Why Hire a Professional Beach Wedding Photographer

Ten, twenty, thirty years from now when you look back on your wedding day, what will be the moments you most remember? Watching the sunset as you said your vows? The exciting emotions felt while walking down the aisle? Your first kiss? Photos capture these life changing moments and they elicit feelings for a lifetime. So your wedding day photos are, naturally, a pretty big deal. Hiring an experienced beach wedding photographer ensures that as your own memory blurs, your wedding day photos will be in focus, clear, and forever beautiful. Trying to trim the budget by having a friend take pictures may seem like a good idea,  but here are some reasons why you should stick with a beach wedding professional.

Couple hugging on the beach after wedding

  1. Affordable: Photographers traditionally come with a heavy price tag. However, Florida Beach Weddings has the luxury of experienced, in house staff photographers with over a decade shooting beach weddings. Experienced professionals without the heart stopping $$$. Sold! Adding photography to our affordable package prices is very reasonable. Click here to crunch on those numbers!
  2. Experience: A beach wedding photographer has an added challenge. And it’s two words: Mother Nature. Be it bright light, Gulf beach sunset light, twilight, Daytona beach surf, an unexpected sun shower, fair to dark skin: there are many factors a beach wedding photographer must consider. That’s on top of the already difficult tasks of staying discreet, correct shutter speed, capturing from the right angle, creative/natural posing, or eliminating other beach visitors. The list goes on. Don’t leave these detail orientated tasks to your friend whose only photographic selling point is an entertaining Instagram feed. An experienced photographer will capture your memories beautifully and forever.
  3. Talent: Florida Beach Wedding photographers are equipped to not only capture your moments on your wedding day, but also to perform magic! And by magic, I mean editing. So whether it’s a dull photo that needs some brightening or an unwanted pedestrian in the background, consider it taken care of. 
  4. Proof: Check out the real Florida Beach Weddings in our photo gallery and see some breathtaking wedding photos. 

Indian Rocks Beach Weddings and elopements

African American wedding couple saying vows on the beach

Wedding couple holding baby on the beach

Do all of these photos have you wanting to tele-port to your beach wedding? Well, we haven’t perfected the tele-porting process yet, but you can book here today!

Best Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages

Clearwater Beach Weddings for the sunset and beautiful views.

Think of a Clearwater beach wedding package like choosing a new home. You could spend months, even years, finding land, hiring builders, contractors, painters, plumbers, electricians. The list goes on. Consequently, you’re left waiting on workers. You’re spending more money than originally anticipated. You’re pouring blood, sweat and tears into building. Or, you could choose a move-in ready model home. Buy the house and simply add all of your own personal touches. Liking the sounds of a move-in ready model home? Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages are your move in ready beach weddings. We’ve done all of the hard work, hours of phone calls, emails, and researching for you. Therefore, you get the fun part-color selection, unique decor choices, and a ceremony that suites you and your future spouse perfectly!

Read more about why choosing a Clearwater Beach wedding package is preferred:

  1. Location, location location: Florida Beach Weddings has been in business for over 12 years so we know parking and permits in Clearwater and the Gulf beaches. We’ve found the sunset views. We’ve set up Gulf beach weddings for groups large and small. We KNOW beach weddings. Hiring inexperienced planners is a recipe for last minute disaster. Read more about our beach wedding company here.
  2. Personalize: Although the packages are clearly defined, you still have the opportunity to make your wedding unique. You choose the canopy and chair color, walkway decor, canopy topper, sand ceremony, and vow selection. Try surfing social media and you’ll be floundering among thousands of choices and “seemingly simple” DIY projects. So that $10 cheap wedding project turns into a disaster, time killer, and then you’re back to where you started. Furthermore, our skilled wedding specialists have perfected the beach look (see our Distinctive Designs) and have the perfect amount of variety for you to choose from without being overwhelmed.
  3. Cha-Ching: Clearwater Beach Weddings prices are affordable and up front. It’s a one stop shop with no unforeseen costs: you can see all your planning in your private client portal. Consequently, our packages are designed to cut out travel, set up, and rental fees saving you money. 
  4. Time: Here’s a list of all the people you WON’T have to contact: officiant, photographer, set up crew, linen rental company, county beach permit department, chair rental company. Pretty easy right? As a result, spend your extra time and money booking a honeymoon. Or go on a date to talk about the excitement of your upcoming stress free and affordable Gulf beach wedding!

