Beach Wedding Favors

The days of only wedding bubbles, candles and matches are gone. The wedding favor market is flourishing full of creativity, personalization, and clever ideas. So step away from the cookie cutter box and check out the abundance of beach wedding favor ideas!
So the purpose of a beach wedding favor is to serve as a token of gratitude for attending the wedding. It’s a old tradition with a simple gesture. And with the online marketplace at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless, and the price tags are affordable


Before you browse these awesome beachy ideas, a few things to avoid:

  • Melt factor– Avoid chocolate or other foods that will melt in the sun (even a “winter wedding” in Florida can be quite sunny and warm)
  • Bulk pricing scam– Often prices are advertised at a “great deal.” But sometimes that “deal,” requires purchasing exorbitant amount. For instance, a drink coozie may be priced at $0.25, but look at the amount. That price may only be offered in orders of 1,000 or more! 50 of those same drink coozies may cost $3.00/each in a smaller order. So be aware of bulk pricing. 
  • Garbage- There’s a saying at the beach, “Leave only your footprints.” So what does this mean for beach wedding favors? Don’t bring a wedding favor with plastic wrapping or lots of disposable piece/packaging. If it is wrapped, unwrap it beforehand for your guests. 

Beach Wedding Favors 

Now the fun part! Scroll through to find fun and affordable beach wedding favors. Click images for purchasing links. 

Bath Salts

beach wedding favors


beach wedding favors


beach wedding favor


beach wedding favor


beach wedding favor


beach wedding favors


beach wedding favor

Bottle Opener

And brides and grooms, don’t feel neglected.  Your greatest wedding favor is your marriage license! 😉 So click HERE to book your Destin Beach Wedding today!

Indian Rocks Beach Restaurants

This post is part of a new blog series titled, “Beach Wedding Feature Food.” So we’re kicking it off right with a delicious list full of Indian Rocks Beach Restaurants. So whether you’re eloping and looking for an intimate dining spot or hosting a full on post wedding party, we’ve found the place for you. 

indian rocks beach restaurant


Top 5 Indian Rocks Beach Restaurants 


Caddy’s has it all. Waterfront. Great food. Laid back atmosphere. Indoor or outdoor seating. And live music. Now if that doesn’t say perfect post wedding dinner then I don’t know what does. What we love about Caddy’s is the delicious seafood selection (amongst other non-seafood cuisine), refreshing drinks/cocktails, and views of the river with boats cruising by! Oh and the service matches the rest of the awesome atmosphere.

JD’s Restaurant and Lounge

JD’s Restaurant and Lounge is an all American good time kind of place. Piano bar, dance floor, fresh burgers and local seafood all come together in one place for a roarin’ good time. And they even accommodate large wedding parties. So if you’re ready to bring your newly wedded sandy feet to the dance floor, this is the place for you. They also have a great happy hour if you need a little liquid courage to get on the dance floor. 😉 

Guppy’s on the Beach 

Looking for something a little more upscale? Guppy’s on the Beach is on the map for fine dining without the stuffy fine dining atmosphere. This place offers both indoor and outdoor seating and has a wonderful ambiance. This place can fill up quickly so be sure to get on the call ahead/reservation list. 

Salt Rock Grill

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the best steak house in town, Salt Rock Grill  (well the best in our opinion, but you can ask Trip Advisor if you don’t want to take our word for it). On the pricey side, but worth every penny. The menu here is full of classic American steakhouse classics with a creatively delicious touch. Wood Grilled Alaskan King Crab Legs, Carribbean Fire Roasted Lobster Tail, Filet Oscar. Cue the drool. 

Jimmy’s Fish House & Iguana Bar

The view, the sunset, it’s paradise in a restaurant at Jimmy’s Fish House. Enjoy a fish sandwich and a beverage of choice while overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The food is affordable, atmosphere is casual,  and locals & vacationers alike are returning for the breath taking sunsets and pina coladas. 


Have we successfully activated your taste buds? Good. And CLICK HERE to book your Indian Rocks Beach Wedding so you can indulge in some amazing cuisine and cheers to a happy marriage!




Beach Wedding Regrets – Avoidable Mistake Advice for the Beach Bride

So many wonderful things go into planning a beach wedding. But sometimes brides easily lose sight of the forest for the trees when it comes to wedding planning. At the end of the “wedding” day, the bride and groom will be joined as husband and wife. And it should be a day filled with joy and celebration! So here are some tips to avoid having any beach wedding regrets and ways to avoid common mistakes. 


