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Daytona Beach Weddings

What makes Daytona Beach Weddings so special? Not only is Daytona Beach your most affordable beach wedding location, but it is one of the best locations on the East Coast for your ceremony. The way the sun reflects off the water, the white waves of the Atlantic Ocean and dunes to add a beautiful tropical feel, your ceremony and pictures will be perfect. With some of the cleanest and bluest water on the East Coast of Florida and light sand, they are a favorite among our brides. 

Daytona Beach Weddings are also the most affordable. With our most affordable beach wedding packages, reasonably priced hotels, and affordable dining options, you can have your dream wedding without breaking the bank. Also, in most cases there are no permit fees, making your beach wedding even more affordable. 

If you are looking for ease, we have a list of hotels where you can have your Daytona beach wedding ceremony with us at. You can get ready at your hotel and simply head down to the beach for your ceremony. Eliminating the travel keeps your beach wedding ceremony even more stress free. There are also many unique dining locations for you and your guests to enjoy for a reception. 


FAQs about our Daytona Beach Weddings

Do I need a permit for my Daytona Beach Wedding?

In most cases you will not need a permit for your Daytona Beach wedding ceremony with us. This saves you money by not having to add a permit fee.

If I am staying on the beach, can I have my wedding there?

As long as their is reasonable beach access for us and your guests, we can have your beach wedding at your location in Daytona Beach. You may need written approval for a beach house. If you love the idea of a beach house, we can recommend a few we can have your beach wedding at upon booking your weddin with us.  Contact us for more details on having your beach wedding at your location. 

Do you provide recommendations for vendors?

Yes. We have a few of our preferred vendors listed on this page. Once you reserve your wedding date with us, you will have access to our list of recommendations for hotels, hair and makeup, florists, etc..

Contact us about our Daytona Beach Weddings

When is the best time to have a Daytona Beach Wedding Ceremony?

Winter Weddings: Weddings during the winter month will be something you look forward to. As you can see, Daytona Beach is truly a piece of paradise with the warm winters. You and your guests will enjoy escaping the cold and possibly even the snow to vacation to the beaches in Florida. 

Spring Weddings: The spring is one of the most beautiful times for a Daytona Beach Wedding. With more sunshine than the winter, you will get to truly enjoy some beautiful beach days while visiting for your beach wedding in Daytona. 

Summer Weddings: Summer weddings in Daytona Beach are the ideal choice for vacationers. While the days can be hot, we perform our beach weddings in the late evening to avoid as much heat as possible. Summer weddings will allow you to truly enjoy the sunshine and ocean. The Atlantic Ocean can be too cold for most swimmers during the early spring. So, if you are looking to take a true beach vacation, summer is the month for you. 

Fall Weddings: Fall weddings consist of the perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cold. The beaches also tend to be less busy as school is back in session and there are no major breaks or holidays to crowd the beaches. 


Daytona Beach Wedding Packages

Our Florida beach wedding packages include everything you need for a successful destination wedding. With packages based to fit every couples’ needs, you can’t go wrong. We have Daytona Beach Elopement packages and complete Daytona Beach Wedding packages for the couple that wants it all. What Makes our Daytona Beach Wedding packages so unique? We make sure that every detail is as beautiful as you could imagine. We use high quality flowers, have a wide variety of colors, give you unique music choices, a friendly and experienced staff and so much more. 

Daytona Beach Heart in the Sand

This beach wedding package is available in Daytona Beach only. With a beautiful, floral heart in the sand, a ceremony officiant and a ceremony photographer, you will leave the beach complete without breaking the bank. In most cases you will even be able to leave the beach right away with your photos! 

This is our most affordable beach wedding package that we offer. This makes for a great destination beach wedding and or vow renewal ceremony. If you are planning an intimate Daytona Beach vow renewal, this package is a must for you. 



Daytona Beach Elopements

If you are planning a Daytona Beach Elopement ceremony, check out our Florida Simply Package. With everything you need for your Daytona Beach elopement ceremony to be complete, you won’t have to stress over any details. We include the officiant, photographer, sand ceremony and more. If you are looking for more details on decor, you can check our our Natural Design or our Tropical Design canopy. If you are looking for some more features, our Simply Deluxe package includes chairs and music for the bride to walk down the aisle. 





