Ft. Walton Beach Wedding & Bonfire Reception

Dreaming of a beach wedding in the Florida panhandle? Love the idea of an intimate fireside reception? Well grab your Florida marriage license, a s’mores kit, and a pair of flip flops. Then get ready to say “I do” on the sandy shoreline of the Gulf coast beaches.  And who says your first toast has to be with a champagne glass? Why not a marshmallow?  Learn more about a Ft. Walton Beach Wedding and Bonfire Reception here!

How to Plan a Ft. Walton Beach Wedding and Bonfire Reception

Destin Bamboo wedding arch with tropical flowers

We’ve broken down the Destin beach wedding planning process into 6 uncomplicated steps. Check it out:

  1. Visit floridabeachweddings.com and check our all inclusive beach wedding packages page. Match your vision with our expert beach designs to choose the perfect wedding ceremony choice. The Destin and Fort Walton Beach area are very popular with beach brides so its important to get on this early.
  2. Contact us to check on your date availability.
  3. Make a deposit by check, or credit card, to reserve your Ft. Walton beach wedding date.
  4. Receive your confirmation packet and User ID/Password for the selections pages.  From here you’ll choose all of your ceremony decor, ceremony/vows, and music that comes with Destin Florida wedding packages. A general timeline will be included in your confirmation packet (including dates and important details).
  5. Return your completed selections online to our beach wedding planner.  You will then receive a detailed ceremony agenda for your beach ceremony.
  6. And, on the day of your ceremony, we will see you on Fort Walton beach for your wedding ceremony!

Sound easy enough? It really is! And you can visit our FAQ page or contact us if you have more questions.

Ft. Walton Beach Bonfire:

A beach bonfire- a perfect, intimate way to celebrate the start your marriage and the end of the day!

Beach Bonfire Destin FL

So 30A Bonfires is an awesome company sharing a similar philosophy with the Florida Beach Wedding Company. Put plainly, it’s a one stop shop with great customer service and satisfaction. There are multiple package choices and locations for beach bonfires and choosing one is easy with their clear cut descriptions on 30Ablaze.com.  Now, you can also obtain your own beach bonfire permit, but you won’t be provided chairs, tables, fire pits, S’mores kit and a set up and take down. Seems well worth a little extra to have that all taken care of.

Couple at Clearwater Beach with a Destiny wedding package sitting

Here’s an idea of what you’ll get with a 30A beach bonfire:

  • Beach Bonfires start between 6:00-8:00PM and are available year round.
  • Vendor will contact you to set up a time for the date you have requested. It is best to book these at least one week in advance due to limited supply.
  • Duration: 2-3 Hrs.
  • Available Packages
    • 2 Hour Bonfire Package: Fire bowl, wood, 5 chairs, S’mores, bonfire permit and attendant to set up and tend fire
    • 2 Hour Deluxe Bonfire Package: Fire bowl, wood, 10 chairs, 1 table, S’mores, Bluetooth speaker, tiki torches, bonfire permit and attendant to set up and tend fire
    • 3 Hour Bonfire Package: Fire bowl, wood, 20 chairs, 2 tables, S’mores, Bluetooth speaker, tiki torches, bonfire permit and attendant to set up and tend fire.

best beach wedding locations in florida

For more details, additions, questions, you can visit 30Ablaze.com. Ready to book your Destin or Fort Walton Beach Wedding? Click HERE!

Wedding Dresses For A St. Pete Beach Ceremony

The Clearwater St. Pete Beach area is a top pick for beach weddings among our brides. For us, as beach wedding planners, part of the thrill is seeing each bridal gown as the ceremony begins. Each bride has different taste so it’s a real treat for us to participate and photograph the wedding dresses. You might think we’d see mostly short wedding dresses, but most of the time our Florida beach brides choose full length gowns and they look incredible! The secret is in the material and style they choose to keep them comfortable on these Gulf beaches. And shoes…who needs them? If you begin your beach ceremony with shoes, we are almost certain they will be off by the time we get to the photography session! That warm Gulf of Mexico water is too hard to resist, and with a St. Pete Beach wedding the sunsets will leave you both breathless.

Clearwater Beach wedding couple in Gulf water

Because the internet is so crowded with wedding dresses, we thought we’d share with you some ACTUAL dresses that our brides chose. Don’t become a slave to social media dresses either; you are an individual and what you love matters most. Just keep in mind a few tips we can give you as experienced Gulf Beach wedding planners. In over 13 years in business we’ve seen it all and know what works in this unique Florida wedding environment an you might be surprised. Here we go…

Spaghetti Strap Gowns

Katy wore a lace bodice gown with spaghetti straps for her Gulf Beach wedding. You can see how gorgeous it is from the back too as it flows in the sea breeze. This type of wedding dress is perfect for humid or very warm weather that Florida experiences on the west coast. Classic and cool is the name of the game in Clearwater St. Pete, and this bride made it look so easy. Even her hair was beachy with just a small beaded accessory to show off her sun kissed face.

