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Treasure Island Beach Weddings

What is the big appeal about Treasure Island Beach Weddings? Treasure Island is most known for its three miles of white sandy beaches. Not only is the sand perfect for your Florida Beach Wedding, but the breathtaking sunsets will make for the perfect beach wedding backdrop. Treasure Island has many hotels, restaurants and attractions to keep you and your wedding guests entertained while you visit. Check out Caddy’s Waterfront for drinks and dining, all while you get to enjoy your toes in the sand. This is an experience like no other. 

Treasure Island Beach Weddings

Treasure Island sounds like something out of a fairy tale, but it really does exist in Florida! The most popular reason to have a Treasure Island Beach Wedding is the ease of access to the beach. There are many options for beach houses for you, and your guests. You can rent a beach house where you, and your bridal party, can enjoy time together and have plenty of space while preparing for your Treasure Island Beach Wedding.

Treasure Island is a residential, laid back area. There  are no hotels or public vendors on the beach. This allows you and your guests to relax without worrying about being bothered by vendors walking around. The best part about no vendors? You don’t have to worry about a line of umbrellas lining the beach behind your wedding ceremony.

Enjoy many popular activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, shelling, sun tanning and much more along the 3 miles of beautiful beaches on Treasure Island while preparing for your beach wedding. You must see Gators Café and Saloon, the “world’s longest waterfront bar” to enjoy a drink and watch the sunset.

Enjoy a local hotel or condo with the feel of the home, being able to enjoy multiple bedrooms, a kitchen and have plenty of space to prepare for your Treasure Island Beach Wedding ceremony. You will truly be able to relax the day of your wedding when you hire Your Florida Beach Wedding Company to take care of the setting up and breaking down.

By hiring our company you will have peace of mind knowing a reliable and professional company is in charge of one of the most important days of your life. Let’s take a look at several of the other benefits of hosting your wedding near St. Pete Beach:

  • Quality Time With Your Guests: If you make the smart decision to have your wedding at Sunset Beach Pavilion, you’ll get the chance to spend more one-on-one time with your guests than you would at a local wedding. Your guests will likely arrive at Treasure Island at least a day before your wedding so you’ll have time to make great memories with them.
  • Casual or Fancy: The beauty of having your wedding at the Sunset Beach Pavilion is that you can choose whether you want it to be casual or fancy. If you’re looking for something more laid back, a casual wedding that involves khaki pants, a comfortable dress, and no shoes is possible on a Florida beach. In the event you’d like your wedding to be more elegant, we can use luxurious decorations to capture the style you’re going for.
  • More Fun: Most guests turn beach weddings into a vacation for themselves. That being said, your guests will be relaxed and have more fun at your wedding than they would at a local one. You’ll notice that your guests are willing to let loose and make the most out of your wedding day.
  • Less Stress: If you’re searching for a stress-free wedding, hosting one on a Florida beach and working with Your Clearwater Beach Wedding is the way to go. Once you let us know which package you’d like, we’ll handle all of the planning, logistics, set up, and tear down. Your only job will be to sit back, relax, and enjoy your special day.
  • One-Stop-Shop: Not only is Treasure Island the ideal wedding destination, it’s a wonderful honeymoon spot. You and your future spouse can extend your stay and enjoy a relaxing honeymoon in one of the most tranquil places in the United States.
  • Stunning Photos: Your wedding photos will help you remember your big day for years to come. Imagine looking back on images of you, your spouse, crystal clear blue water, white sand, and palm trees. Your photos will exceed your expectation if you choose a Sunset Beach wedding.

Our Company is flexible and will do whatever it takes to turn your vision into a reality. After getting to know your preferences via phone or email, we’ll recommend a package that is ideal for your special day. All of our packages include an officiant, photographer, a unity sand ceremony, the legal filing of your Florida marriage license and so much more. Here is a brief overview of the packages we offer:

