Perfect Summer Beach Wedding Dress

Summer beach weddings just have something relaxing, intimate, and beautiful about them. And your beach wedding dress should be no exception to the relaxation, intimacy, and beauty of the day! So let’s talk dresses! Now consider a wedding dress store. And imagine, for a minute, all the dresses are applicants, vying for your purchase. You announce, “Now accepting beach wedding dress resumes!” And just like a job search, you can quickly eliminate those which aren’t even in the same field. Royally heavy-weighted thick gowns- goodbye! Hello light, breathable fabrics. But just how do you narrow down the choices and find a stunning, yet practical beach wedding dress? Read on summer bride, read on!

Choosing the Perfect Summer Beach Wedding Dress

1.Your Style 

Whether the thermometer reads 56 or 86, you don’t have to sacrifice your own personal style when choosing a dress. So even though breezy, flowy, bohemian vibes may be the beach’s love language, you can still rock your girly girl sparkle, rhinestone, or otherwise lavish style. Think about if you gravitate towards bohemian, classic, elegant…. Or maybe you just don’t really have a “style,” you just want to look good! At least have an idea of what you like. Or browse photos to eliminate some definite no-go’s. Then when you walk into a bridal gown store, you have a great starting point. You can also check out our Facebook page to view photos from previous weddings to get some style inspiration! 

2. Fabrics

Choosing the right fabric is absolutely key to finding the perfect beach wedding dress. Remember when you are in the store, it’s nice and air conditioned. The beach, not so cool! The best fabric options for a  breathable summer wedding are chiffon, cotton blends, tulle, or organza. Silk and satin are very heavy and hot. Charmeuse looks lovely in the magazine, but be aware that every flaw will be revealed. 

3. Budget

Check out local wedding stores and don’t be afraid to buy off the rack. You can save hundreds buying a sale dress and even if the size isn’t a perfect match, a professional seamstress can fix that seamlessly! Other money saving tips include checking out local swip swap Facebook groups, Craigslist, and there’s a great selection of non-traditional type wedding dresses at Rent the Runway

4. Trial 

Sometime between purchasing your dress and walking the aisle, try your dress on and go outside. The natural sunlight may expose some otherwise unseen features when inside. Don’t skimp on skivvies!  Invest in some nice no show, nude, seamless undergarments and make sure you can move about freely without anything shifting, sliding, or falling! 

5. I Do!

You’ve said yes to the proposal, yes to the dress, now it’s time to say “I do!” Click here to check out our package and location options. Maybe you’ve got your dress and you’re ready to pack your bags and elope! Read our post to see if a beach elopement is right for you!

Beach Elopement – Is It Right For Me?

Wondering if a beach elopement is really as simple, pack your bags and say “I do” on the beach? And trying to figure out how to make your elopement special? Well, the intimate beach setting and simplicity are the foundational principals of a destination beach elopement. One minute you’re relaxing on the beach with your fiancé watching the blue ocean waves roll in and out. And just a few short hours, a shower, a little make up and dress later, and you’re ready to walk down the aisle and say your “I do’s.” No extensive guest list or wedding party to keep track of. No elaborate reception to plan (cha ching)! No stress or worries. Just you and your spouse enjoying each other.

So how do you take all these basic concepts and create a memorable experience? Well, that’s the best part. We’ll do all the work for you. So sit back in your beach lounge chair, I mean, computer chair, and read on to see how a beach elopement is a memorable and special event.

Ask Yourself: Is a Beach Elopement Right For Me?

beach elopement


We’re not talking about the post-wedding, honeymoon, kind of intimacy. Let’s keep a “G” rated post here, people.  A beach elopement allows the bride and groom to really focus on the matter at hand. MARRIAGE! And a little of that intimacy gets lost in the shuffle with a large wedding. Now we’re not saying beach elopements are for everyone. But if “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding” classifies under horror film for you, then a beach elopement may be just your speed. Quiet, stress free, the “meat & potatoes” kind of wedding.


Ok, one of the top concerns for any bride- What’s the price tag? For under $1,000 you can “have it all!” And by “all,” we mean:

  • Officiant: who will perform, and coordinate, your beach wedding ceremony
  • Traditional ceremony and vows
  • Our select beach location
  • Consultations by phone and email
  • Ceremony decor consisting of a natural bamboo arch with white or ivory flowing material, along with a string of starfish across the top,
  • Unity Sand Ceremony, including: Decorated sand ceremony table, keepsake vase, sand color choices.
  • Photographer at ceremony site with approximately 30 photos, which will include the ceremony and a few poses of the bride and groom immediately after the ceremony, available for you to download from your online gallery for free: Available for upgrade, see additional information at bottom of this page
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license

That’s the definition of an affordable wedding right there!


Worried that it’s not going to be “fancy” enough? Or that it won’t feel like a “wedding day” without all the bells and whistles? Well, words may not convince you, but these photos of previous beach elopements will likely illustrate the special moments shared with a beach elopement.


Natural bamboo canopy at a beach wedding ceremony in Florida

beach elopement

Intimate, affordable, memorable. Do those three words have you saying, “I do” to beach elopements? Click HERE for more information or call (386) 214-6361

5 Reasons to Avoid a Memorial Day Weekend Wedding

But it’s a three day weekend, right? Extra time off work without using up vacation days. Yes, you and the rest of America are all thinking the same thing. But guess where nearly everyone wants to go on Memorial Day? The beach. And for all the right reasons. That fickle, warm then cool again, leftover spring weather is gone. The water is warming up and refreshing. The grill is hot and ready. So the message isn’t to avoid the beach for the holiday. But unless you want to pay double the hotel rates and airfare, and share the beach with every other stress-free-seeking beach goer, avoid a Memorial Day Weekend Wedding. So go ahead and hit the waves, but save the vows for a better weekend. Read on to see why.

5 Reasons to Avoid a Memorial Day Weekend Wedding

Hotel Rates

While the “price gouging” line is fuzzy and grey, hotel rates seem to increase up to $50/night during Memorial Day Weekend. You do the math- that’s over $150 more for the weekend. Airbnb is a price flexible alternative, but book soon because the affordable, desirable places will get scooped up quick! 


Price for Memorial Day travelers is approximately $30-$40 more per ticket compared to prices on non-holiday weekends. And traveling during popular months like May, can often increase prices $100 or more per ticket in comparison to less popular travel month like September and October. 


Airports, beaches, restaurants, roads. All these Memorial Day Wedding Weekend spots will be experiencing a heavy increase in traffic. So if you love a big beach party, bring on the Memorial Day Wedding Weekend. But consider this your warning: Heavy Traffic Ahead! 


So not only are you paying more for your hotel and airfare, but your guests will be forced to as well. And often people have vacation traditions or book getaways planned around a year ahead of time knowing they have an extra day off work. So what seems like a convenient perk of the added day off, the added travel expenses may not be worth it. 

Wedding Planning Savings

If you are actually looking to save money instead of spend more, avoid the holiday weekends which are NEVER sale weekends in the wedding business. You can actually save money on these select dates


Ready to pledge allegiance to the flag and pledge your vows to you spouse? Click HERE to book your Clearwater Beach Wedding today!







How To Travel with a Wedding Dress

Lost, wrinkled, stained. All words you DON’T want to hear in the same sentence as the words “wedding dress.” So we’ve got just the ticket for keeping your dress safe and sounds throughout your beach wedding travels. From flight to hotel read on to learn how to travel with a wedding dress .

How to Travel with a Wedding Dress

travel with a wedding dress

Rule #1: Avoid packing your wedding dress in checked luggage. 

Don’t let the fate of your wedding dress lie in the hands of baggage handlers. Bags may unintentionally be damaged or lost so play it safe and use a carry on when you travel with a wedding dress .

Carry On/Garmet Bag:

You may choose a carry on garment bag or hard shelled overhead luggage. Check with your airline requirements for sizes and carry on regulations. Don’t assume anything. If you have an oversized bag or too many bags, you may be forced to gate check. And that goes against Rule #1: avoid packing your wedding dress in checked luggage. You can also call your airline ahead of time to see if they would potentially offer closet space (often at the discretion of the flight attendants on duty). Check out this short YouTube video to get wedding dress carry on packing tips. 

*Check with a professional (dress sales people or alteration specialist) to see if your dress will require steaming. You can pick up a travel steamer for around $30. 

Professional Fold & Pack:

So the same laundry services that offer bridal gown preservation/storage often also offers professional bridal gown packing. 


Check with flight attendants to see if there is available closet space to hang your dress. If not, you can place your hard shelled luggage in the overhead bin. If you have a garment bag, kindly ask your seat mates if you could lie your dress on top of the luggage bags in the overheard bins. 

Arriving early to your gate will allow for a little more flexibility with storage options. 

Arriving/Hotel :

Car Travel: Upon arriving to your destination city. You’ll want to practice the same travel tips in the car as you did on the plane. 

Hotel: Hang your dress immediately. Remove garment bag and hang dress in a safe, dry place. Often hotels offer on steaming/pressing services so check with front desk. The night before you wedding give your dress one last steam if required. And now you’re good to go!


Ready to pack your bags and head to the beach? Click HERE to book your Destin Beach Wedding today!





5 Beach Wedding Expenses To Ditch Before You’re Hitched

Out of hand wedding budgets. Yikes! Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t let the pinterest-worthy ideals keep you from enjoying your wedding or neglecting your budget. At the end of your wedding day these words should come to mind: relaxing, special, and affordable. Read on to see what’s worth keeping and what needs ditching when it comes to your beach wedding expenses . 

5 Beach Wedding Expenses to Ditch Before You’re Hitched


beach wedding expenses


So whether you’re just beginning the wedding planning process. Or maybe your wedding is just weeks away. Here are some tips to keep your beach wedding on track and within budget. What to keep and what to kick to the wedded curb.

Your Clearwater Beach Weddings has you covered with EVERYTHING you need for a wonderful beach wedding. The rest, eh, it’s just details. You’ll need to get an official marriage license and something to wear, but we’ll handle the rest. 🙂 So these next points are ways to trim your budget and eliminate unessecary beach wedding expenses. 


Now we’re not saying elope (which you could do). But couples end up spending hundreds of dollars on fancy invites and postage stamps. These intricate, selective pricey invitations are usually read, RSVP returned (well hopefully), inputted to a smart phone calendar event, and end up in filing cabinet #13 (AKA your invite gets dumped in THE TRASH)! So save time, money, and stress with an evite. Or if you’re dead set on a paper invite, photo cards are an affordable alternative to elaborate cardstock invites.

2. Flowers

Again, we aren’t saying toss the bouquet idea out the window, but get creative. Hiring a florist is not mandatory. And depending on your level of creativity and vision, you can find tons of DIY bouquet ideas. Buying flowers at a grocery or market can save you hundreds (and in some cases thousands) on your floral budget. And if real flowers really don’t matter to you, you can also find a host of faux flower bouquet ideas. Fuax real! 

3. Cheesy Wedding Favors

No one needs a candle with your last name it. Seriously, what do you do with that? But personalized sunglasses for your wedding day? Fun, practical, and a perfect photo op! Check out our post on Beach Wedding Favors that your guests will love. We tried to limit the level of cheesiness. 😉

4. Expensive Accessories

It’s one day. Wear what is special to you. Family heirlooms and gifts from your groom or family/friends are perfect ideas to add to your wedding look. But don’t go spending hundreds of dollars on a piece that you will likely never wear again. And, spoiler alert, no one will know if you buy a good knock off (pearl, diamonds, etc.). If you just must have that statement bridal piece, did you know you can rent accessories from rent the runway? And as for the veil, nix it. There is often at least a light breeze on the beach which will have you constantly fixing your veil or blowing into your groom. 

5. Beg, Borrow, Just Don’t Steal

From earrings to shoes, make up must-haves to wedding gowns. Borrowing a family heirloom set of earrings, a friend’s gorgeous headpiece, or your cousin’s perfect wedding shoes will make it that much more special. You can even rent a bridal gown! There are lots of creative ways to take otherwise expensive things and get thrifty with it! Etsy, Goodwill, Swip Swap, or your grandma’s closet are all easy spots that just may be holding your perfect find!


Ready to ditch the stress and have a relaxing and affordable beach wedding? Click HERE to book your Clearwater Beach Wedding today!