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Daytona Beach Entertainment:

Top 5 Things to do ON the beach in Daytona Beach

daytona beach entertainment

It’s “world famous.” But why? People have been attracted to Daytona Beach for decades. But just what is it that keeps people coming back for more? This “top 5” list will guide you to some of the top rated forms of beach entertainment.


1. The Beach

Ok, it’s in the name of the city. And our beach wedding background may be slightly biased. But we aren’t alone in our thinking that Daytona Beach’s beach is pretty awesome! So whether you are ready to dive in and swim in the beautiful ocean or simply stroll along the shoreline, the salty air is calling your name! Something magical happens when you visit the ocean, so get ready!

daytona beach entertainment


2. Sunrise

While you can experience some form of the sunrise from just about anywhere on earth, there is something about a Daytona Beach sunrise that will still your soul and wow your senses. I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this point.

daytona beach entertainment

3. Beach Cruising

Beach cruisers, the bicycles are one totally enjoyable way to experience Daytona Beach. But the cruising isn’t just for the bicycles. Daytona Beach is amongst the few beaches that allows cars to drive on the sand. So roll down the windows, que the Bob Marley, and take it all in! Beach carts, electric bikes, or scooters are all fun ways to get around on Daytona Beach.

4. Surf’s Up

The east coast of Florida is known for it’s slightly bigger, more powerful waves in comparison to the west coast. So what does this mean for travelers? Surf’s up, dudes! Get your adrenaline flowing with a unique Daytona Beach surf lesson or grab a body board and hit the waves. And if the water is calm, stand up paddle boarding will have to feeling on top of the ocean world!


5. The Open Seas

If you want to see the sandy shoreline and ocean waves from another perspective, a fishing charter is a fun way to take to sea. If you’re lucky, you may even bring back fish dinner. Doesn’t get an fresher than that!


Oh, and did we forget to mention that you can GET MARRIED on the beach?!

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