  • Simply Clearwater Elopement: If a big wedding isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to escape reality with your special someone, the Simply Clearwater Elopement package is right for you. It’s only an option for groups with less than eight people in attendance including you and your future spouse.
  • Clearwater Nautical Knot: For an intimate yet classy wedding at a beach resort, you can’t go wrong with the Clearwater Nautical Knot package which was designed for two to 35 participants, including you and your spouse.
  • Gulf Beach Destiny: Are you interested in hosting a larger wedding with 50 or more participants? If so, the Gulf Beach Destiny package is an excellent option. It can alleviate the stress that is typically associated with planning a larger wedding.
  • Clearwater Distinctive Design: If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious wedding in Treasure Island, a Clearwater Distinctive Design package is a great choice. There are multiple Clearwater Distinctive Design packages that all include deluxe white resin chairs, just married t-shirts, a large chalkboard announcing your wedding, and a lemonade and water station your guests will appreciate. A few of our most popular Clearwater Distinctive Design packages include the Starfish Distinctive Design Package, Teal Distinctive Design package, and Beach Bliss Distinctive Design Package.

While our wedding packages are already very affordable, we would like every bride to be able to host their dream Treasure Island Beach wedding. That’s why, we offer special savings on select dates (contact us for information). If you are flexible about when you get married, book your wedding on a sale date and save big.

What are you waiting for? To plan a memorable, breathtakingly beautiful wedding that you and your fiance will remember ten, twenty, and even fifty years from now, learn more about our wedding packages and contact us today. We can’t wait to help you plan the Florida beach wedding of your dreams.

Why have a Treasure Island Beach Wedding? 

We all get that vision in our head of what we want our Florida beach wedding ceremony to be. With the vague details of our beach wedding ceremony planned, our mind begins to vividly picture the white sand, the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the most perfect sunset you have ever seen. Your mind is picturing a Treasure Island Beach Wedding ceremony! 

Treasure Island is a small, secluded section of Clearwater, Florida. So, not only do you get the perfect beach scene, but you also get to escape the large crowds. A beautiful walkway will lead you down the your Treasure Island Beach Wedding ceremony where you will Say, “I Do” to your better half and begin your new life. This will also be a great place to visit every year for your anniversary. 

Treasure Island Beach Wedding Packages

Treasure Island Beach Wedding Packages- are they right for you? If you want the true experience of a Florida Beach wedding, you can’t go wrong with beach wedding packages. Our design team is comprised of many different people with different styles, so we believe that we have a beach wedding package for everyone. Our Treasure Island Beach Weddings can be simple, natural, tropical, colorful, neutral, classic and so much more. 

Treasure Island Beach Wedding Packages allow you the freedom to start with a shell and transform it into your style. We have a wide variety of color choices for your bamboo canopy, your aisle-way, your music choices and you even get to choose the ceremony read at your Florida beach wedding. Even though we have been performing beach weddings in Florida for over 10 years, each and every one of our ceremonies are different. We are excited for the opportunity to work with you and see just how magical your Treasure Island beach wedding can be. 

Treasure Island Beach Elopements

Our Treasure Island Beach Elopements are not only the most affordable option, but we also have a wide variety of styles. We understand that each Treasure Island Beach Elopement is unique. While some people prefer to elope just the two of them, other enjoy incorporating their kids or parents. 

Our Florida Simply Beach Wedding Package is a four post bamboo canopy draped in white or ivory material. You also have the option to add a strand of starfish across the top of the canopy at no additional charge. We strive to make our Treasure Island Beach elopements as easy as possible, so we also include the ceremony officiant and ceremony photographer. This package has a guest limit of 6 and is meant to truly be an affordable Treasure Island Beach Elopement. 

Our Natural or Tropical Simply Florida Beach wedding package includes a four post canopy elegantly draped in white or ivory with upgraded wedding decor. The Natural bamboo canopy includes the branch topper with neutral floral accents on the dark bamboo. The Tropical beach elopement is our upgraded light bamboo, complete with palm fronds and tropical flowers on the canopy and conch shells at the base. 

Our Simply Deluxe Beach Wedding Package is our newest elopement ceremony. You can still upgrade to the Natural or Tropical bamboo canopy, but we include up to 6 chairs for your guests. We also include music for the bride to walk down the aisle. This Treasure Island elopement package will give you the feel of a traditional wedding ceremony, but without the stress and expense. This is definitely a favorite among our brides that are looking to elope. 


Photos of our Treasure Island Beach Weddings



Clearwater Beach Wedding Locations

Looking for a specific beach in Clearwater? These beautiful beaches in the Clearwater Beach area are perfect for your Florida Beach Wedding. 

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