Staying Cool at a Summer Beach Wedding

Blue Daytona Beach Weddings with flower petals and black bamboo canopy

Couple married on Daytona Beach Florida.

Our Beach Wedding Company is now preparing to resume beach wedding ceremonies this summer! So time to get ready to be married in the sun and sea! Florida basically has two seasons. 1.Summer  2. The rest of the year! Most of the year the weather is beautiful for an outdoor wedding and the tropical sea breeze makes it even more comfortable. There isn’t much to complain about however, if you aren’t a Florida native, you may need a few tips on staying cool in the heat during your seaside Florida wedding ceremony.

5 Tips on How to Beat the Heat 

Summer is a beautiful time of year to get married no matter where you are, but in Florida we need to take extra care when the sun is highest in the sky. If you decide summer is the best time of year for your beach wedding, our Florida Beach Weddings specialist will help you schedule your ceremony at the best time of day for your comfort. We want to ensure that you have a pretty beach wedding filled with joy! Here are some tips for your marriage ceremony:

1. Stay Hydrated

It’s important to drink a lot of water in preparation for, during, and after your outdoor beach wedding. Don’t wait until right before you walk the aisle to grab a bottle of water. Also don’t wait until you get thirsty to start drinking; 64 ounces is a starting point to get you through the day. Wake up with a glass of H2o and drink continuously throughout the day. If you add coffee or alcohol to the beverage mix you’ll need to up your water intake. Choosing a complete beach wedding package that includes a chilled water station is also an option (your guests will love this!) Staying hydrated will keep you energized, looking fresh, and ready to face the summer sun!

We present the newly married couple at this beautiful Teal Distinctive Package at a Florida Wedding on the beach.

This Teal Distinctive Design includes chilled water station for your guests

2. Avoid Too Much Alcohol

Well, save it for the indoor after party anyways! Drinking too much alcohol can lead to dehydration and increased drowsiness. And there’s something about a hot summer day that speeds up the “buzz” effect. So be a Snow White Bride, not a Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy, Drunky (okay that last one wasn’t a Disney original) dwarf and save the celebratory piña colada for the A/C.

Fort Meyers beach wedding and reception locations.

Fort Meyers Matanzas on the Bay for post-wedding dinner

3. Keep Inside

Stay inside as much as possible. This also applies to the day/night before. Too much sun can exhaust your body and nobody wants to be hot and cranky on their wedding day. Stay in your A/C car or beachfront hotel until you it’s time to walk down the aisle. Keeping cooler longer will allow you to really enjoy the sunny, breezy beach atmosphere.

Daytona Beach Weddings at the shores resort and spa hotel on the beach

Convenient Daytona Beach Shores hotel keeps you cool before your wedding

4. Made in the Shades

Sun shades. Umbrella shades. Whatever the shade, find it. Use it. Make it. It not realistic find shade directly ON the beach during your ceremony. However, the moments leading up to your ceremony or after you tie the knot, keep your sunglasses on and find a cool, shady spot to relax. And discuss ahead of time if the bridal party will be rocking sunglasses. Pass off the shades to a front row guest so you don’t ruin pictures with an unwanted accessory.

Anastasia Park Wedding Pavilion

Shady Anastasia Park Wedding Pavilion ready for reception guests

5. Cool Off

We love these personal mister fans and if you’re extra sensitive to the sun, check out these fun parasols with UV ray blocking features. These are also great for beach days before and after your summer beach wedding day too – why go anywhere else for your honeymoon! There are many nice beaches to get married on that offer shady pavilions and picnic areas including Sand Key Park, Siesta Key in Sarasota, Venice Beach and Cocoa Beach to relax under (see photo above from one of our St. Augustine Beach weddings).

Fort DeSoto Beach in St. Pete, Florida

Cool shady area in Fort DeSoto Beach in St. Pete, Florida

Dreaming of cold drinks, warm Florida sand, and saying, “I do” hand in hand? We have plenty of options in the Sunshine State. Book your Summer Beach Wedding today!

