beach wedding in daytona
If you are planning a beach wedding in Daytona you want to be sure that you have given all the details the attention that they deserve. Most brides know that they should allow enough time to get their hair done (2 hours in the recommendation) but there are other things that need your attention. There are 5 things that you never want to forget to do for your Florida beach wedding.

The goal for any wedding is to have a memorable ceremony where everyone has all eyes on the bride and groom, then to follow it up with a reception where everyone can enjoy themselves. Every great wedding is great because every detail has gotten the attention it deserves.

5 Things That Will Make Your Day Perfect

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on it is that beach weddings in Daytona are beautiful. There is another thing that everyone can agree on, it can be hot on the beach. Making sure everyone attending your beach wedding in Daytona is comfortable relies wholly on the planning.

A little pre-planning for your guest’s comfort can go a long way in making sure that everyone has a great time. Incorporate the following into your wedding planning:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Flip Flops
  • A Foot cleaning station
  • Handheld fans

Setting up the beach area for comfort is key. You want all eyes on you and your beloved, you do not want people squirming in their seats because they are comfortable. A couple of buckets of cheap sunglasses will ensure that everyone gets to see the service and that they are not fighting off the glare. There are plenty of ways to present these little gifts for those that forget their own.


Your beach wedding in Daytona is going to hopefully happen on a crystal clear day. Even a sunset wedding, requires sunscreen. Buy trial sizes and place them in the area that greets your guests. A little protection can go a long way in making sure no one is too burnt to enjoy the reception.

Bucket of Flip Flops

Coming to your wedding dressed to impressed may mean you will have some ladies that have left their sandals at home. Make it easier for them to get on the sand and watch the ceremony by placing a bucket of different sized flip flops near the entrance to the ceremony. You can buy flip flops online or at a dollar store for $1, and they will be greatly appreciated by those that forget theirs.

A Mat And Some Paint Brushes

Set up a station where your guests can brush the sand off their feet. A mat with some paintbrushes in a bucket can be a welcome relief for guests that have sand between their toes that do not necessarily want to take with them to the reception.


Help your guests to beat the heat by incorporating handheld fans into your wedding décor. You can place them on each chair with the wedding program.

You can have an amazing Daytona Beach wedding by paying attention to the comfort details.