adventure level, Destin surely has a boat tour for you!

  • Beach: This is really what the destination wedding is all about after all isn’t it? Relaxing on the beach? Check out Florida State Park’s Henderson Beach. There is a small fee to enter, but the clear water, white sandy beaches free of hotels and condos make it worth it. Sightsee, hike nature trails, or simple lay back and relax on the beach.


Well that should keep you pretty busy. And when you’re ready to add wedding to your Destin Adventure list, click HERE!