Plan Your Clearwater Beach Wedding in Just a Few Days!

Thinking of throwing a destination wedding? If you and your beloved are dreaming of an intimate affair with a bit of adventure mixed in, an all-inclusive destination beach wedding may be just for you.

Tropical Florida Beach Weddings and elopements

Destination Wedding Planning

Every journey to the altar comes with unique challenges. You’ll be planning this marriage celebration from quite a distance, most of the time not even being familiar with the place you have your heart set on. You might even be re-planning your dream wedding after postponing your original ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you may be surprised at how it can all come together and become one of your most cherished memories (with wedding pictures to match).

Simple Beach Weddings

So with a focus on just getting married, you can pull together the things you really need to make it happen in just a few short days! Forget finding a church, gathering family and friends, and getting a caterer…if you’re choosing one of our beach weddings in Clearwater it’s as easy as pie (or a wedding cake). Why is it so simple? The reason is when using an all-inclusive beach wedding package, you get everything you need to complete your wedding ceremony from start to finish.

What’s included in the package

  • Officiant who performs your ceremony and also coordinates the entire proceeding
  • vows that you can personalize for you and your spouse
  • Beach location in the Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach area near Tampa Bay
  • Our professional photography is included is some smaller ceremony packages and beach elopement packages. If you need to add it, we only charge $350
  • Natural bamboo canopy or rustic wooden wedding arch with elegantly draped material and your choice topper (depending on the package)
  • Coordinating flowers on the aisle chairs and/or other decorations down the aisleway such as lanterns, shepherd hooks, tiki torches, shells, etc.
  • Coordinated decor pieces at the entrance of the aisle
  • white resin chairs with option to add colored spandex chair bands
  • Recorded music will be played on our PA system. Over 25 guests: A microphone will be provided for the officiant
  • Chilled water for your guests (depending on the package)
  • Unity Sand Ceremony, a perfect way to unite a new family in matrimony
  • Decorated “chalkboard” sign for wedding guests to see (depending on the package)
  • Consultations by phone and email with our dedicated wedding specialist
  • Final beach wedding ceremony agenda
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license

So why does it take a few days? Well it doesn’t have to take that long if you know exactly the beach wedding ideas you love most. However, once you browse our all inclusive wedding packages, we guarantee it won’t be quite that easy to choose! Dusty Blue, Natural, Tropical, Floral, Rustic or Geometric Arch…they are all so beautiful. Just add a bride and groom, or same sex couple and you have the best Florida beach wedding you can find.

Blue chairbands on beach wedding package

Clearwater Beach Wedding

Once you have looked at our beach wedding prices and have the design chosen, it’s time to nail down your wedding date in Clearwater Beach. Our experienced wedding planners will help you pick the best time to get married for a sunset beach ceremony. Watching the sun go down over the Gulf of Mexico is one of the top reasons our brides choose Clearwater and St. Pete Beach. You won’t be disappointed at the end of the day and you will have incredible wedding photographs to look back on. Why not book your Clearwater Beach wedding today?

5 Reasons to Avoid a Holiday Weekend Wedding

But it’s a three day weekend, right? Extra time off work without using up vacation days. Yes, you and the rest of America are all thinking the same thing. But guess where nearly everyone wants to go on Memorial Day? The beach. And for all the right reasons: that fickle, warm then cool again, leftover spring weather is gone. The water is warming up and refreshing. The grill is hot and ready. So the message isn’t to avoid the beach for the holiday. But unless you want to pay double the hotel rates and airfare, and share the beach with every other stress-free-seeking Florida beach goer, avoid a Memorial Day or July 4 Weekend Wedding. So go ahead and hit the waves, but save the wedding vows for a better weekend. Read on to see why.

Hotel Rates

While the “price gouging” line is fuzzy and grey, hotel rates seem to increase up to $50/night during Memorial Day Weekend, on both the west coast and east coast of Florida. You do the math: that’s over $150 more for the weekend. Airbnb is a price flexible alternative, if you can actually get a property on the Gulf of Mexico, but book soon because the affordable, desirable places will get scooped up quick! So it might seem like a good idea to tie the knot on a Florida beach on the popular holiday weekends, in reality it could end up busting you and your guests’ budget. Furthermore, can you even find a beach wedding provider who will perform a ceremony on holiday weekends? Many will not do so simply because of the crowds. Think of those wedding pictures with hundreds of people in the background…not great.


Prices for Memorial Day and July 4 travelers is approximately $30-$40 more per ticket compared to prices on non-holiday weekends. And traveling during popular months like May, can often increase prices $100 or more per ticket in comparison to less popular travel month like September and October. And don’t even mention Thanksgiving! Yes, prices have been much lower in 2020 but that is about to change…and the volume of travelers is about to increase as more people take to the skies after being at home for so long. Florida, especially, has already seen a record number of air travel into its airports. Be wise and look at alternate dates for your Florida beach wedding ceremony. An all-inclusive Florida destination wedding can be beautiful any time of year and any day of the week. You have options!

Aerial shot of Tampa International Airport Florida


Airports, beaches, restaurants, roads. All these Holiday weekend spots will be experiencing a heavy increase in traffic. So if you love a big beach party, bring on the Memorial Day or Independence Day Wedding Weekend. But consider this your warning: Heavy Traffic Ahead! And when we say heavy traffic, we mean it can take hours to get to your beach wedding location. Locations like Clearwater Beach and Siesta Key Beach are beyond popular and for good reason – it’s beautiful. However, unless you are staying at a hotel on the beachfront, you may wish to schedule your beach wedding or Florida elopement another day of the week.

