Beach Wedding Favors

Tips for choosing the best beach wedding favors for your Clearwater Beach Wedding


So you’re preparing and planning for your Clearwater Beach Wedding and you’re thinking about beach wedding favors. Well let’s assume you’ve already hired Your Clearwater Beach Weddings to organize and prepare the perfect wedding day. If you’ve done that, the only real necessity left to plan is what to wear and how to get to the beach. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Your Clearwater Beach Weddings can work with you to take care of everything for a perfect wedding from set up to officiant, photographer to music. Click here for proof and a break down of what Clearwater Beach Weddings has to offer.

So, now where were we? Your Clearwater Beach Weddings has everything covered, but you want to add a few more personal touches. Here are some ideas for favors and the do’s and don’ts of what to bring to the beach.


5 Ideas for Beach Wedding Favors at Your Beach Wedding:

  1. Keep it simple- There may not be immediate access to garbage cans and it’s likely your guests may not be bringing bags or purses onto the sand. So when choosing beach wedding party favors, avoid items with something involving lots of plastic wrapping or bulky items that are a hassle to carry.
  2. Sweet Treats- Want the perfect beach wedding treat? Match the salty air with some tasty saltwater taffy. Simply put these yummy treats in a clear baggie, tie with some ribbon, and you have an easy and colorful wedding favor. You can even buy local, Florida made taffy and have it shipped. Click here to order.  Not into taffy? Choose another sweet or salty snack for your guests to enjoy, but be sure to stay away from chocolate or other fast melting foods that won’t make it in the Florida sun.
  3. Practically speaking- No one needs another trinket that’s likely to get tossed minutes after the vow exchange. Think of practical beach wedding favors your guests could enjoy the day of your wedding and in the future. A few ideas- personalized wedding sunglasses like these or fun drink koozies like these. 
  4. Follow the rules- There is a no glass policy on the beach and the general rule is to leave the beach the same (or better) as when you got there. So before you order those cute mason jars or votive holders, remember the rules.
  5. In the sand- There won’t really be anywhere to display your favors. Consider purchasing a basket to place in the sand near the seating area for favors. And don’t forget to assign someone to put it out before your guests arrive.


Beach Wedding Countdown: 1 Week Away

a bride kneels to his groom on the beach. Good thing they followed this beach wedding timeline

Ok, your beach wedding countdown is officially 1 week away. You’ve made phone calls, paid deposits, bought, altered, picked out and perfected every last wedding detail. And you’re only days away from the official “Mr. and Mrs.” title. Use this checklist so you can rest assured that when you walk down the aisle, saying “I do” is the only thing left to-do on your list. 

Beach Wedding Countdown: 1 Week Away Checklist

  • Make it official. Have you applied for your marriage license? Contact your wedding coordinator if you aren’t sure what you need to do. Also, make sure you or someone very trustworthy is in charge of bringing the marriage license to the wedding site the day of.  Check out some FAQs for obtaining a marriage license in Clearwater Beach here.
  • Roger that! Call any vendors (hair, nails, make up, photographer) to confirm appointment times and check your map to ensure good timing to and from hotels/appointments/beach. It’s likely your wedding day is on a weekend, so consider traffic being busier than a weekday. 
  • Check out the beach.  A day or two before the actual wedding, go and check out your beach location. Your Clearwater Beach Wedding coordinator will have sent you an itinerary so you can also check out parking and meeting spots ahead of time. While you’re there, why not pack a beach chair and a towel and enjoy some sunshine! If anyone asks, it’s part of the beach wedding preparation. Oh, and don’t forget sunscreen to avoid a burn or unsightly tan lines. 
  • Iron out the details. Literally, get the iron (or steamer) out and make sure your dress and the Mr.’s wedding attire is ready to go. 
  • Relax, you’re getting married! Whether you’re a frequent beach goer or you’ve traveled many miles for your beach destination wedding, keep the beach mentality. Take it easy, relax, and enjoy this special time!