Click Here to check out our Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages now and start planning with a reliable and experienced beach wedding company.

Clearwater beach wedding couple sitting on the beach kissing



Small Beach Wedding Packages

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of hosting a big wedding and trying to make everybody happy? Or maybe you’re thinking of a small beach wedding package because you just value an intimate wedding occasion with the people you love. A small wedding on the beach is the perfect choice for an affordable and intimate ceremony. All the elements of a traditional ceremony including on-trend, elegant decor, a wedding officiant, photographer and music can be included. Florida Beach Weddings packages start at $699 and at the top end average $2,500.

Our small beach wedding packages or “micro-weddings” range from 2-50+ people and could be just what you’re looking for! We perform our weddings on both coasts of Florida so you can enjoy a Gulf beach wedding or one on the east coast with views of the Atlantic.

Small Beach Wedding Packages

Tropical Florida Elopement Package

5 Tips for Choosing and Planning Small Beach Wedding Package

1. Large vs. Small

Small beach weddings are easier to plan due to the mere simplicity of them. Less invitations, less managing of people, less money spent on catering to guests. So less really is less in this case. With large, traditional weddings you must deal with hotel room blocking, increased meal cost (night before or reception), more phone calls/emails with family members/friends to answer travel/lodging questions and increased overall stress. So if you want a clear cut, stress free wedding, a small Florida beach wedding is just the ticket! With our beach wedding company you can plan every detail from the comfort of your living room; we take care of permits and helping you with your Florida marriage license. A good option for keeping it small and simple but with traditional wedding decor is the Simply Deluxe Package.

At a Florida Wedding on the beach this couple has their first kiss.

Teal Distinctive Design Package

2. How “small” is “small?”

When deciding your guest list, your first big decision is are you inviting any guests or are you eloping as a couple? The term Small Beach Wedding or Micro-Wedding may mean “party of two,” or maybe it’s just enough for a game of pick up basketball (that’s typically 10 people for all the non NBA fans). It’s a big decision to elope as a couple, especially if you come from a big family with expectations or large network of friends. So, the first thing is to do some research and ask yourself, “Is a beach elopement right for me?” However, remember “small” beach wedding does not have to mean elopement! You can have a smaller, romantic wedding that is fully decorated with the latest on-trend decor such as a geometric wedding arch.

Cocoa Beach Weddings are great for beach elopements with a canopy.

Florida Natural Elopement Package

3. It’s all about the MONEY

You can go with an all inclusive beach elopement package, which allows 2-8 participants (bride, groom, plus up to 6 more) for less than $800. Now even a larger Distinctive Design wedding package with Florida Beach Weddings still qualifies as affordable, but the elopement packages price is the best way to pinch every penny. And when compared to a traditional wedding venue and reception, the savings a beach wedding package offers you is in thousands of dollars. Daytona Beach is definitely the most budget-friendly option. You can often save upwards of 50% by using Daytona Beach for your wedding ceremony! Permits are less and a lot of the beach wedding locations don’t have parking fees. Hotels are often cheaper than the Gulf coast. With four beaches to choose from there is plenty to do such as paddle boarding with manatees, fishing or riding horses on the beach.

Another option is the Cruise Beach Wedding in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The money you save getting married on the beach with a complete Cocoa Beach wedding package can be used for your honeymoon cruise leaving from nearby Port Canaveral.

4. Guest List Dilemma

Often times with large weddings the guest list line get hazy when it comes to how far down the line you go. First and second cousins? Co-workers? College friends? New friends? Acquaintances? Small beach weddings may mean it’s just the two of you or just immediate family/bridal party only. With an intimate beach wedding you don’t have to worry about hurting your long distance second cousin’s or work cubicle buddy’s feelings. The “if” invites of a large wedding are clear and definite “no’s” with a a micro-wedding. And you can always have an open invite celebratory party when you get back home from the wedding/honeymoon!

St. Augustine Beach wedding packages setup at Anastasia State Park, Florida.

Florida Simply Design Package

5. Choosing The Perfect Small Beach Wedding Package

Consider the following beach wedding packages and find the perfect fit:

  • Elopements– If total intimacy and zero guest list sounds like a dream come true, an elopement package is for you.  
  • An intimate, small wedding package with 2-35 guests is a great happy medium somewhere between elopement and large wedding. 
  • Party time– If you read this post and decided, “NO WAY small beach wedding!” Well then bring on the party and check out our affordable Florida Destiny Package which accommodates up to 50 guests.