Beach Wedding Regrets : Avoidable Mistakes Advice for the Beach Bride


beach wedding regrets


  • Stress

 “I was worried for nothing,” “In hind sight, that was no big deal,” “I was too stressed to enjoy my wedding day.” DO NOT let those thoughts be yours. Do not lose site of the goal here. Your wedding day should be centered around your marriage. Your Florida Beach Wedding will take care of everything to ensure your wedding site is nothing but the best! Any bride/groom should mentally prepare for a hiccup or two. Whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction, drizzly weather, or late wedding guest, keep your eyes on the prize- your soon to be spouse! We will ensure your ceremony location is ready to rock and roll. Your main priorities are: your marriage license and the presence of the bride and groom. Everything else is secondary as far as your concerns go. With this mindset, you can look back on your wedding day with no regrets!


  • Time Management

Be on time. That’s the best wedding time management advice. So calculate how long any hair/make up/nail appointments will take and plan your wedding day accordingly. Use your phone/Google Maps to determine drive times ahead of time, not 10 minutes before walking out the door. Allow some wiggle room for traffic, make up fixes, large bridal parties, etc. You can’t be responsible for your guests and bridal party arriving on time, but it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with them timelines and expectations. Be clear about meeting places and allow for extra time for off beach parking/walking. 


  • Budget 

 Wise Choices. That’s the name of the budget game. KNOW YOUR BUDGET before ANY planning begins. You are much more likely to make wise choices and appropriate compromises when you have a clear, established budget. And from there, our Destin Beach Wedding  Packages Page is a great place to start. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices and one stop shop. So what you see is what you get. Prioritize your “must haves” and “can do withouts” and stick to it. Check out other ways to save money on your Destin Beach Wedding. 


  • Attire

Don’t regret choosing your beach wedding attire without considering a few basic tips. Dress appropriate for the weather and keep in mind the sand, wind, and sun! 

  • Dress– Depending on the season, you may have more or less options here. It’s safe to say if you are booking a beach wedding between the months of May-September your most practical advice is to keep it cool. Don’t choose thick fabrics or a three piece suit. You will be sweating and you will not be happy if you don’t follow that advice. We have a few other helpful posts on beach groom style and beach wedding dresses. 
  • Accessories/Shoes– Less is more. Barefeet or barefoot sandals are a great idea for brides. Barefeet or simple flip flops are idea for grooms. Jewelry is pretty flexible. Veils can be tricky. Even a slight breeze can have your veil wrapped around and tangled. Oh and sunglasses and cell phones are NOT wedding accessories. 🙂 


So if you’re ready for a stress and regret free Destin Beach Wedding, click HERE!

Hosting a Post Destination Wedding Reception

So you’ve chosen a destination wedding. But on the fence as to whether or not to host a party back home after the wedding? Is it too expensive? What’s expected? What’s proper etiquette for inviting guests? Bottom line, you want to know- is your post destination wedding reception worth having?

post destination wedding reception

Post Destination Wedding Reception

There are different reasons for having a post destination wedding reception. But let’s first make sure you’re headed on the right path to your “after party.” Wedding receptions are a time to celebrate the newly married couple. A time to eat, drink, and party (whatever that looks like to you)! Read below for the three post wedding reception points- Affordability, Expectations,  and Etiquette to see if an “after party” is right for you. 




Before you commit to a home reception, make sure you have room for it in your budget. Depending on the size of your guest list, the amount will differ, but a fair price point is to expect to spend roughly $10/person. That price includes light food, drinks, simple decor, and cake. Of course, that number is loose and you can add or subtract according to your level of food & entertainment. If you’re looking a restaurant for your after party price will remain close to the $10/person mark. Any venue space will add thousands in rental fees to your budget(think not just the space but also tables, linens, caterer…). So it’s best to keep it simple at home or an affordable restaurant/private room. And while we’re talking money saving tips, you can read here about how to keep your overall destination wedding budget under control. 



The main purpose of a post destination wedding reception is to celebrate the bride and groom (NOT a gift donation scheme, see “Etiquette” for more on that).  That being said, here are ideas for food, entertainment, and decor for a home reception to get your guests in party mode:

  • Food– Guests should expect some sort of food, drink, and wedding cake. Some ideas:
    • Food-Finger foods(chicken tenders, party sandwiches), themed meals (tacos, spaghetti, etc.)  You can even get reasonable catering quotes from places like Chipotle, Tijuana Flats, or Chick Fil A
    • Drink- Booze or no booze? A few bottles of wine, cooler of beer, and/or a signature cocktail are perfect if you’re going with alcohol. No need for a fully stocked bar, but nice to offer a celebratory drink. Dry reception? Lemonade, tea, soda, and water are staple reception beverages. 
    • Dessert- Traditional wedding cake is always a winner. You can also check out these DIY “wedding” desserts 
  • Entertainment– No need for a DJ, games, and a bag of tricks. Keep it a simple, social event where you get to talk about your big day and enjoy the company of family and friends.
    •  Photo slideshow/album. Smilebox is a great resource for creating slideshows and is very user friendly (for both Mac and PC users). You don’t need a degree in graphic design or editing to make a quality slideshow. 
  • Decor- You can really find some simple decor at affordable prices to add a little wedded touch. No need to go full Pinterest wedding mode here. A nice touch here and there will set a perfectly wedded party mood. A beach/nautical themed “Just Married” or “Mr. & Mrs.” banner is a great touch. Fresh flowers are also festive and fun decor!



Who to invite: Give your guest list some thought. Are you inviting a large group? Only those who were invited to the wedding, including those who couldn’t make the wedding? Maybe you eloped and you want to have a family/close friends gathering. It’s up to you how big or small you make your home reception. But, as with any wedding, consider those closest to you and avoid making it just an opportunity to receive a bunch of gifts. Those closest to you will likely shower you with gifts, but that shouldn’t be the motive for hosting your party.

When to invite: If you’ve given this a lot of thought ahead of time, you can make mention of it on your invitations. Otherwise, a simple e-vite is cheap/free and simple. 

Thank you: Thank your guests for coming. An elaborate speech isn’t necessary but a formal announcement of gratitude is an appropriate gesture. And of course, thank you cards for any gifts received is standard practice. 


Are you having your dessert before dinner? Planning your post party BEFORE your destination wedding?? Click HERE to book your elopement, wedding, or vow renewal today!








Beach Wedding Spray Tan Tips

So you’ve chosen a destination beach wedding. And now the question is do you want to show up to your wedding looking like a bronzed, sun-kissed local or don your fair skin? The choice is yours whether or not to “pre-tan.” And the best advice is to choose whatever will have you feeling like singing, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty!” 😉 So let’s assume for the sake of this post, that you decide to get your tan on. Here’s a list of the do’s and don’t’s for your beach wedding spray tan preparations:

Do’s and Don’t’s for a Beach Wedding Spray Tan :

beach wedding spray tan

DO :Try out your spray tan BEFORE your wedding day.

This allows you to make sure you like the idea AND make sure your make up matches your spray tan skin (picture “Snow White” face make up & “Pocahontas” tan body- yikes)! If this is not an option for you, consider nixing the idea. Mystic Tan is a spray tanning company with services across the country. The product is consistent from salon to salon. This means you can have a trial spray tan in your home town. Loving your beach-y glow? Check out these tanning salons in Destin and Panama City Beach , Florida to plan your tan. Most people look great with a spray tan, but give it try before your big day. AND go for the trial at least 3 weeks before your wedding. The spray tan can last up to 14 days and you won’t want a double spray tan. Can you say Oompa Loompa?


DON’T: Let the day(s) before your wedding be the first time you ever try a spray tan.

Bad idea. Like we just said, most people look great with a spray tan. But don’t take a chance on “most.”


DO : Tan 2-3 days BEFORE your wedding day.

The first day of spray tan leaves a distinct scent (along the same lines as hair salon after color treatment or nail salons and strong chemicals). Days 2 & 3 are ideal tan days. The tan is still fresh but after a shower or two is most natural looking. 

DON’T: Get a spray tan the day of your wedding.

The spray tan may wear off on your beautiful white dress within the first few hours/day of tanning. And the first day is just a little smelly and unnatural. A shower will take care of that though!


DO: Plan your tan ahead of time. Tips for the day of your tan:

  • The best time to tan is night time (read on and you’ll see why)
  • You will want to take a shower, exfoliate, and be sure to NOT wear any lotions, deodorant, perfumes, cremes, make up.. you get the point. Bare skin. 
  • Stay dry- You MUST NOT get any part of your body wet within approximately 8 hours of tanning. This includes rain, little splashes from the hand washing sink, spilled drinks… again, you get the point. The water stops the tanning process. So unless you want to look like a polka dot princess, be sure to check the weather for rain and stay dry (easiest to do close to bed time and sleep for the “dry” time).
  • Getting a manicure or pedicure? Do so BEFORE tanning. The scrubs and exfoliants used for your mani/pedi may wear away your foot/leg tan.
  • Prepare what you’ll wear. You can wear a bikini, just panties, or sans clothing during the spray tan. Just consider your dress lines and straps.

DON’T: “Wing it.”

A spray tan isn’t really complicated, but to get the results you want, you need to follow the directions. 



All this talk of tanning have you ready to get to the beach? Book your Destin Beach Wedding today!