Do I really need to hire a beach wedding planner?

Why you should hire a Clearwater Beach Wedding planner for your beach wedding.

Do I really need to hire a beach wedding planner?

You’re organized, creative, and have access to Pinterest, so do you really need to spend money on a beach wedding planner? Well, whether you’re a local bride sharing vows at your favorite beach spot, or planning a destination wedding, here are 5 reasons why you should hire Clearwater Beach Wedding Planner to plan your event:

     5 Reasons to for hiring Clearwater Beach Wedding Planner:

  1. One Stop Shop– From officiant to photographer, set up to break down, Clearwater Beach Wedding Planner does everything for you. No need to spend countless hours researching reviews or juggling phone calls the day of. Rest assured that we have you covered. 
  2. Trip Advisor- Did you know some sections of coastal Clearwater may only provide 2-3 parking spots? Or that not every dream beach spot has a ramp/stairs within reasonable walking distance? High or low tide times? Clearwater Beach Wedding Planner has over 10 years experience and every detail is covered.
  3. D.I.Y.- Dreaming of making your own beautiful canopy or tying together dozens of those amazing  floral arrangements? Those “little” expenses add up and you would end up saving money by hiring an affordable Clearwater Beach Wedding Planner. Not to mention, what are you really going to do with all of those perfect projects after the wedding? Well, besides provide gorgeous decor for your basement or attic.
  4. Sign on the X– Permits and wedding licensure may contain fine print, unforeseen details, or time sensitive material that you may not otherwise be aware of. Allow our Clearwater Beach Wedding Company to guide you and do the work for you without the stress of a minor detail keeping you from your dream day. 
  5. Smooth Sailing– our Clearwater Beach Wedding Planner does it all. Your “Handy Uncle John” or “Crafty Cousin Susan” won’t have to lift a finger or stress about what goes where. Instead, you and all of your closest friends and family can relax and enjoy your beautiful day. And let’s not forget to mention the hours involved in a beach wedding. Set up and break down will leave you with sand and sweat in places no attendee or bridal party needs to know about!

So avoid a Pinterest fail, and hire Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company for your wedding day! Ready to start planning with us? Check out our Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages Here.






Beach Wedding Guests, What Do They Need to Know?

Beach Wedding Guests celebrating the newly married couple at their beach wedding in Florida

Having a Clearwater Beach Wedding is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. In order to ensure a smooth beach wedding ceremony it is best to make sure your guests are will informed. Below are some helpful tips to make sure your guests arrive on time, know where to go, and don’t have to interrupt your relaxing wedding day.

  1. Most important:  Time of ceremony.  Your guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before your ceremony start time. This allows them plently of time to get to the beach, find parking, and mingle for a few. TIP: On your invitations put your ceremony start time 15 minutes prior to the actual start time, so you can guarantee your wedding will go off on time.
  2. Location of the beach wedding ceremony.  If you all staying at the same hotel, or rental, on the beach and you just have to walk outside to the beach, great.  But, if you are all staying at different locations, or they will be driving in, you need to provide them with an exact address of the beach area.  As well as any landmarks, street intersections, etc…that can assist them in getting to the correct beach wedding location.  Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company always provides detailed information about the beach location, and this should be shared with your guests. 
  3. How to get to the beach wedding ceremony.  As you may know, parking in Clearwater, St. Pete, and surrounding areas is not always easy to find.  We try and provide you with beach wedding location choices that are close to large parking areas.  Keep in mind, most parking is paid parking (meters are usually found in the parking lot areas — they take cash, or credit card).  Your beach wedding guests should be aware that most of the parking is paid parking, so they can be prepared.  
  4. If you, and all of your beach wedding guests, are coming from out of town, you should provide them with a couple of hotel options. Or at least one, if you want everyone to stay at the same hotel.  You may want to contact the hotel directly, and talk to their group sales department.  They will be able to  provide you with information about how to block rooms.  This usually requires a five to ten room minimum.  You will receive a code to give to your guests when they make their reservation.  If you are having a smaller group, you can provide them a few hotels in the area, and they can make their own reservations.
  5. Provide your beach wedding guests with a general timeline of the day of the ceremony.  This way, they know how much free time they will have to enjoy the day.  And, what time they will need to arrive for the ceremony.  You may also want to let them know about any after ceremony festivities.  Such as meeting at a restaurant, or  providing a small reception, etc…
  6. If you beach wedding guests have never been to the area, you can provide them with some interesting things to do.  In the Tampa area, you have the Florida aquarium.  And, the drive to all the major attractions in Orlando, is only a little over an hour.  
  7. Your wedding guests might be wondering what to wear.  You can tell them make sure they are comfortable.  There are many options to be “dress casual” and still enjoy the beach.  For the gentlemen: Polo shirts, linen shirts, khaki pants or shorts, Boat shoes or flip flops.  For the ladies:  Comfortable sun dresses (tip:  make sure they aren’t see-through in the sun), dress shorts, cute flat sandals, pumps, or flip flops.  If dressing up, great — another hint, if the dress is too short, it may blow “up” in the breeze).  If you want, you can even give them some color options.  For example, you can let them know that it would be great if everyone followed a color them, and give them two to three choices of colors (for example, khaki, coral, and teal).  This gives everyone some type of guidance, and it would make a great, color-coordinated group wedding photo!

If you make sure your beach wedding guests know where your Florida beach wedding will take place, this just means less stress for you. Because, if they don’t know where they are supposed to be, or what location, they will be calling you on the day of your wedding ceremony on the beach.   You want the day of your ceremony to be filled with joy and laughter, not stress.  So, remember, an informed beach wedding guest, is a happy guest!  

Congratulations, and we can’t wait to see you, and your beach wedding guests, on the beach!


Destination Wedding in Clearwater Beach, Florida

a sunset beach wedding in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Destination weddings in Clearwater Beach is one of the best choices you can make for a destination wedding!  You will be close to the following:

  • Rated the Number ONE beach in the country by Trip Advisor in 2016!  Think of the thousands of miles of coastlines along this entire country (as well as Hawaii) and Trip Advisor choose Clearwater Beach!
  • Beautiful beaches (over 25 miles, and encompassing several small cities, including Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, Pass a Grill Beach, and Treasure Island)
  • Tampa aquarium
  • Cruise ports — hop on one of the ships after your beach wedding — its Honeymoon time!
  • Fishing in the gulf of Mexico
  • Golfing
  • Jet skis, and pontoon boat rentals
  • Pirate ship adventures for any of the children attending your wedding
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Several beach front hotels that will fit your needs for your destination wedding
  • Spectacular Sunsets, right over the water on the Gulf of Mexico

And, so much more!  Your wedding can truly be an affordable destination for your entire family, and your friends — no passports needed!  

Clearwater Beach is so much more than just Clearwater Beach!

Clearwater Beach is so much more than just a beach in Clearwater.  Clearwater Beach is approximately three miles long, and only three blocks wide.  But, while this sounds like a small area, it is a busy area.  With over 4 million visitors a year — the Tampa Bay Times, called it “the Disney World of Beaches” because it is one of the top destinations on the Gulf of Mexico Coast.  However, there are so many municipalities close to Clearwater that offer the same sandy beaches, the same great sunsets, the same great restaurants, fishing charters, golfing, and so much more.  

All of the above, can be found within a 25 mile stretch of the most beautiful beaches in the country.  The sand is so white, it almost looks like snow, but feels like heaven!  Each of these cities has its own unique style and history.  So, when you are planning your destination wedding in Florida, you may want to consider any one of the above cities for your beach wedding.   There is so much more to Clearwater Beach, come discover it with your family and friends during your beach wedding celebration.  Then, you can come back for your anniversary, year after year, and relive those precious memories, and add to them!   Contact us today, to start planning your beach wedding celebration in Clearwater.