You’ve chosen your most cherished friends and family to stand by you on your wedding day. But how do you find the perfect beach wedding bridesmaid dresses? And how much should your bridal party expect to spend? What’s unique for beach wedding bridesmaid dresses opposed to a traditional, indoor ceremony? Well, look no further. We have all those answers and more.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

for your Beach Wedding 

beach wedding bridesmaid dresses   

1. Choose your color/theme

Before you start the dress hunt, you should have a clear vision for your beach wedding ceremony. Browse our photo gallery and beach wedding package options to get the wheels turning. Once you have a good idea of your wedding decor, you can go totally matchy-matchy, go complimentary colors, or simply stay neutral. 

2. Fabric, Length, Comfort

Beach weddings have a much more relaxed and laid back feel than traditional weddings. So beach wedding bridesmaid dresses should be just that. Relaxed and comfortable. Stick with flowing, breathable fabrics like chiffon or cotton. Fabric choice is more important than length. Don’t be afraid of a maxi dress in the sand as long as you have the right material. 

3. To each her own?

If you have multiple bridesmaids, are you choosing a one style fits all kind of dress? Or are you ok with a little variation? There are so many options here, but we recommend at least some consistency. So if you are going with a variety of dress colors, it’s best to keep the same dress style across the board. And vice versa. Check out the knot’s website for a great resource. You can look up dresses by color, length, style… AND they’re all under $100. Which brings us to the next point..

4. Budget

The best advice here is know your audience and bridal party size (as in how many girls, not waist, hip, bust). If you have only 1 or 2 bridesmaids, you can often shop off the rack and find great deals. Or even shopping sales at department stores like Dillard’s or Macy’s can provide affordable dresses. Larger parties often require special orders, but not always. Either way, $75-$100 is a fair and reasonable amount to spend on a bridesmaid dress. Of course, if the style is right we won’t say no to that diamond in the rough $15 last season, final sale. 😉 

5. Shoes/Accessories

The great thing about a beach wedding is “toes in the sand” is quite literal. So you can opt for a barefoot wedding, barefoot sandals, or a simple sandal. Avoid flip flops in the sand, but a pre-wedding “flop and drop” is ok. Meaning flip flops on the way to the beach and ditch them before walking the aisle. As for accessories, this is a great opportunity for a bridal party gift (hint, hint). Earrings, necklace, or hair piece. This takes a little ease of the bridesmaid budget, keeps your girls with a united look, and provides a piece for lasting memories of your beach wedding.