Why Hire a Beach Wedding Planner?

So you said, “Yes!” and now it’s on to the next set of decisions: multiple lists of wedding plans and contacts, budgeting and to-dos. You’ve decided on a beach wedding, but now what? Is it worth hiring a beach wedding planner and what does a beach wedding planner even do? Let’s break down the top 5 reasons for hiring a beach wedding planner.

A bride and groom celebrate their Daytona Beach Weddings at the Shores resort and spa.

  1. Affordable: Most brides tend to think of D.I.Y. weddings as the most affordable option. However, with Florida Beach Weddings you pay one affordable price with no hidden fees. You won’t be left with much to do besides show up the day of your wedding. Save your money on beach decor and tedious hours planning. We’ve been planning dream beach weddings for over a decade (since 2007 in fact). Our efficient practices allow our beach wedding planning services to stay well within your budget.
  2. Destination Known: While the majority of beach weddings are destination weddings, many couples may be unfamiliar with beach locations. We perform weddings on the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast. Our beach wedding planners can tell you which beach are the best during tides, highly sought after photography locations, beaches with free parking and those with fees, permits, handicap accessibility, drive and no drive zones.
  3. One Stop Shop: Florida Beach Weddings prides itself on two things: affordability and stress free weddings. We can provide all the services you will need for the day of your wedding in one place for one price. Officiant, wedding photographer, set up and break down, ceremony decor: you choose the details, customize it and we make it happen. This means you won’t be worrying and wasting time contacting dozens of vendors throughout planning and the day of your ceremony. So easy!
  4. After Party: Whether you’re looking to throw a huge party or enjoy an intimate celebratory meal at a wedding reception venue, our Florida Beach Weddings specialists can guide and help you find the perfect spot. With many years of planning beach ceremonies, we have found the services and venues that our couples are looking for. We want your wedding day to be perfect from start to finish and have the experience to make your dreams come true.
  5. Relaxation: So hiring a beach wedding planner is affordable, reputable, and professional. This means you get to relax and enjoy the beach wedding vacation you deserve. Take the extra money you’ll save by hiring the Florida Beach Weddings company and splurge on a couples massage or buy the wedding party an extra round of frozen cocktails on the beach.

Small Florida beach wedding ceremonies

Reasons to Elope to Daytona Beach in 2021

It’s called “world famous.” But why? People have been attracted to Daytona Beach for decades. But just what is it that keeps people coming back for more? This “top 5” list will guide you to some of the top rated reasons couples chose this area for beach weddings and entertainment.

Couple embraces in the sea after wedding on Daytona Beach.

1. The Beach

It’s true Florida has an abundance of beaches…and they are all different and beautiful. But we aren’t alone in our thinking that Daytona Beach is pretty awesome! So whether you are ready to dive in and swim in the warm, clear ocean or simply stroll along the beachfront, the salty air is calling your name! Many people don’t know there are a variety of unique beach venues along the Daytona Beach coastline: Ormond Beach with its cinnamon sand, Daytona Beach which is perfect for driving and biking on, Daytona Beach Shores which is a little quieter but with many hotel options for your reception, Wilbur-By-The-Sea (no driving on this beach), and serene Ponce Inlet. These are all our top ceremony sites: and these beaches are perfect for family activities if you bring children along. Something magical happens when you visit the Atlantic ocean, so get ready!

Bridal family jumping on sand in Daytona Beach

2. Sunrise and Golden Hour

While you can experience some form of the sunrise from just about anywhere on earth, there is something about a Daytona Beach sunrise that will still your soul and wow your senses. I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this point. Getting married during the sunset hour on the Atlantic coast can be just as magical as the west coast. The pink, peach and golden tones stretch across the sky from the west to provide an unforgettable backdrop for your beach wedding photographs.

Sunrise on Daytona Beach, FL

Couple sits in the surf in Atlantic after beach wedding in Daytona Beach

Ponce Inlet Beach Sunset

3. Riding on the Beach

Beach cruisers, scooter and  bicycles are one totally enjoyable way to experience Daytona Beach. But the cruising isn’t just for the bicycles. Daytona Beach is amongst the few beaches that allows cars to drive on the sand. So roll down the windows, play some tunes and take it all in! Beach carts, electric bikes, or scooters are all fun ways to get around on Daytona Beach. With 23 miles of firm, sandy beaches, Daytona Beach provides plenty of room to ride bikes right on the beachfront. You can take the family for a fun ride any time of day, providing the tide is out. Biking on the beach is the perfect way to spend time together before or after your beach wedding. The couple pictured below rides their bikes during their stay at the Nautilus Inn near the Daytona Beach Pier.

Couple rides bikes on Daytona Beach

4. Surf and Sea

The east coast of Florida is known for it’s slightly bigger, more powerful waves in comparison to the west coast. So what does this mean for travelers? Surf’s up, dudes! Get your adrenaline flowing with a unique Daytona Beach surf lesson or grab a body board and hit the waves. And if the water is calm, stand up paddle boarding will have you feeling on top of the ocean world! Or just try jumping the waves with the kids! When the tide is out, the beaches will be left with delightful pockets of clear, warm saltwater which is perfect for little ones to wade and play in. If you want to see the sandy shoreline and ocean waves from another perspective, a fishing charter is a fun way to take to sea. If you’re lucky, you may even bring back fish dinner. Doesn’t get an fresher than that!

Two surfers in Atlantic on Daytona Beach

Ponce Inlet Beach Tide Out on cloudy day

5. Cheaper Weddings

It doesn’t matter what size wedding ceremony you are planning, and if you are eloping to Florida, you can’t beat the wedding package prices on the Atlantic coast. The smallest elopement ceremony for just the two of you, Daytona Heart in the Sand, costs only $599 if you get married Monday-Thursday! For many of our eloping couples, Wilbur-By-The-Sea is one of our most popular small wedding venues because of the white sand and there’s no driving on the beach. Slightly larger elopements, for the couple getting married, and up to four guests can choose the Simply Florida Package which is all-inclusive with a natural bamboo wedding arch and starts at $699 on weekdays.

Daytona Beach Couple married heart in sand made of flowers

For large weddings, Daytona Beach is still the cheapest option. The Classic Distinctive Design below is neutral and breathtaking with all the bells and whistles below costs $1750 and that is for 32 guests!

White draped bamboo wedding arch on Daytona Beach with white guest chairs

Or choose our extremely popular Rustic Romance package for $1650 which again includes everything you need to have a successful and complete wedding day on the beach. This photo was taken on Daytona Beach Shores.

Romantic Bohemian Beach wedding decor in Daytona by the ocean

Wedding couple kisses in the surf of the Atlantic in Daytona Beach

Are you ready to come explore the Atlantic coast? Click HERE to book your Daytona Beach wedding date today!

What is Included in a Destination Wedding Package?

Let’s answer a few questions about how destination weddings can work for you and your fiancé. It will help you make some decisions about planning your own wedding and how it might be possible for you to have a beach wedding in Florida. Wedding planning can be stressful because there is so much to think about and moving parts that need to come together. We hope this brief Q & A will help you move forward toward your big day.Couple kisses on St. Augustine beach under teal wedding arch with starfish

How is an all inclusive beach wedding package different than a wedding package at a traditional wedding back home?
All inclusive wedding packages include all the items required for your beach wedding, including ceremony coordination and helping the bride with the event from the day she books her date until the ceremony photography has finished. The Florida Beach Weddings company, as an all inclusive wedding provider, works with our couples as often as needed to ensure they know exactly what they are going to get when they show up on their chosen beach to get married. This includes a detailed agenda for your special day.

Brides, however, should beware of “extra hidden fees.” Make sure your wedding company outlines all fees and options up front and includes them in your contract. Having to deal with surprise fees as your wedding day approaches is just going to cause extra stress. Our complete beach wedding package prices have everything outlined. It’s easy to see costs up front, since our pricing is listed by beach location on each of our wedding package pages (using a drop-down menu). Professional wedding photography may be extra, as well as permits, extra music or ceremony rituals. Once you’ve booked your date and paid your deposit, our beach wedding company keeps all this information handy in your own secure online portal accessible any time, day or night.

Nautical Knot teal wedding arch in St. Augustine with couple

What special touches can be added to an all inclusive wedding package to personalize the ceremony?
The beauty of our all inclusive beach wedding packages is that the bride customizes the package she wants. The perfect ceremony can be created using her wedding ideas. Our wedding planner is there to offer suggestions and guide her through a variety of colors best for a beach wedding. Other accessories that may coordinate with her wedding theme can be added, depending on the package design the couple chooses. Special touches include:

Purple fabric on black bamboo wedding arch with couple kissing on Daytona Beach

How do all inclusive beach wedding packages simplify the setup of a ceremony?
Our beach wedding packages can save couples hundreds of hours of planning and work. Making plans and pulling together all the aspects of a traditional wedding at home is likely to take up much or your time…and your budget. It is much easier to meet with a beach wedding planner, tell them your ideas, share some wedding inspiration and have it all ready when you arrive on the beach. Check the wedding company’s reviews to make sure their reputation for service and quality is excellent. How is their photography? Just so so or does it make you want to swoon with delight? Make sure you speak with a real person on the phone and get all the answers you need.

