Destination Wedding Expenses – Who Pays For What?

What are the bride and groom expected to pay for when it comes to Destination Wedding Expenses? 


There are the family members, the bridal party, the guests, so who pays for what when it comes to Destination Weddings?

 destination wedding expenses


Bride & Groom

The bride and groom cover the usual wedding expenses (ceremony rentals, photographer, etc.). These are obvious and standard expenses for any type of wedding. However, it gets a little grey after that when it comes to destination weddings. Some couples still opt for a full reception, while others simply choose to dine with guests at a local restaurant. If a reception is not in your plans, it’s still nice to treat your guests to a post-wedding meal. You can find affordable restaurants to celebrate and eat without breaking the bank. Consider the money you’ll be saving with a bigger guest list in town (think feeding 100 people at home vs. 25 in your destination wedding city). Depending on the size of your guest list (and budget), a morning after breakfast or brunch is also a nice treat.


Bridal Party

Bridal party follows same procedure as guest list in respect to paying for flight and hotel accommodations. In addition, they are expected to pay for attire and accessories. So brides, you can choose to pay for hair and make up for your bridesmaids. If you aren’t covering the bill, it’s good etiquette to make it optional. It’s also a nice idea to make earrings, necklace, or these cute footless sandals double as an accessory and bridal party gift from you! 



So your traveling guests are highly likely to look back on your fantastic destination wedding with fond memories. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a relaxing tropical vacation? All that said, they should be expected to pay for flight and hotel accommodation out of their own pocket. It’s common courtesy for the bride and groom to provide hotel options and block rooms. And you could provide a Welcome Bag for an added touch! So guests are basically footing the bills for themselves with the exception of reception/post-wedding dinner. And if they are looking for some fun adventures in Destin, check out our post on DESTINation Wedding Adventures



Bottom line- Your guests will be excited to share your special day. The financial goal for your destination wedding should be for everyone to walk away with an affordable vacation, no unexpected expenses and unforgettable memories of your beach wedding day. 

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Florida Winter Beach Wedding

How fun are those games they put in the back of magazines or the mind games section of the newspaper? You know, the classic “Find the Differences.” Well, Find the Difference- Wedding Edition is right here! I challenge you with this Florida Winter Beach Wedding game.

Find 5 Differences Between a Northern Wedding and a Florida Beach Wedding:



florida winter wedding                                           florida winter beach wedding

Ok, ok. So there are a few more than 5 differences. 😉 But the point is, you can come to Florida any time of year, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, and have a  beautiful beach wedding. Sink your toes in sand, watch the ocean waves and sunrise/set, and leave your winter coat, gloves, boots, and ear muffs behind. Florida’s mild winter temps will have engaged couples ditching the snowsuits for swimsuits any time of year. 

So although Your Clearwater Beach Weddings had nothing to do with the couple in the left photo (brrrrr). The stunning, smiling couple on the right said “I do” right here in sunny Clearwater, Florida with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings. And yes, it was winter. February 10th to be exact. Alyson and Scott (from Wisconsin) planned their Florida Winter Beach Wedding with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings and it was a gorgeous day all around. Beautiful couple, brilliant sunset, 84 degree weather (it was 10 degrees in the couple’s hometown that same day). It was the ideal combination for a destination beach wedding. 

Maybe you’re on the fence if a destination winter wedding is for you. But I think this next comparison will help you with your decision. Would you rather be shoveling snow or walking down a white sandy aisle one your wedding day? And hey, if you really miss the shoveling we can find a beach pail and shovel. And you can shovel sandcastles until your heart’s content. 😉

      florida winter beach wedding

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DESTINation Wedding Adventure

So there is a lot that goes into planning a destination wedding. With Your Destin Beach Wedding, we take of a great deal of the time consuming tedious detail planning. Things like, tides and ceremony times, decor, set up, seating, officiating, the list goes on. This allows you to plan your destination wedding as more like a vacation and less like work. So let us make even that a little easier for you with this Destination Wedding Adventure List. 

Destination Wedding Adventure:

Things to do in Destin, Florida for Couples 

It’s time to declare a time budget and get ready for some fun, relaxation, and bonding.


  • Destin Harbor: Eat, shop, take a boat tour. The harbor is a landmark in Destin and a must see for a laid back day of exploring and eating.

  • Segway Tour: Check out the city of Destin and learn a bit about the city’s history and tips of other must see locations. A fun way to cruise around town and take in the sights!

  • Boat tours: From sunrise to sunset, there are boats cruising through the gulf, harbor, and pass. Spot some wildlife like turtles, dolphins or sharks on a nature boat tour. Fly high in a parasail. Take a fishing charter boat for the freshest catch. Speed through on a high speed boat or relax and sail as the sun sets. Whatever your adventure level, Destin surely has a boat tour for you!