LOCATION- Once you’ve decided the size of your beach wedding. It’s time to narrow down your beach location. From east coast to Gulf beaches, north to south, Florida Beach Weddings has a beach for you! After all, we serve all of Florida so if you like the white sandy beaches and sunsets Siesta Beach, Clearwater Beach, and Destin Beach have to offer we can provide you with a Gulf beach wedding ceremony. Or maybe it’s the peaceful beach scene mixed with hours of fun filled entertainment and historical sights on St. Augustine Beach, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Cocoa Beach, or Miami Beach on the east coast of Florida. There is no doubt we can help you find your perfect beach wedding location: check out exactly what an amazing beach wedding looks like!

So whether you’ve decided on a very small beach wedding or you’re on the fence, or you know it’s going to be a big beach bash, contact us to begin planning your dream destination wedding. 

Still need more beach wedding information? Check out our FAQ page to see what other brides and grooms often think about when planning an affordable beach wedding in Florida. Call (386) 214-6361 east coast of Florida or (727) 249-2708 Gulf coast.

Florida Beach Weddings van with married couple on Daytona Beach

Wedding couple on Daytona Beach with Florida Beach Weddings van

The Basics of Planning a Memorable Beach Wedding

wedding at the beachA wedding at the beach in Florida can be unforgettable when it’s planned the right way. Of course, planning beach weddings is a unique challenge, especially when you compare them to more traditional wedding settings. But a wedding on the beach can offer so many more fun, memorable experiences, so it’s worth the effort to educate yourself and create a wedding that you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives! If you’re not sure how to plan, design, and execute a wedding on the beach, then follow our simple tips below to get started. Let’s begin.


You’ve probably heard it before, over and over, but choosing the right location for your wedding will make all the difference. In fact, it can be the difference between a successful, memorable event, and a mediocre one. This is why Florida beach weddings are such a popular choice. As far as planning a wedding at the beach, Florida is one of the best locations. The atmosphere has a distinct vibe that promotes fun and socialization. Not to mention there are some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and sunsets in Florida. Your guests will also love to visit the Sunshine State for your event.

When it comes to choosing a location, it helps to be proactive in advance. Popular destination wedding spots are often booked months or years in advance, so it’s a good idea to secure a place once you’ve gotten engaged to your spouse to be. Asking around for recommendations from trusted friends, family members, and colleagues may help you decide on the right location for your wedding at the beach. You may also find it helpful to search for different locations online to get a better feel for how your event might look in a particular environment. Dealing with a knowledgeable, experienced beach wedding company that specializes in Florida weddings is always a wise move. Their wedding specialist will be able to take your unique desires into consideration and cater results to match your vision. Trying to do it all alone can quickly become quite exhausting and stressful. With the help of a professional, you are much more likely to persevere and get the exact location that you have always imagined.

Decorations, Entertainment, and Atmosphere

Of course, selecting the right location for your wedding at the beach is only one hurdle to overcome when you’re planning your event. Designing the rest of your wedding has an incredible impact on the experience for you and your guests alike. With a beach wedding, there are some unique decor considerations that you should take into account. For one, you have to deal with sand. This adds a special element to plan around when you’re looking for seating and aisle runners. Again, this is where it’s helpful to enlist the help of a beach wedding company who specializes in destination weddings.

Anastasia Park Wedding Pavilion

Choosing the right entertainment for your reception is also important. It’s a good idea to have a list of potential entertainers and hotels in mind throughout the entire planning process. When you give yourself some options to choose from in advance, you take some of the pressure off of yourself so you don’t have to worry about any last minute surprises.

When it comes to the special day, you want to know that the atmosphere is right. This is that indescribable essence that results from all your preparation and planning. For a wedding at the beach, you can enjoy the advantage of a unique atmosphere. It’s much easier to create a memorable day with a beach wedding than it is with a more traditional venue. For the logistics of the ceremony, it’s wise to prepare in advance. If at all possible, you should wait until about 30-45 minutes before the wedding ceremony to get dressed. The right timing is crucial in making your ceremony go as smooth as possible. Your beach wedding specialist will help advise you.

Florida Beach Wedding Packages with photographer included.

A beach wedding gives you a special memory that lasts forever. If you’re looking for help and guidance along the way, then contact us today. We would love to help you plan your beach wedding so you can rest assured that your special day will be one to remember.

St. Augustine Beach Wedding: Charm Meets Paradise

St. Augustine Florida beach wedding couple

St. Augustine Florida Beach Weddings couple


The perfect romantic location to host your wedding

Hundreds of couples are choosing St. Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City, for their big day! Our staff rates this as a “best place to get married in Florida” and popular beach locations include Anastasia State Park and Vilano Beach
Couple saying wedding vows on Vilano Beach at sunset

Florida Beach Weddings couple at Vilano Beach

Bustling cobble stone roads with the occasional horse drawn carriage and Spanish Colonial inspired architecture, St. Augustine boasts plenty of old world charm. The streets tell a story from a time long ago. Large victorian homes, rustic doorways, overgrown arches of ivy and greenery; it is hard not to feel like you took a step back in time. The historical charm of this city is one of the many reasons couples are choosing St. Augustine for their destination wedding.

Another appealing feature of this unique city is that just a short scenic drive over the bridge is the beautiful sandy beach! Rest and relaxation comes with the sounds of the crashing waves and the warmth of the bright sun! St. Augustine Beaches definitely offer more than just beautiful ocean and sand: it is a great place to surf, paddle board, climb a light house, or just enjoy good food. 

Indoors, outdoors, or maybe even both, St. Augustine offers many unique wedding venues. From historical buildings, exquisite gardens, and beautiful beaches there are a variety of locations to help every bride set the scene for the most important day of her life. However for vows and views, nothing beats a wedding on the beach!

Florida Beach Weddings at Embassy Suites St. Augustine

Florida Beach Weddings in St. Augustine at oceanfront hotel

Besides the variety of wedding and reception venues, St. Augustine is a great location for wedding guests. It is conveniently located within driving distance to Jacksonville, Daytona, and Orlando airports. It offers a variety of locations for guests to stay whether they prefer to be beachfront or stay right in the heart of historical down town. There are many hotels, as well as charming bed and breakfasts that are located walking distance to many attractions. 

Weddings guests have plenty of activities to choose from while visiting, like touring museums, riding trolleys, or just enjoying a casual stroll on the bay front. St. Augustine also offers many unique, trendy restaurants for any “foodie”. There are many bars and restaurants with outdoor seating and live music for guests to enjoy the beautiful warm weather. 

If you are a couple who envisions your big day in a special place where romance meets fun, St. Augustine may be the place for you!  Read more about our St. Augustine Beach weddings here. 

If you are ready to start planning your wedding in St. Augustine, check out our beach wedding packages here or contact us for more information. 

Destination Wedding Invitations

 “I’m having a destination wedding, so what do I include on my wedding invitation?”

Great question! A destination wedding follows traditional wedding invitation etiquette in a lot of ways. However, there are some key points that should not be overlooked when mailing/e-mailing out your destination wedding invitations!

Beach Wedding invitations

Beach wedding invitations


Before addressing the actual beach wedding invitations, let’s begin with “Save the Date.” Due to additional travel plans and/or vacation time from work, it’s important to give your guests plenty of time to plan for attendance at your Florida wedding. “Save the Date” cards should be sent out approximately 6-8 months prior to your wedding date. No major details needed. Just date and location. Something like this will do the job:

Save the Date beach wedding card

Save the Date Beach Wedding Card

Now on to the wedding invitations! Here’s a list of what to include for your beach wedding guests

  • Date and Time of the beach wedding ceremony
  • Address of the wedding ceremony with map or GPS map coordinates. *Make sure to include a clear indication of “beach wedding” so guests can plan attire accordingly. 
  • Reception information or “Reception to follow.” If no reception, there is not need to make any additional note. 
  • Include an accommodations card OR double side your invitation with accommodation information on the back. The accommodations card should include guest hotel options/information and any group discounts available. 
  • Wedding Website URL: A wedding website is a great way to inform guests of your engagement story, photos, ceremony/reception details, and any other important details worth sharing. Check out theknot.com for an easy to use and free wedding website creator!
  • RSVP card with envelope or digital address to respond to. 

Invitation Ideas

You can go digital and choose evite.com to save time and money. Otherwise, websites like minted.com or etsy.com have some fun, beach-inspired destination wedding invitations waiting for you!

Palm tree beach wedding invitation

Palm tree beach wedding invitation

Ready to invite your guests to a Destination Wedding? We provide weddings on both coasts of Florida including the Gulf beaches and Atlantic coast. Browse our beach wedding locations or click HERE to book your beach wedding!

Florida Beach Wedding Package with white floral designs.

Florida Beach Weddings package with white floral designs.