We are all going through uncertain times right now, and many of us are experiencing anxiety. Things are slowing down and we may be looking for a way to relax and ease our minds. One of the best ways to do this is to think about beautiful things: read a romantic novel, watch an old movie or even browse some fashion. If you are bride to be why not indulge your fantasies and look at some gorgeous beach wedding dresses. This might be just what you need!

Cocoa Beach wedding couple embraces in ocean

Cocoa Beach bride with formal wedding dress

Key ideas for your best beach wedding dress include: beachy, romantic, affordable. Now keep those ideas fresh in your mind. Bring them to the table when choosing your perfect beach wedding gown. Let’s use those three magical words for our wedding dress guide.

How to Choose the Best Beach Wedding Dress:

Beachy Fabrics

Your choice for a beach wedding alludes to the fact that you have an appreciation for the outdoors and adventure. So let’s consider the beach elements like sun and sand when narrowing down your beach wedding dress selection. It’s best to stick with dress fabrics that are lightweight and wispy. Cotton, chiffon, tulle, lace overlays are all great options. Avoid heavy ballgown type dresses that will get weighed down in the sand and leave you uncomfortable or hot. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a traditional white wedding gown look, just choose the right fabric. And, no, it doesn’t have to be white either!

South Beach Weddings on the beach with Florida beach weddings

Wispy, dreamy dress for a South Beach Wedding

Daytona Beach wedding bride in the surf

Daytona Beach wedding: bride in the surf

Perfect Summer Florida Beach Wedding Dress

Perfect summer Florida Beach wedding dress

Bride with veil kissing groom on Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach bride and groom in the breeze

Romantic Style

Romance is in the eye of the beholder? Or something like that. 😉 Let your natural style guide you here. Are you into vintage? Modern? Classic? Boho Chic? Fun and flirty? Get an idea of which style speaks to you and that will narrow your focus. Any style can be tweaked or adapted to fit the beach scene whether it’s a Gulf beach wedding or the Atlantic coast. So once you’ve found your “style” keep in mind the beach-y fabric choices mentioned above.

Bride on beach with flowers

Bride on the beach with flowers

Wedding couple at Wilbur By the Sea beach

Lace wedding dress on Wilbur Beach, Daytona

Bride in boho beach wedding dress

Toolcloth Boho lace wedding dress

Palm coast wedding couple

Romantic mermaid style dress in Palm Coast

Siesta Key Beach Wedding with bride in short dress

Simple and short is perfect for a Siesta Key Beach wedding at sunset

Wedding couple strolls holding hands on Butler Beach by the ocean

Daytona Beach bride and groom

Clearwater Beach bride on the white sand

Formal Clearwater Beach bride on the white sand

Affordable Price

Where there’s a high end wedding dress, there is an equally creative company designing very similar concepts. And at a much more budget-friendly price. There’s nothing wrong with skimming the hottest bridal magazine for inspiration but don’t get glued to an exact dress. Find a dress you love and get in touch with your local bridal gown store. These stores specialize in the latest trends and brands and can likely find the perfect beach wedding dress for you! There’s another take here too. You can keep the romance and tradition, but opt for a more casual dress. When you can, peruse local boutiques for white dresses that may not be labeled as “wedding dresses.” Deals are coming!

V Neck Lace Wedding dress from Nordstrom

Tadashi Shoji V-Neck Lace Wedding Dress at Nordstrom

In conclusion, if you have the right fabric, feel romantic and beautiful, and haven’t broken the bank- success! Now imagine the perfect Florida beach wedding. The brides below were just like you: they had dreams and made them come true at beautiful Florida beaches in Cocoa Beach, Treasure Island and Destin. The wedding package decor was customized for each couple and they all had beautiful beach wedding dresses.

Cocoa Beach Wedding in Florida with bride and groom in the ocean

Florida Beach Wedding in Cocoa Beach.

Wedding couple on Treasure Island beach at sunset in FL

Treasure Island Beach Wedding at Sunset with colorful dress

Couple with buoy at our Destin, Florida beach wedding ceremony

Couple after Florida Gulf beach wedding in Destin

Short, cute wedding dress in Siesta Key

Short, cute wedding dress in Siesta Key

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