Bride and Groom say I do on a Florida beach under white geometric arch with tropical flowers

What are the trends in all inclusive beach weddings?
With current travel restrictions, many more couples are choosing complete wedding packages and staying within the USA. Deciding to purchase a wedding package you can customize at a reasonable price is hard to pass up. Just about anything goes these days for design, although rustic romance, vintage weddings are still very popular like the one pictured below in St. Augustine. Brighter oranges and yellows are showing up in tropical wedding packages that are stunning against the ocean.

Bride and Groom in St. Augustine kiss at beach wedding under rustic floral wedding arch

With an all inclusive wedding you DON’T have to worry about:

  • Performing many vendor interviews and driving around for reception halls, photographers, caterers
  • Mailing out several different deposits and contracts and keeping track of it all
  • Orchestrating who arrives when, walking down the aisle, guest seating, rings, flowers
  • Worrying about the wedding company showing up at all!
  • Who will setup the decorations and seating and take them down
  • Will the photographer take time to get unique pictures of the wedding
  • Who will run out to find someone or something you forgot (because it is all included!)

What is an example of a popular all inclusive wedding package?
An example of a complete wedding package that is very popular with our couples is our Classic Distinctive Design package. This four post bamboo canopy has elegant greenery with pink and white floral arrangements on the wedding arch and a bamboo pole aisle-way with flowing material and more coordinating flowers. It includes up to 32 deluxe white resin chairs with option to add colored spandex chair bands. Your guests can enjoy chilled water as they watch you say your vows by the sea. In this case, the ceremony took place in Destin Beach, Florida and was a perfect Gulf beach wedding.

Couples who choose an all inclusive wedding package for their destination wedding will benefit from easy planning and the process will be fun. We even help you with your Florida Marriage License and recommendations for activities, accommodations and services in your chosen beach city. We provide weddings on both coasts of Florida: Atlantic Beaches and Gulf Beaches. Contact us today to get started! Call for weddings on the east coast of Florida: (386)214-6361 or west coast: (727)249-2708 or email us today.

8 Blue Beach Wedding Ideas That Brides Will Love

A romantic kiss under a blue and white canopy at St. Augustine Beach wedding.

Do shades of blue make you sigh with joy? Blue is a very popular color for weddings all over the world, but especially beloved when used by brides at the beach. The wonderful thing about blue themed wedding decorations is that they not only compliment the ocean, but the sky and the sand, no matter how light or dark it is. You can’t go wrong using blue in your beach wedding theme, and we can’t think of any other color that really goes with everything. The couple kissing in the photo above chose bright blue and white draping on their wedding arch from the Destiny Package. It really is stunning with the bride’s bouquet and white wedding dress.

Black Anchors at a Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony.

Blue and teal together? We say, “I do” to this wedding color palette. After all, the ocean behind this stunning black bamboo wedding arch is blue and teal also. The black accents in this Anchors Away Distinctive Design package complete this nautical theme on Daytona Beach. Sometimes called “Tiffany Blue”, shades of teal will always be popular with beach brides, and paired with another color it simply makes a seaside ceremony come alive.

Couple hold hands after a beach wedding under blue and white bamboo arch.

This Nautical Knot wedding package is stunning again with white and royal blue, some call it sapphire blue, with a lily topper. The bride and groom chose yellow flowers as an accent color and the effect of the entire wedding setup is whimsical yet beautiful against this cloudless Florida sky and seaside.

Navy fabric on a bamboo wedding arch with couple saying vows on Daytona Beach

Navy, natural thick bamboo and a gold flower accents could not be more beautiful…that’s why we call it the Beach Bliss Distinctive Design! Starfish and nautical rope complete the aisle where the bride walked down to meet her beloved. This barefoot wedding is the perfect coastal wedding design. The addition of navy bridesmaid dresses is an elegant touch. Even the sky cooperated as a soft blue grey background for this couple’s photographs!

Blue and white wedding chairs and bamboo altar on St. Augustine Beach, FL

Navy and white are again the top choice at this St. Augustine beach wedding. This smaller and cheaper Nautical Knot package sure looks high priced with it’s upscale chairs draped in white with large navy bows. The greenery and lovely floral aisle is waiting eagerly for an engaged couple to celebrate their marriage vows with sea oats gently waving in the background. How breathtaking!

Royal blue and white beach wedding setup on Daytona Beach, FL

The Destiny Beach Wedding Package strikes again! For larger weddings it is the perfect choice for brides because it has over 20 colors to choose from…including this Azure blue! Daytona Beach Shores is the perfect backdrop for this wedding setup accented by grassy greenery and Tiki torches. In the photo below we see it combined with coral which is so perfect for a Gulf beach wedding in Clearwater.

Royal blue bamboo wedding arch with white chairs and coral ribbons on Clearwater beach, FL

Blue and teal again intertwine on this beach wedding arch pictured below from our Teal Distinctive Design package. Look at that large, gorgeous topper with white and teal flowers plus greenery! This country-style couple got married at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine on this beautiful beach that offers white and cinnamon colored sand. Even a vintage wedding could use this blue wedding decor…it never goes out of style.

Groom in cowboy hat and bride say I do under blue bamboo wedding arch on beach

So, after seeing these blue wedding designs, you may be wondering, “How much does a destination wedding cost in Florida?” With our beach company, you will be delighted by how affordable our all inclusive wedding packages are. Depending on which beach location you choose, packages start at $699 and at the high end average about $2,500. Permits and parking may be extra as well as our affordable professional wedding photography option, however your total wedding day bill will be much cheaper than a traditional wedding in your home town. Contact us today to secure your date. You can browse our complete wedding packages here.

Beach Wedding Ideas on A Budget: Decorations and Favors

Beach weddings on the Gulf of Mexico are affordable, fun, and relaxing. You get glistening blue water and a white sandy shoreline as the back drop for your wedding ceremony compliments of mother nature, especially in locations like Fort Myers, Siesta Key or Clearwater. But what can you do to make your beach wedding extra special? How do you add your personal touch? The Florida Beach Weddings company has over twelve years of experience perfecting the classic beach wedding look and we love discovering new ocean-inspired beach wedding decorations. Elopements, vow renewals, wedding parties both large and small, we have the beach wedding set up for you. But let’s take this a step further and add another layer of uniqueness, and fun.  

Clearwater couple kissing at beach wedding on white sand

 Personalize Your Beach Wedding with these Simple Ideas

Before the Wedding: If you have guests traveling from out of town or this is a destination wedding near Tampa, Florida, nothing says, “Welcome to my Beach Wedding” better than a beach-themed welcome bag. Set the tone for your paradise wedding weekend and make your guests feel extra special. What to put in it? How about a handwritten welcome note, a snack, mini-sunscreen or bug spray, sunglasses, hand cream or even a mini-umbrella.

White Wedding bags personalized with wedding couple names

Ceremony Site: Our Florida Beach Weddings company will take care of everything you need to execute an effortless, stress free, and affordable wedding ceremony. However, if you have a creative mind or love a good D.I.Y. project, here are some beach wedding decorations you may want to try:

    • Portable Mini Fans- Keep your guests cool while tying the knot and get creative. You could print bridal party names, provide location/directions for reception, or add a fun engagement photo!
    • Beach Bubbles– A fun way to celebrate without worrying about beach clean up. Makes for great entertainment for kids too!
    • Sunglasses– A fun and practical way to give your guests what they’ll need to have fun in the sun by having a sunglasses basket nearby.
    • Beach sign: These adorable chalkboard signs are perfect for beach weddings and are included in our Distinctive Design wedding packages. Your guests will be delighted at this announcement of the newly married couple!

Wedding Package Decorations: It goes without saying that a successful beach wedding starts with the right package. The most customizable package we suggest to brides is the Destiny Package: over 20 colors to choose from! If you have other beach wedding ideas you want, for example lanterns, we have them! Here is some inspiration (this is a sample list – there is more):

Simple Beach Wedding Ideas: floral arch on the beach with white chairs

A starfish beach wedding ceremony canopy and aisle way on the beach in Florida.

Bridal Bouquets: Think outside the box. You can replace traditional wedding bouquets with some pretty tropically amazing ideas. Like these pineapple or starfish bouquets. And this dried wildflower bouquet are the perfect combination of beach and elegance. 

shell and flower bridal bouquet

Dried Flower Bouquet Wedding Bridal Pale Peach Blush image 0

Whatever your style, whatever your budget, you can buy, make or borrow these beach wedding decorations ideas to make your beach wedding day uniquely yours. Florida Beach Weddings is delighted to help make your dreams come true so contact us today to start planning and reserve your date.

St. Augustine 2021 Beach Wedding Inspiration

In case you missed the news…St. Augustine Beach and the old city are open! However, because of the challenges engaged couples have experienced during the 2020 pandemic and uncertainty when making wedding plans, it has been hard to keep up on the status of popular destinations. In Florida, though, many of your favorite beach cities and other attractions are open. So, if you are planning to get married on a Florida beach in 2021, we would like to share some of the up and coming trends for weddings and how you can use them in your ceremony theme and decor.

Couple kisses on rocks after wedding on St. Augustine Beach, FL

Romantic St. Augustine: perfect beach venue

Our favorite thing about a beach wedding in St. Augustine are those first warm sea breeze winds and sunny skies that you experience when you arrive in Florida. Also, sunshine, the sea and warm air coordinates with any wedding color scheme! Our beach wedding packages allow you to choose your dream color design no matter what time of year. So here you go, get inspired:

St. Augustine, Florida beach weddings

Colors and Trends for 2021

GREENERY: Green will be everywhere in 2021, especially in natural leaves and greenery. Since many couples will be getting married outdoors, green makes sense and we can take full advantage of its natural beauty on the beach. Our Tropical Distinctive Design wedding package is full of greenery: palms and bird of paradise leaves will line your sandy aisle-way. The large palm fronds that adorn the four post bamboo canopy are especially stunning in this design. It makes your first kiss as a married couple so special and you will never forget how you felt on your beach wedding day. If you choose to add the option of our professional outdoor wedding photographer, you will not be disappointed in the extra pictures and poses you get to download and keep forever…and it only costs $350 for that additional time.

Tropical Distinctive wedding arch on Sand Key Beach, Clearwater, FL

ORANGE: We are hearing that bright colors will be trending in 2021, with the spotlight on orange. As you can see again, our Tropical Distinctive Design package in orange is as stunning as the original design. Look at the color against the sand and emerald ocean water! This unforgettable color scheme will delight your guests and family with its beach themed splendor!

Tropical Wedding Arch on the beach with flowers and white chairs St. Pete

LILAC and LAVENDER: Walking down the aisle with this beautiful color in a bridal bouquet is so elegant. The bride below loved it so much she used it in most of her ceremony decorations and even in her wedding dress! What an eye-popping and stunning color! With 20 color choices available, choosing a bold blue as an accent color for her wedding arch draping as well as her bridesmaids really made this Destiny wedding design stand out. We were delighted to put this together for our beach bride and everyone was so happy with how it turned out!

LIGHT BLUE: Blue is always a popular color for weddings, and in 2021 it is reported that brides are using light blues such as powder blue and cornflower blue in their decorations. Darker blues are only used as accents. Quite often blue is combined with white for a simple beach wedding and some brides even use black bamboo to make it pop. Take a look at this stunning Destiny bamboo wedding arch for this beautiful couple below, which starts at $1550 in St. Augustine (without permits or parking).

Couple holds hands under blue and white bamboo wedding arch in Cocoa Beach

BRIGHT and BOLD: According to theknot.com, red, teal, pink and yellow are going to be popular as not only accent colors, but even as the main color of 2021 weddings. Unexpected and fun will be the theme for these couples and guess what…bright colors work great on a beach! Many of our beach brides love teal and it is one of our most requested colors. The couple below used in this bright and gorgeous Coral Distinctive Design, which starts at $1895 in St. Augustine.

Coral flowers and wedding arch on white sand beach with couple

This yellow decor with orchids looks incredible against the cloudless, blue Florida sky as this couple recites their vows on their special day.

Yellow flowers and fabric on bamboo wedding arch with couple saying vows

Of course, teal never goes out of style at a beachfront wedding venue. This Teal Distinctive Design is the perfect choice. It just pops against the slightly darker sand on the St. Augustine beaches!

Newly married couple at this beautiful Teal Distinctive Package at a Florida Wedding on the beach.

EARTH TONES & NEUTRALS: Always in style, the soft and elegant themes of ivory, white and dusty rose is so calming and perfect on a St. Augustine beach. Textured accessories such as shells, starfish, driftwood or in this case branches can add depth to a neutral wedding and enhance the beachfront setting for your guests. Many brides choose this Natural Distinctive Design complete package for a Boho wedding.

Natural branches and flowers on wedding arch Daytona Beach with couple saying vows

Now that you are aware of the 2021 color trends, it’s time to choose your beach wedding venue in St. Augustine. We recommend Anastasia State Park which is very close to downtown St. Augustine. This beach park can accommodate wedding parties of any size and has no buildings on the beach: just natural sea oats, dunes and of course the Atlantic Ocean. Contact us today to book your all inclusive beach wedding.

Sunset on St Augustine Beach with married couple posing