St. Pete Beach Wedding Restaurants

What is the best St. Pete beach wedding reception venue that includes great food? Read on for a delicious list full of St. Pete Beach Restaurants. So whether you’re eloping and looking for an intimate dining spot or hosting a full on post wedding party, we’ve found the place for you after in St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach Wedding couple sitting on sand during sunset in Florida.

Top 5 St. Pete Beach Restaurants for Wedding Receptions

Palm Court Italian Grill

Tucked away at the end of the Grand Palm Colonnade at TradeWinds Island Grand, Palm Court Italian Grill offers an intimate dining experience with your favorite culinary creations from the Mediterranean. Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner indoors or under the stars on the patio as you savor creamy pastas and the seafood selections that range from fried calamari to fresh grouper. Complement your meal with an extensive selection of fine wines available by the glass, letting you match each course with pairings recommended by your gracious server.

Palm Court Italian Grill St. Pete Beach

The Hurricane Seafood Restaurant

The Hurricane Seafood Restaurant is in the heart of the Pass-A-Grille historical district. Located just across the street from the Gulf, with rooftop twin bars that offer spectacular sunset views, the Hurricane has become a world-renown restaurant for both locals and vacationers, serving the St. Pete Beach community for over 42 years. Offering the finest in fresh, wild-caught seafood in a tantalizing array of appetizers, entrees, drinks, and desserts, the Hurricane dazzles with three levels of dining and complimentary views, seven days a week.

The Hurricane Restaurant in St. Pete Beach for beach wedding receptions

Level Two Hurricane Watch (roof top) and SOUTH DECK BAR AND GRILLE is perfect for hosting parties and large gatherings. They can seat up to 300 people and offer several buffet stations to accommodate large groups along with plenty of space.

Rococo Steak

Rococo Steak embraces a lighter, livelier and decidedly more decadent dining experience. Enjoy an unforgettable Rococo Steak wedding reception whether you envision a lavish affair or an intimate gathering. They take care of everything down to the smallest detail, including custom menu, linens and floral selections and can even create a signature cocktail so your guests can propose a toast to the love the two of you share.

Rococo Steak for St. Pete Wedding reception dinner party

StarLite Cruises

StarLite’s selection of unique vessels and variety of cruise selections are sure to provide the ideal venue for any type of group outing. Take advantage of all that Tampa Bay has to offer—perfect weather, stunning vistas, the tranquil beauty of the beaches—and plan an event that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your entire group. Why use a basic 4-wall banquet room for your group event, when you could treat your wedding guests to a cruise with open spaces, stunning vistas and an ever-changing waterfront view?

StarLite Cruises for St. Pete Beach Wedding receptions


Have we successfully activated your taste buds? Good. And CLICK HERE to book your St. Pete Beach Wedding or view our packages so you can indulge in some amazing cuisine and cheers to a happy marriage!

Say Yes to a Beach Wedding Dress

Bride and groom after beach wedding in St. Augustine, FL

Bride Guide: Choosing a Beach Wedding Dress

You know the tune, “Here comes the bride all dressed in….see through!?!” Wait, what? Your beach wedding dress should have guests dropping their jaws at your beauty and elegance. However, jaw drops should NOT be due to the fact you look like you’re auditioning for a Victoria Secret lingerie photo shoot or because of the amount of sweat pouring down your body. After many years of operating a wedding store, we want to help guide you in choosing the perfect dress whether it’s magical mermaid, classic beauty, or boho chic style. So here are a few pointers for choosing the perfect beach wedding dress.

Daytona Beach wedding couple holding hands after vow ceremony

How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

  1. Material, girl: We’re not talking Madonna here, we’re talking fabric. Choose a breathable wedding dress made from fabrics like chiffon, cotton blends, or organza. And if you want one of those crazy sweat inducing wraps to shed those last few pre-wedding pounds, go for it. However, sweating off pounds in a satin suction cup dress while walking down the aisle is just a bad idea. Keep it cool and comfortable.
  2. Length: You may be thinking, warm, sunny weather hence a shorter dress. Well, that MAY be an option, but the sun isn’t the only factor to consider. While that sea breeze will keep you cool and relaxed, a swift breeze in a short dress could have your guests getting to know you in ways you didn’t expect. Beach brides may be afraid of “dirtying up” a floor length dress, but a little saltwater and sand is nothing a professional cleaning can’t take care of. In fact, many brides love to wade into the sea for a few stunning photos! If you’re set on avoiding a full length dress, above the knee and tea length are great options also.
  3. Stylin’: Choose a style that magnifies your natural beauty and is comfortable for you. You may choose to stick with your already non-traditional wedding theme and go with a flowing and mystical gown or opt for a classic, timeless look. Check out our Beach Wedding photo gallery below to get an idea of some beach wedding dresses.
  4. Trial: Lighting in a retail store provides a totally different effect from natural sunlight. Think you’ve found the perfect dress? Take a step outside in your dress to make sure it’s not see through. It’s also a good idea to take a couple of pictures in that natural light. Often the camera has some sort of tricky x-ray vision and without testing out the lighting and visibility, you could end up with some very revealing wedding photos.
  5. Underneath it all: Make sure to wear no show/seamless undergarments. Again, do a trial run. Get your whole ensemble together and step outside. Have a friend check front and back to make sure there are no see through surprises or funky strap lines. You can also add a personal touch with a fun garter.
  6. Coordinate with your decor: Don’t forget you can style your beach wedding package decor to match your bride and groom vibe! Tropical island mermaid or elegant, simple and neutral? We have the bamboo, flowers and draping for that. Floral or seashells? At Florida Beach Weddings company it’s your choice.

Beach Wedding Dress Gallery

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Do I Need to Hire a Beach Wedding Planner?

Can’t I do it myself?

Couple gets married on Daytona Beach saying vows in the surf

You’re getting married later this year or next year: you’re organized, creative, and have access to Pinterest…so do you really need to spend money on a beach wedding planner? Well, whether you’re a local bride sharing vows at your favorite beach spot, or planning a destination wedding from out of state, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a Beach Wedding company to plan and execute your event.

Bride and groom on Miami Beach after wedding

     5 Top Reasons to use a Beach Wedding Company

      • One Stop Shop– From wedding officiant to ceremony photographer, set up to break down, the Beach Wedding planner does EVERYTHING for you. As a bride, do you really want to drag equipment and decorations through the sand and work up a sweat? No! Don’t spend countless hours researching reviews or juggling phone calls the day of the wedding. Rest assured that Florida Beach Weddings company has you covered. 
      • Trip Advisor- Did you know some sections of coastal Clearwater may only provide 2-3 parking spots? Or that not every dream beach spot has a ramp/stairs within reasonable walking distance? High or low tide times? Florida Beach Weddings Planners have over 12 years experience, know Florida cities and beaches, and ensure every detail is covered. Whether it’s a Gulf beach wedding or on the east coast of Florida, we plan your entire ceremony and personally make it happen. Our family and friends operated business goes all out to make your dream wedding day a reality.
      • D.I.Y.- Dreaming of making your own beautiful wedding arch or tying together dozens of those amazing floral arrangements? Those “little” expenses add up and you would end up saving money by hiring an affordable Beach Wedding Company. Complete Florida Beach Weddings packages start at $699 and at the top end average $2,500. Not to mention, what are you really going to do with all of those perfect projects after the wedding? Well, besides provide gorgeous decor for your basement or attic.

Miami Beach bride and groom kissing after wedding on park bench

      • Sign on the X– Permits and the Florida wedding license may contain fine print, unforeseen details, or time sensitive material that you may not otherwise be aware of. Allow our Beach Wedding Company to guide you and do the work for you without the stress of a minor detail keeping you from your dream day. 
      • Smooth Sailing– our Beach Wedding Planner does it all. Your “Handy Uncle John” or “Crafty Cousin Susan” won’t have to lift a finger or stress about what goes where. Instead, you and all of your closest friends and family can relax and enjoy your beautiful day. And let’s not forget to mention the hours involved in a beach wedding. Set up and break down will leave you with sand and sweat in places no attendee or bridal party needs to know about!

So avoid sweat, tears and stress and choose an all inclusive Florida Beach Wedding package for your wedding day; it really includes everything! 

Bride and groom kissing after beach wedding in Clearwater, Florida


Beach Wedding Guests, What They Need to Know

Beach Wedding Guests celebrating the newly married couple at their beach wedding in Florida

Many couples are now planning their 2021 weddings and may be thinking about a Florida destination wedding. You might even be working on your guest list which is always a challenge. Having a Beach Wedding is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. In order to ensure a smooth beach wedding ceremony it is best to make sure your guests are will informed. Below are some helpful tips to help your guests arrive on time, know where to go, and ensure they don’t have to add stress to your special wedding day.

Teal Distinctive Design Package beach wedding with guests in chairs

Teal Distinctive Design Package beach wedding with guests in chairs

  1. Most important: Time of ceremony.  Your guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before your ceremony start time. This allows them plenty of time to get to the beach, find parking, and mingle for a few. TIP: On your invitations put your ceremony start time 15 minutes prior to the actual start time, so you can guarantee your wedding will go off on time. Everybody will be relaxed and ready to watch the bride walk down the aisle!
  2. Location of the beach wedding ceremony. If you are all staying at the same hotel, or rental home on the beach and you just have to walk outside to the beach, great. However, if you are all staying at different locations, or they will be driving in, you need to provide your guests with an exact address of the beach area. Any landmarks, street intersections, etc. that can assist them in getting to the correct beach wedding location will help them navigate unfamiliar streets. Our Florida Beach Weddings company always provides you with detailed information about the beach location, and this can be shared with your guests. You may wish to designate someone as a contact to help with any guest issues that arise prior to the ceremony, for peace of mind.
  3. How to get to the beach wedding ceremony.  As you may know, parking is not always easy to find. We try and provide you with beach wedding location choices that are close to large parking areas to accommodate the size of your wedding guest list. Keep in mind, most parking is paid parking (meters are usually found in the parking lot areas — they take cash, or credit card). Your beach wedding guests should be aware that most of the parking is paid parking, so they can be prepared.
  4. If you, and all of your beach wedding guests, are coming from out of town, you should provide them with a couple of hotel options. Or at least one, if you want everyone to stay at the same hotel.  You may want to contact the hotel directly, and talk to their group sales department. They will be able to  provide you with information about how to block rooms. This usually requires a five to ten room minimum.  You will receive a code to give to your guests when they make their reservation.  If you are having a smaller group, you can provide them a few hotels in the area, and they can make their own reservations. We have hotel recommendations we can share with you after booking your wedding to help you make this decision.
  5. Provide your beach wedding guests with a general timeline of the day of the ceremony. This way, they know how much free time they will have to enjoy the day and what time they will need to arrive for the ceremony. You may also want to let them know about any after ceremony festivities. Such as meeting at a restaurant, or  providing a small reception, etc. Florida Beach Weddings company will provide you with the timelines to facilitate a smooth and happy wedding ceremony.
  6. If your beach wedding guests have never been to the area, you can provide them with some interesting things to do. If you choose to have a Gulf beach wedding in the Tampa area, you have the Florida aquarium.  And, the drive to all the major attractions in Orlando, is only a little over an hour from east coast beaches. Your guests might get lucky and get the chance to see a NASA space launch near Cocoa Beach!
  7. Your wedding guests might be wondering what to wear, especially if they have never visited Florida.  You can tell them to make sure they are cool and comfortable. There are many options to be “dress casual” and still enjoy the beach. For the gentlemen: Polo shirts, linen shirts, khaki pants or shorts, boat shoes or flip flops. For the ladies: Comfortable sun dresses (tip: make sure they aren’t see-through in the sun), dress shorts, cute flat sandals, pumps, or flip flops. If dressing up, great — another hint, if the dress is too short, it may blow “up” in the sea breeze. If you want, you can even give them some color options for those special wedding photos. For example, you can let them know that it would be great if everyone followed a color theme, and give them two to three choices of colors (for example, khaki, coral, and teal) to go with your beach wedding decor.  This gives everyone some type of guidance, and it would make a great, color-coordinated group wedding photo!

If you make sure your beach wedding guests know where your Florida beach wedding will take place, this just means less stress for you. You want the day of your ceremony to be filled with joy and laughter, not stress for yourself or those special people in your life. Our beach wedding specialists are here to help you from booking your date, to choosing a complete wedding package, Florida marriage license, and arriving on the beach for your marriage ceremony. So, remember, an informed beach wedding guest, is a happy guest! 

Congratulations, and we can’t wait to see you, and your special wedding guests, on the beach!

Beach wedding unity sand ceremony on Gulf beaches.


Read This Before You Cancel Your Destination Wedding

Flight cancellations and bans on mass gatherings have panicked brides and grooms with upcoming destination weddings. The buzz on social media is filled with advice (good and bad) for couples that have to postpone or outright cancel their wedding plans. As expected, lots of guests will not come and even if they want to attend, may not be able to do so with borders closing. Even couples considering getting married at a courthouse, then having a “wedding” party later, may no longer be able to do so.

St. Augustine, Florida beach wedding couple walking on sand

Wedding couple married in St. Augustine, FL

So…should you be canceling your destination wedding?

The Coronavirus situation, or COVID-19, continues to spread uncertainty and it seems the news changes daily. Although the situation seems gloomy, there ARE options for couples with scheduled wedding plans. The very first thing to do is if you have travel insurance check with your insurance company to find out if you have any options there. Also check with your airline to see if you can get a credit for later travel: many passengers are being given the option to re-book or get a refund during this time of crisis.

The next thing to do is get in touch with your destination wedding vendor and discuss your situation and possible back-up plan. Do not panic and make decisions without fully considering your options. There may be more hope than you think!

Don’t Cancel Your Beach Wedding…Reschedule

Remember that your wedding vendor does not WANT to postpone your wedding. In many cases, they are being forced to do so by having permits revoked or by government regulations. As of March 15, 2020, the CDC has officially recommended the cancellation of large gatherings, including weddings, for eight weeks in the United States (read more here). If your wedding ceremony is in June or beyond, experts recommend you need not postpone at this point, and can continue your wedding planning process. However, if your beach wedding in Florida is scheduled sooner—we’re here for you! Know that our beach wedding company is here to guide you through the process of re-scheduling your beach wedding ceremony. 

You do NOT have to cancel! Unlike a traditional wedding venue, you do have options. The Florida Beach Weddings contract gives you the flexibility to choose a new ceremony date without losing your deposit. You can get married within one year from your original wedding date, provided you choose that new date within 30 days. Our beach wedding specialists are here to help you. If a permit has been pulled for your beach wedding location, it may be transferred to the new date. You get to have the beach wedding of your dreams with all of your decor and other chosen options; just move it to a later date! 

If You Had to Cancel Your Wedding

If you have cancelled your hometown wedding plans, or other destination wedding date, please consider the ease and speed with which you can have a Florida Beach Wedding after this Coronavirus crisis has passed. You can still experience a fully-decorated ceremony on a beautiful beach in Florida; nothing has to be sacrificed with our all-inclusive beach wedding packages that will likely cost you far less than your original plans. You can even live-stream your wedding to far-away guests!

Clearwater Beach Wedding intimate elopement under a bamboo canopy with natural branch topper.

Treasure Island, Clearwater Beach small wedding

The team at Florida Beach Weddings knows this is not an easy time for wedding couples and considering new options is very stressful. However, you are not alone. Things are uncertain but you do have options and our help to make a decision that’s best for you. Your ceremony will be beautiful and filled with love no matter when it takes place! Your best bet is to just stay home, watch updates from the CDC and WHO, stay healthy, and wait until you can travel with your family and friends.

A bride and groom put their feet in the water during our sunset Clearwater Beach Weddings.

Love at at Clearwater Beach Wedding

Please contact us so we can help you with your individual situation. We look forward to working with you to make your wedding dreams come true.