Rustic Romance


So not only are you paying more for your hotel and airfare, but your guests will be as well. And often people have vacation traditions or book getaways planned around a year ahead of time knowing they have an extra day off work. So what seems like a convenient perk of the added day off, the added travel expenses may not be worth it. It’s worth looking at all your best Florida beach wedding options in advance.

Wedding Planning Savings

If you are actually looking to save money instead of spend more, avoid the holiday weekends which are NEVER sale weekends in the wedding business. You can actually save money on other select dates. Although beach wedding package prices may be the same most of the time, you can definitely find savings during the weekdays and Fall in Florida. Our Florida wedding planners can help you find the best wedding ceremony times for you. Click HERE to book your Beach Wedding today!

Inexpensive Florida Destination Wedding in Siesta Key

Nowadays couples want to focus on what marriage is truly about: the joining of two people in love. Right now that means a more simple wedding, usually outdoors. The perfect place? Siesta Key beach embodies romance and is ideal for a destination wedding that is affordable. Let’s explore how to make your beach wedding ideas a reality with this type of simple beach wedding.

Couple kisses at Siesta Key beach wedding at sunset under bamboo arch

Save Money

A weekday wedding is often the best way to save money on any wedding expenses and that goes for Florida destination weddings too. Although it can be difficult for some wedding guests to attend due to working schedules, consider a weekday wedding in Siesta Key Beach for an elopement or vow renewal. Save a few bucks and experience a less busy beach: we all know the beach is more crowded on the weekends.

Bride in Hat at sunset in Siesta Key

Florida Wedding Packages

All-inclusive destination weddings are really the easiest way to go and the most budget-friendly, and you can do it all online from your home. Even with photography opted in, most beach wedding packages are less than $3,000! So what Florida wedding package do you choose? It depends on many things:

  • your guest count
  • your budget
  • your level of desired decorations
  • your options for first dance, toast as a married couple, wedding photography
  • your location and permits – in this case Siesta Key Beach or Lido Key Beach.

The best wedding package for under 10 guests:

Small Florida beach wedding ceremonies

Our Beach Beginnings Package is elegant and one of our couples’ favorites! Up to 10 people and chairs for your guests to witness your vows between two bamboo poles, along with shells and white/ivory flowers. Want tropical? You can have those flowers if you choose. It even incudes a greenery aisle for the bride to walk down and approximately 50 wedding photos.

The best wedding package for 10-24 guests:

Our Nautical Knot wedding package is perfect for a larger guest count but still small enough to be sweet and simple in Siesta! Starfish, wildflowers, pink ribbons…what does your heart desire? Up to 24 chairs are included but you can add more. The canopy of three bamboo poles and your choice of colors and accessories will make your special day stand out. Even adding professional beach photography won’t break your bank.

The best wedding package for 25 and up guest count:

Can you say, “I want it all for my wedding” and get it on the beach? YES you can! And in Siesta Key it’s all that more special with the sunsets. We recommend our Distinctive Design packages for the couple that wants a large, highly decorated beach wedding. With up to 36 chairs, a huge 4 post bamboo wedding arch, chilled water for your guests, chalkboard sign, music and more. Just add beach photography!

Easy Travel

If you want to tie the knot in Florida, choosing your mode of transportation to Sarasota is a good starting point. And depending on your starting and ending point, your most affordable option can vary.

  • Land: Calculate gas/mileage for a Florida road trip and travel time to your beach wedding location.
  • Air: Check travel sites like Orbitz or Travelocity to see flight costs. Don’t forget to consider additional fees like baggage (your wedding dress), seat selection, cost to park at the airport. Sometimes choosing a slightly higher “upfront” ticket can be cheaper in the long run by including free bags or seat assignment. Also check out Trip Advisor’s handy tool for some Sarasota, Florida Flight Stats.

Nicer Than You Can Imagine

Time of Year:  Spring break is a hot season for travelers to Florida and hotel prices often reflect those demands. You can often get late August/September discounts as long as you can handle the heat. Otherwise, Fall is a great time to plan a Florida beach wedding. Less heat, less travelers, and traditionally cheaper rates. Also, avoid price hikes during holiday weekends. If you are a northerner looking to take a break from the brutal winter, Florida’s mild winter weather may be the perfect reason to ditch the snow shovel and get some Florida sunshine on Siesta Key or Lido Key beach.

Siesta Key wedding couple hugging in sea oats on beach

Less Stress Than Traditional Weddings

A small wedding of your dreams can be easy and beautiful at the same time. And there are other perks. Walking on the beach with friends and family on the morning of your wedding, going fishing or just chilling watching the sunset on the eve of your Siesta Key ceremony.

So now that you have an idea of money saving travel tips for your destination wedding on this Gulf beach, are you ready to book the beach wedding of your dreams? With our complete wedding packages you can have a cheap beach wedding that looks expensive! Contact us today.


Ft. Walton Beach Wedding & Bonfire Reception

Dreaming of a beach wedding in the Florida panhandle? Love the idea of an intimate fireside reception? Well grab your Florida marriage license, a s’mores kit, and a pair of flip flops. Then get ready to say “I do” on the sandy shoreline of the Gulf coast beaches.  And who says your first toast has to be with a champagne glass? