Are you the creative type? Or do you like a good pun/silly photo memory? Maybe you want to consider your wedding photo for your annual Christmas card? Whatever your reasons, you’ve clicked to the right place. Look not further for fun beach wedding photo props ideas.

Beach Wedding Photo Props

Wedding Rings: The wedding rings are such a beautiful symbol of marriage. What better way to preserve your bling than with a little beachy ring photo shoot?

beach wedding photo prop


Cards: Thank You’s and Christmas Cards are much more fun at the beach!


beach wedding photo props

Click here to order these cute Santa hats. Even if you aren’t having a Christmas wedding, how fun to plan ahead for your annual Christmas card! Who wouldn’t love to see Bride and Groom Mr. & Mrs. Clause?


Funny Photos: So if you like a good laugh, these photos are for you. Serious friends, keep scrolling.

beach wedding photo props

For the fishermen (and fisherwomen) out there!


A little creepy looking, but still very funny.


There’s always that couple.


And that couple too!


Ok, how fun if all of your guests wore matching shades for a group shot?

beach wedding photo propsClick here to purchase these fun signs!


Traditional/Romantic: If you like a more traditional photographic memory. Here are some good ole’ fashioned beach wedding photo ideas:

beach wedding photo props

Sweet for a beach photo and then bring it home for decor! Click here to buy!


beach wedding photo props

You can find the classic ambersand in home decor stores or 


beach wedding photo props

Not really a “prop,” but a great idea!


beach wedding photo props

Hold this together on the beach!  Click HERE.


Do all of these fun photos have your dreaming of your picture perfect beach wedding day?  Book your beach wedding today!