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Daytona Beach Wedding Packages

Are you ready to plan a beach wedding but aren’t sure where to start? Daytona Beach Wedding Packages allow you the convenience of seeing your beach wedding decor before your Florida beach wedding. All of the details remain the same, with you just switching the colors to match your style. All of our selections are photographed and shown to you in your client portal and all of our paperwork is easily done from the convenience of your phone or computer. Planning a Daytona Beach Wedding has never been easier. 

Check out all the details and pricing on our Daytona Beach Wedding Packages

Daytona Beach Wedding Packages | Elopement Package

Our Florida Simply Package is one of our most popular Daytona Beach Wedding Packages. This Florida beach wedding package is designed for Daytona Beach Elopements. You get our four post bamboo canopy draped in your choice of white or ivory with the optional starfish topper, an officiant to legally marry you, and a beach wedding ceremony photographer. This package has a guest limit of 6 six guests, has no bridal party and no music. It is designed to be a truly elegant Florida elopement ceremony. 

Simply Florida Beach Wedding Package

If you are looking to elope and love the idea of our Simply Florida Beach Wedding Package- consider upgrading to our Natural or Tropical Design Simply Canopy. The Natural Bamboo canopy includes our best bamboo, your choice of white or ivory elegantly draped on the canopy, and a natural branch canopy topper with neutral floral accents. We absolutely love the drama and elegance that the Natural canopy decor adds to your Daytona Beach elopement. 

Our Tropical Simply Package is perfect for the beach lover. You have decided to have a Daytona Beach Wedding Ceremony- why not go all out with tropical decor? The Tropical Simply Package uses our best light colored bamboo, is elegantly draped in your choice of white or ivory, and has a stunning palm frond and tropical flower canopy topper. You will also have conch shells at the bottom of the canopy as we know how important every little detail is. 

Nautical Knot Package | Affordable Daytona Beach Wedding Packages

If you are looking for affordable Daytona Beach Wedding Package, our Nautical Knot beach wedding package is the choice for you. With a guest limit of 35, chairs, a three post bamboo canopy, a wide variety of colors choices for draping your canopy, covered chairs and your choice of chair sash color, you can truly make this wedding fit your style. This truly is what Daytona Beach Wedding Packages are meant to be- beautiful, customizable and affordable. 

Daytona Beach Wedding Packages | Destiny Package

The Destiny Daytona beach wedding package includes a four post bamboo canopy with a wide variety of color choices, covered chairs with your choice of chair sash color, a wide variety of aisle-way and canopy topper choices, an officiant and a ceremony photographer. This beach wedding package has a guest limit of 50, however, if you plan on having more guests, you will just need to get more chairs. With many different decor options, you can make your Daytona Beach Wedding be the wedding of your dreams. 

Daytona Beach Wedding Packages | Our Distinctive Designs

Our Distinctive Design Daytona Beach Wedding Packages are for the couple that wants it all. With our most elegant decor, and attention to little details, your wedding will be like something out of Pinterest. Our Distinctive Destin Daytona Beach Wedding packages include our deluxe white chairs, nicest bamboo, a water and lemonade station for you and your guests, a chalkboard sign announcing the couple and so much more. Our Distinctive Design Daytona Beach Wedding packages were designed by our team to stand out, be original and make sure all the little details are perfect. Have your dream Florida beach wedding and be able to afford your dream honeymoon too! 

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