Bride in spaghetti strap lace wedding gown with groom on Gulf beach in FloridaBeach Wedding dress back view spaghetti straps with groom on Clearwater Beach

Lace Wedding Dress

An outdoor wedding is a beautiful thing, especially on a Florida beach. With heat, humidity and breezy conditions on St. Pete Beach, a shorter dress can be a really smart choice. This bride chose a tea length gown with a vintage feel in lace which was perfect for her simple beach wedding. The strapless, sweetheart neckline however, gives it a modern update as well as the little jacket. Let’s give this bride props for wearing heels on the beach!

Tea length lace wedding gown on bride beside groom on Florida Gulf Beach

Mermaid Wedding Dress

Who can deny a mermaid gown isn’t beachy and seaside ready? By its very nature, the mermaid wedding dress is sweet and very romantic. Without a long train, it makes an impression while being easy to wear at one of our beach wedding places in Florida. Add lace to the mix and how can a beach bride go wrong!

Destin, Florida beach weddings are special when shared with your bridal party.

Wedding Gown Trains and Veils

We are often delighted to see our brides wearing formal wedding gowns and it is always beautiful! In Clearwater St. Pete Beach, the sea breeze is often just right so a train will move in the breeze which is perfect for wedding pictures. Veils are a little more tricky, but still popular on the Gulf beaches. There is less wind on the west coast of Florida so brides can choose a veil. It is all a personal choice and just about anything goes when you have a Florida beach wedding. Even if you have a very small beach wedding or beach elopement, you can still arrive and get tie the knot in style. Even for vow renewals, we have seen couples decked out in full wedding.

Beach Bride, Groom and Child at sunset on Gulf Beach

So find out how you can get married in style with a Florida destination wedding package all-inclusive. Check out our Clearwater elopement packages and learn how to have a beach wedding in Florida to remember. We even help with your Florida marriage license and permits too. Contact our wedding planners today.

Tips for Clearwater Beach Wedding Planning

You’re big day is approaching on Clearwater Beach. And you’ve got the wedding planning ideas rolling like the waves! But before you end up drowning in the ocean of wedding planning, be sure to avoid these common mistakes. It’s easy to get caught up in your dream of getting married on the Gulf beach in the sun and white sand, but we have some professional advice to make your day a complete success.

beach wedding planning

Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

1. Poor Budgeting

Kissing bride and groom on Siesta Key beach

From underestimating to overspending, don’t fall into the dreaded wedding money pit. Before you really get into any planning, know your budget. What’s your top dollar and what does your wedding week look like? If it is a destination wedding in Clearwater Beach, then you here are some budget items to consider:

  • wedding set up or planner
  • bride and groom attire, your wedding dress, flowers
  • hair and make up professionals
  • hotel accommodations for you and planning for any wedding guests
  • travel expenses (airfare, baggage, airport commute or car/gas)
  • food before and after the wedding including a reception if desired
  • extra activities while on your honeymoon or pre-wedding
  • Florida marriage license

2. Over-planning

Type “A” brides listen especially closely: there is such a thing as over-planning. Trying to plan out every minute is going to drive you to the “crazy bride ward.” That’s why choosing one of our Clearwater beach wedding packages really makes sense. Let Florida Beach Weddings do all the wedding planning for you so you have more time to focus on fun things. Things like which beachfront restaurant in Clearwater you’ll hit up after your Gulf beach wedding. Or what color is perfect for your bridesmaids’ dresses? And over-planning beach weddings only leads to our next mistake…

3. Stressing Out

There is certainly a healthy level of anxiety that comes with committing yourself to another human for the rest of your life. But cold feet and a stone cold stressed out bride are two different wedding animals: avoid falling into either category. At the end of the day, you’ll want to look back with fond memories of planning and your actual wedding ceremony. With over a decade in the beach wedding planning business, all inclusive weddings are the way to go. It helps you trust that you will have a beautiful wedding ceremony. Trust that you won’t be stuck with hidden fees with our up front affordable beach wedding package options.

4. Social Media

Couple gazes at sunset after beach wedding

Yes, we said it. And since there’s no elephants roaming the beach, let’s address the blue whale in the room. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram. It’s okay to get inspired but it’s not ok to get obsessed. Whether it’s the perfect wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, make up tutorial, hair D.I.Y., wedding photo pose, or beach wedding dream experience (you know the kind with magical sunset rays, the perfect amount of sea breeze, high heels in the sand), keep it in check. So get your beach wedding ideas, be inspired, but keep reality in check and focus on enjoying your day more than absolute perfection. Remember you will be having a wedding ceremony experience that many brides desire: outside on beautiful Clearwater Beach!

