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St. Augustine Beach Weddings

St. Augustine Beach Weddings combine the beautiful historic downtown district with the tropical beaches of Florida. St. Augustine is one of the most beautiful cities on the northeast coast of Florida. It’s admired by residents and tourists alike for its colonial architecture and 42 miles of breathtaking beaches. When you stroll along its brick-line street, you’ll notice historic buildings, carriages, and hidden courtyards. In addition to its luxury hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts, St. Augustine offers five star dining and world-class art galleries, shopping, theater, and live music.

If you’re in search of the perfect wedding destination, St. Augustine is sure to exceed your every expectation. St. Augustine beach weddings are convenient, unique, and allow couples and guests to immerse themselves in all that St. Augustine has to offer.

At Your Florida Beach Wedding, we make planning and executing St. Augustine beach weddings a breeze. We take the time to get to know your vision and will do whatever we can to ensure it comes to life.

By trusting us with your wedding, you can sit back, relax, and actually enjoy your time being engaged. Let’s take a closer look at several of the other benefits of Florida beach weddings:

Quality Time with Guests

Since your guests will likely arrive a few days before your wedding day, you’ll get to spend quality time with them. You won’t have to worry about greeting everyone on the day of your wedding and can truly take in your special day.

Minimal Stress

Believe it or not, St. Augustine beach weddings are less stressful to plan than traditional weddings. This is particularly true when you let My Florida Beach Wedding handle all of your wedding planning.

Money Savings

Contrary to popular belief, Florida beach weddings are affordable. Since the beach is it’s own unique setting, you don’t have to spend much on décor. In addition, you can save money because not everyone on your guest list is likely to come.

A More Relaxed Vibe

Since St. Augustine beach weddings tend to be more casual than weddings at venues in your hometown, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed vibe. The beach will allow everyone to truly unwind and have a great time.

No Need to Choose Between Hometowns

If you and your spouse to be grew up in different places, hosting a wedding on St. Augustine beach will eliminate the need to choose one of your hometowns. You can bring all of your friends and family together in one stunning place.

Your Honeymoon Starts When You Say “I Do”

There’s no need to plan a honeymoon (unless you wish to, of course) because your honeymoon starts the moment you exchange your vows. If you are tight on money or time, a wedding on St. Augustine beach is the way to go.

Incredible Pictures

Imagine taking wedding pictures in front of the ocean and palm trees while your toes are in the warm, white sand. By having a wedding in St. Augustine, you can do just that. You can take incredible pictures and still be amazed at their beauty when you look at them decades after your wedding.


Your Florida Beach Wedding realizes that every couple is different. That’s why, we don’t just offer one cookie-cutter wedding package. We offer several wedding packages to ensure that every couple’s dream wedding turns into a reality. Here are the wedding packages we offer:

Simply Florida Package

If you’d like to elope with your fiance and a few of your closest family members and friends, the Simply Florida package has you covered. It was designed for groups with less than eight participants, including you and your future spouse. If you choose this package, you’ll enjoy an officiant, a ceremony photographer, a unity sand ceremony, a natural bamboo canopy, white or ivory flowing material, and the legal filing of your Florida marriage license.

Florida Nautical Knot Package

If you’d like a small yet classy wedding, the Florida Nautical Knot package was made for you. This package features bamboo poles with your choice of up to two material colors and a bamboo topper of white lilies, tropical flowers, or a stand of starfish. In addition, you’ll receive up to 14 chairs with ivory or white covers and colored sashes.

Florida Destiny Package

Are you dreaming of a larger wedding of 50 or more participants? If so, the Florida Destiny package is an excellent choice. This package is unique because it comes with music played on our PA system, a decorated bamboo canopy with a coordinated aisle-way, your choice of sand colors for the unity sand ceremony, and up to 24 chairs at the ceremony site.

Distinctive Design Packages

You should consider the Distinctive Design packages if you would like a luxurious wedding that truly stands out. Each of these packages has its own theme and features deluxe white resin chairs, a lemonade and water station for your guests, just married t-shirts, and a large chalkboard announcing your special day. We offer the following Distinctive Design packages:

  •         Natural Distinctive Design
  •         Starfish Distinctive Design
  •         Teal Distinctive Design
  •         Tropical Distinctive Design
  •         Coral Distinctive Design
  •         Beach Bliss Distinctive Design
  •         Floral Distinctive Design


Planning a  St. Augustine beach wedding with us couldn’t be easier. We handle every aspect of your ceremony and stay in touch with you via phone or email if you are not local. Here’s what you can expect if you decide to work with Your Florida Beach Weddings:

  1. Select Your Wedding Package: Let us know which package best meets your needs and wants.
  2. Reserve a Wedding Date: Tell us when you’d like to get married and we’ll add you to our calendar.
  3. Receive a Packet Via Email: The packet will include a confirmation contract, a general timeline for your wedding, and a worksheet prompting you to fill in all of your important ceremony choices.
  4. Look at Your Detailed Agenda: The week of your wedding, we’ll send you an agenda so that you know exactly what to expect on your big day.
  5. Come to St. Augustine and Say “I Do”: You are welcome to come to St. Augustine a few days before your wedding so that you can see your ceremony site in person. Once your wedding day arrives, all you’ll have to worry about is saying “I Do” and taking in the magic of your wedding.


If you are intrigued and would like more information about our St. Augustine Beach weddings, we encourage you to learn more about our wedding packages or contact us today.

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