10, 20, 30 years from now when you look back on your wedding day, what will be the most outstanding moments? Watching the sunset as you celebrated your nuptials? The exciting emotions felt while walking down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.? Your first kiss? Photos capture these life changing moments. And they elicit feelings for a lifetime. So your wedding day photos are, naturally, a pretty big deal. And hiring a beach wedding professional photographer ensures that as your own memory blurs, your photos will be in focus, clear, and beautiful. Some brides often try to trim the budget by having a friend take pictures, but here are some reasons why you should stick with a professional.

Why You Should Hire a Beach Wedding Professional Photographer 


  1. Affordable: Photographers traditonally come with a heavy price tag. However, Your Destin Beach Beach Wedding has the luxury of an in house staff photographer with over a decade shooting beach weddings. Experienced professionals without the heart stopping $$$. Sold! Package prices include photographer. Click here to crunch on those numbers!
  2. Experience: A Beach Wedding Professional Photographer has an added challenge. And it’s two words: Mother Nature. Be it bright light, sunset light, unexpected sun shower, fair to dark skin… There are many factors a beach wedding photographer must consider. And that’s on top of the already difficult tasks of staying discreet, correct shutter speed, capturing from the right angle, creative/natural posing… The list goes on. Don’t leave these detail orientated tasks to your friend whose only photographic selling point is an entertaining Instagram feed. 
  3. Talent: Destin Beach Wedding Photographers are equipped to not only capture your moments on your wedding day. These folks are also trained in magic. And by magic, I mean Photoshop. So whether it’s a dull photo that needs some brightening or an unwanted pedestrian in the background, consider it taken care of. 
  4. Proof: Check out our photo gallery and see some breathtaking photos. 

Destin Beach Weddings with the sunset and bride and groom posing.

Panama City Beach Weddings on the beach at Sunset.

beach wedding professional photographer

Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach and Treasure Island

Beautiful spot for a wedding on St. Pete Beach in Florida


Do all of these photos have you wanting to teleport to your beach wedding? Well, we haven’t perfected the teleporting process yet, but you can book here today!