Nautical Knot Package

If you are truly looking for an affordable Daytona Beach Wedding ceremony, check out our Nautical Knot Package. This beach wedding packages gives you all the features of a wedding ceremony at an affordable price. We include an officiant, three post bamboo canopy draped in two colors of your choice, canopy topper, ceremony music, chairs, chair sashes in your color choice, sand ceremony and more. With the option for plenty of guests, you can be surrounded by your friends in family. 



Destiny Package

Our Destiny Daytona Beach wedding package gives you the most selection choices. With a wider variety of aisle-way choices, canopy topper choices and ceremony music choices. You also get to choose up to two colors for your bamboo canopy, your chair sash color, we include more chairs, larger wedding groups, ceremony officiant and more. The biggest appeal of our Destiny Beach Wedding package is the full, four post bamboo canopy. This makes the perfect backdrop for your beach wedding. 




Distinctive Designs

Our Distinctive Design beach wedding packages are our deluxe beach wedding packages. We have thought of every detail to make sure your beach wedding is everything you have been dreaming of. We upgraded the bamboo used in the canopy, we provide dramatic aisle-ways and large floral arrangements in the decor, a chalkboard sign announcing the new couple, a drink station for your guests’ enjoyment, unique beach wedding decor, ceremony officiant, and more. Check out our packages page for our many choices in Distinctive Design packages. 

Where should I stay for my Daytona Beach Wedding?

With an incredible selection of hotels, motels, and even private homes, you will have many choices for where to stay for your ceremony. This is one of the only beaches in Florida that has a wide variety of hotels DIRECTLY on the beach. This is an experience unlike any other for you and your guests. If you are looking for a more private feel, consider renting a beach home. We do have a few locations that we would be happy to provide you with upon reserving your package and wedding date with us. You would be able to have your Daytona Beach wedding ceremony directly at these locations. Most hotels in the area also allows us to perform your beach wedding at their location, however, these locations can be more crowded. 

Our Daytona Beach Weddings can take place right behind your hotel on the beach. This beach wedding in Daytona was performed at the Shores Resort and Spa.

The Shores Resort and Spa is one of the most popular choices among our brides. With nice rooms, a large pool deck, beachfront fire pits and s’more kits, private oceanfront cabanas, oceanfront tiki bar, heated pool, kids club and more. You can also setup a reception with them if you are looking to stay in one location for your beach wedding. We also love that you can take advantage of their spa and head down to get your manicure, pedicure and hair done for your wedding. This is truly an all-inclusive Daytona Beach Wedding. 

Daytona Beach Weddings at private houses.

Private homes and weddings

Upon booking with us we can provide you with the addresses for a few options on private homes for your beach wedding. We can perform the beach wedding directly behind the house, and in some houses you will be able to hold a small reception. We love this idea for smaller, intimate weddings. This will allow you to stay with your bridal party (if you choose) all in one house, enjoy your privacy, and get to spend time together while visiting. One of our houses has an amazing pool deck, fire pit, and more for you own private area. 

Daytona Beach Reception Locations

If you will be having your Daytona Beach Wedding Ceremony with us at a hotel, you can contact them to find out if they can host a reception. Many of the hotels have smaller banquet halls or dining areas to rent for smaller parties, and larger banquet rooms for large parties. You can even consider doing something simple like a cocktail hour at your hotel. 

New Smyrna Beach Weddings and receptions in Florida.

The Garlic in New Smyrna Beach

The Garlic is one of the most unique locations for a reception in the Daytona Beach area. You can rent out part of the location and they will cater just to your wedding. The Garlic is complete with outstanding food and service and will surround you and your guests with beautiful scenery. If you are considering having your reception at the Garlic, we recommend having your beach wedding down the road in New Smyrna, just outside of Daytona Beach. 


Daytona Beach weddings and reception on the water.

Off the Hook Raw Bar and Grill in Ponce Inlet

Off the Hook Raw Bar and Grill is a riverfront restaurant in Ponce Inlet, which is the southernmost point of Daytona Beach. We recommend making a reservation for the patio for your reception. As the sun sets over the river in Daytona Beach, you will have the perfect view for your guests as you kick back, relax and enjoy a delicious Florida meal. 

Photos from our Daytona Beach Weddings


Beach Weddings in Daytona Beach, Florida

First, check out our Florida Beach Wedding Packages to choose the decor that fits your needs. 

If you have already found your Daytona Beach Wedding Package that you are interested in, we would love to discuss wedding dates and details. Contact us to start planning your Florida wedding. 

Daytona Beach Wedding Locations

Daytona Beach Shores

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Ormond Beach

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Wilbur By The Sea Beach

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New Smyrna Beach

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