5. The D.I.Y. Wedding

Clearwater Couple just married at beach wedding poses on sand by hotel

Although it seems like a good idea, there can be some trouble with D.I.Y. weddings.  But the bottom line is the budget, time planning, and details involved in planning and executing your own wedding is often misunderstood until you’re too far into the process. So why not let our all inclusive wedding packages in Clearwater Florida come to the rescue! Or if it’s just the two of you, steer clear of any stress with our Clearwater elopement packages where even wedding photography is included. Our complete beach wedding company gives you a stress free beach wedding experience and keep your budget. A win-win!

Couple kissing by Gulf water in Clearwater Beach after wedding

Well we’ve covered the Top 5 Beach Wedding Planning Mistakes, now for the #1 thing you SHOULD have on your Clearwater beach wedding planning list: contact Florida Beach Weddings! 

DESTINation Wedding Adventure

It’s time to make the time and get ready for some fun, relaxation, and bonding with your beloved. Often there is a lot that goes into planning a destination wedding, however, with Florida Beach Weddings, we take a great deal of time planning the details on your behalf. Things like, ocean tides and ceremony times, wedding package decoration set up, guest seating, officiating, the list goes on. This allows you to plan your destination wedding as a vacation and it feels less like work, especially with our all-inclusive beach wedding packages. So let us make even that a little easier for you with this Destination Wedding Adventure List.

Destin Bamboo wedding arch with tropical flowers

Things to do in Destin, Florida for Newlywed Couples

  • Destin Harbor: Eat, shop, take a boat tour. The harbor is a landmark in Destin Beach and a must see for a laid back day of exploring and eating.
  • Segway Tour: Check out the city of Destin and learn a bit about the city’s history and tips of other must see locations. A fun way to cruise around town and take in the sights together!
  • Boat tours: From sunrise to sunset, there are boats cruising through the gulf, harbor, and pass. Spot some wildlife like turtles, dolphins or sharks on a nature boat tour. Fly high in a parasail. Take a fishing charter boat for the freshest catch. Speed through on a high speed boat or relax and sail as the sun sets. Whatever your adventure level, Destin surely has a boat tour for you!
  • Beach: This is really what the destination wedding is all about after all isn’t it? Relaxing on the beach? Check out Florida State Park’s Henderson Beach. There is a small fee to enter, but the clear water, white sandy beaches free of hotels and condos make it worth it. Sightsee, hike nature trails, or simple lay back and relax on this beautiful Destin beach.
  • Shop: Brides and grooms alike, there’s a shore for you at Destin’s Silver Sands Premium Outlets. So if shopping is your game, this is the place for you.
  • Eat: What’s a vacation without good food, right? And nobody can quite match your taste, budget, and appetite like Trip Advisor’s Best Destin Food & Drink list.  

Now that you see how much there is to do, it’s time to reserve your date. Destination beach weddings are more popular than ever, so it’s crucial you contact us as soon as you and your partner choose a date. We need a little time to get a Destin beach wedding permit and determine the best time of day for your beach ceremony. You will want to take advantage of the incredible sunsets the panhandle has to offer and our beach wedding company knows just the best way to do this. Choosing a complete beach wedding package just makes it all easier and stress free, especially when you add our beach wedding photographer to capture your special moments.

Beach weddings in the Florida panhandle are pretty special. The turquoise Gulf of Mexico water is so incredible combined with the white, thick sand found only in the Destin Florida Beach area. You will look back amazed at the beauty you and your guests enjoyed on your wedding day when you see your wedding pictures.

Destin Beach Weddings that will include white bamboo canopy and floral topper.

Well it’s clear our suggestions can keep you pretty busy on your honeymoon. And when you’re ready to add this Florida wedding venue to your Destin Adventure list, click HERE!

Spring St. Augustine Beach Wedding

This past March the weather on the east coast was perfect for an outdoor wedding. This St. Augustine beach ceremony was everything this couple was hoping for…and the fact that their wedding package was all-inclusive was just an added bonus. The brides wedding dress with flowing train was so enchanting and perfect for a beach environment. She opted for long, flowing hair which was playful in the ocean breeze. The groom’s more formal look added a touch of class to the ceremony, and was echoed by the children’s attire.