  • Beach: This is really what the destination wedding is all about after all isn’t it? Relaxing on the beach? Check out Florida State Park’s Henderson Beach. There is a small fee to enter, but the clear water, white sandy beaches free of hotels and condos make it worth it. Sightsee, hike nature trails, or simple lay back and relax on the beach.


Well that should keep you pretty busy. And when you’re ready to add wedding to your Destin Adventure list, click HERE!

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

The vows. Ya know, they’re kind of a big deal when it comes to your wedding. Declarations of love, eternal promises. These aren’t things that just come and go with the ocean tide. So let writing your personal vows be just that, personal. But don’t allow the pressure of writing them overwhelm you. Here are some tips for writing your own wedding vows for your beach wedding. And if the whole vow writing concept has you feeling like you just saw Jaws while sitting on a float, relax. Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company has some pre-written ones just for you. 😉

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

writing your own wedding vows

Spouse Talk:

Before you begin writing your vows, talk with your spouse about some keys points like:

  • Length of vows (these should be no more than 1-2 minutes)
  • Tone- humorous, serious, etc.
  • Are you writing them together or separately
  • Will you share them ahead of time or wait until wedding ceremony


Brainstorm bubbles, webs and tree maps… Remember those words from middle school Language Arts? Well, while your teacher isn’t going to be checking your work here, it is important to get your thoughts organized before writing full on vows.  Here are some things to consider:

  • When/how did you meet?
  • When did you know you were in love with your spouse?
  • What are some strengths in your relationships?
  • What are relationship weaknesses that may lend themselves to specific promises?
  • What challenges have you already supported each other through?
  • What do you love/respect/get inspired by most about your spouse?

Red Flag:

These are some things to avoid when writing your own wedding vows:

  • embarrassing moments
  • cliches (this keep your vows authentic and personal)
  • inside jokes

Writing Out The Vows:

Once you’ve established some solid ideas, get your pen (or keyboard) in motion. Write out your thoughts and promises. After a day or so, revisit them and make sure everything sounds good still. A good general template to organize your writing:

  1. Love: Write about what you love about this person, how they’ve changed your life, etc.
  2. Promise: I promise to _______and ______and _______ (fill in the blank).
  3.  Future: Relationship goals, aspirations, your future together.


Don’t get too caught up in trying to memorize your vows. Read them over a few times to make sure everything is A-ok. Keep your written/typed copy and have them at hand during the ceremony. 

Safe Keeping:

Finally, put your vows in a special place (like with your wedding rings or marriage license). The day of your wedding, you can ask your officiant to keep a hold of them just prior to the ceremony and he/she can hand them off at vow time. Or ask someone in the bridal party to be responsible for them. And click the photo below to check out an awesome wedding vow keepsake.


own wedding vows


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Beach Groom Style Guide

Get your Bruno Mars playlist ready for just a minute and “Put yo pinky finger to the groom.” That’s right, this post is all about the groom. The beach groom to be exact. So beach brides, step aside, and make way for your stylin’ man! Don’t miss out on these must-have looks and tips for styling your beach wedding. 

Beach Groom Style

Whether it’s boho, classic white wedding, bright and bold, or anywhere in between, you have so many style decisions to make for a beach wedding. The beach atmosphere lends itself to a more simplistic and natural environment for a wedding. You don’t have to sacrifice your particular style. But a beach wedding attire should blend with the overall natural, beach vibe. So here a few tips to ensure you beach groom fits right in while keeping his personal touch.
  • Weather: So topping the style charts is weather friendliness. Although Florida certainly has it’s cold spells in the winter, the weather is warm-hot 85% of the year. So this topic is most important when considering your beach groom’s attire. Avoid heavy jackets and thick materials (like tweed/wool). And stick with lighter suit/pant colors in the khaki or gray family over black.
  • Black Tie or Beach Tide Affair: So as we just mentioned in the weather point, a full tuxedo is probably not the best choice for your beach wedding. However there are creative ways to get a very polished and traditional ways OR keep it totally laid back and casual. Check out some of these beach groom style ideas:

beach groom


  • Beach Touch: A starfish boutonniere, nautical tie clip, or accent tropical flower are all great ideas for adding a beach-y touch to your beach groom style.

beach groom

beach groom

beach groom

  • Toes in the Sand: Literally. Toes, in the sand. On your wedding day. Barefeet are an easy, affordable 😉 , style choice! If ditching the shoes are out, then a classic boat shoe or flip flip will do the job. Avoid traditional dress shoes as they will sink in and fill up with sand faster than you can say “I do.”


Does all the talk about beach grooms- the cufflinks, the vests, the dreamy photos of grooms in ties, have you ready to tie the knot? Click HERE to book your Destin Beach Wedding today!