Barefoot wedding couple on St. Augustine Beach

Choosing an all inclusive beach wedding package is definitely the way to go for an easy ceremony. However, which one do you choose when there are so many beautiful designs? This St. Augustine Beach wedding couple decided to go for a vintage theme: they chose our Rustic Romance beach wedding package. It is an elegant yet earthy theme that incorporates a rustic, wooden wedding arch with soft, pastel florals.

First wedding kiss on Anastasia Island wedding

Muted florals are all the rage this spring and when combined with neutral colors it is a sensation on the beach. This package also comes with just about everything you need to look forward to on your wedding day: vows, a unity sand ceremony, music, officiant, chairs and chilled water for your guests. The chalkboard sign at the beginning of the aisleway is the perfect way to announce the newly married couple.

Rustic beach wedding in St. Augustine

Don’t worry about getting a Florida marriage license, our beach wedding specialists can help you with that. In fact, Florida destination weddings are just about the safest and easiest way to get married in the US. Our wedding company takes care of any required permits too.

Bride and groom kissing by ocean

The best thing about a simple beach wedding in Florida is that its fun! If you add our wedding photography to your package, our professional outdoor photographer will take all the wedding pictures you crave: the bride approaching, your vows, first kiss, family and friends, bridal party and more photos down by the ocean. Although we suggest a few traditional poses, some of the best moments are when you and your guests are relaxed, happy and laughing!

Bridal party jumping on St. Augustine beach

At the end of your special day you and your beloved will be laughing at how stress-free your wedding was! All-inclusive destination weddings are cheaper than weddings at home, even when you factor in travel and hotel. If you don’t want a full on, big guest wedding, you can choose to elope: many of our Florida elopement packages include photography.

wedding couple laughs by the ocean

St. Augustine on the east coast is so beautiful for a Florida wedding on the beach. Are you ready to have a fun-filled wedding? Of course you are! Our beach wedding specialists are ready and excited to help you reserve your date and find your perfect affordable beach wedding. Contact us today.

Wedding Hair for East Coast Beaches

There are the color swatches…and the wedding dress shopping. The vow choices…and the perfect location. Then there’s the icing on the wedding cake: your hair and make up. Let’s talk about wedding hair, specifically for east coast beaches. Why? Because the Atlantic ocean is unique and if you are getting married on Daytona Beach, New Smyrna BeachSt. Augustine Beach or Cocoa Beach, or further south in Boynton Beach and Fort Lauderdale, there are natural elements to consider when planning your wedding hairstyle. So here’s some Atlantic ocean beach wedding hair tips.

Sea Breeze

MPH– I’m talking wind here. Consider the unpredictability of the wind conditions, especially on the east coast. You could have a bright sunny day, with little wind 5 miles inland, but a normal day’s sea breeze on the coast will get things moving. And by things, I’m talking your hair. So whether your hair’s up, down, or somewhere in between, keep this in mind. For your beach wedding day or beach elopement, you want to keep your face clearly visible. A simple pin back with a cute, beachy accessory or a headband could do the trick

Bride with white rose bouquet and groom hug on st augustinebeach

Wedding Veil

A wedding veil on the beach…why not? However, keep in mind the east coast breeze could have it whipping around. You might want to make it easy to remove in case the wind picks up. You can wear it for the ceremony and remove it afterward for your ocean wedding photos. Our professional photographer will ensure you have beautiful pictures in both cases.

Couple gazes at each other under wedding arch on Daytona Beach

Professional Hairstyling

D.I.Y. or call in the professional: Do you have some wiggle room in your budget for hair and make up? If you’ve booked a cheap Florida beach wedding package you probably do! If so, this is a good place to go for it. There’s just something about the magic touch of a stylist that keeps things in all the right places for the long haul. Especially for beach weddings when you’re considering sand, salt, heat, wind, etc. Maxed out budget? Don’t sweat it. Seek help from a fashion savvy friend, or a YouTube style channel, and do a few practice runs. Oh, and LOTS of hairspray!

Your Hair Type

Be realistic: In the world of internet stock images and photoshop, don’t be fooled. Finding an image or style that “inspires” you is a GREAT place to start. But be willing to modify the look to fit your beach wedding venue and personal hair type. Consider thickness, length, and curl/straight and be aware of how that affects your style options. If you have heavy, thick, straight hair, springing curls may not work for you. However, you can still achieve a beachy wave or similar look. Just cater to your natural beauty!

Bride Smiling before wedding Cocoa Beach trees

Long/Medium Wedding Hairstyles

Couple kisses by ocean in St. Augustine at beach weddingBohemian bride and groom by the seaBride looking down at bouquet on Anastasia Island Beach FL

Short Hairstyles:

Up Do’s

Hair updo

Happy Hair Styling! And if all these dreamy hair photos have you ready to get things going, click here to book your all inclusive Florida Beach Wedding package today!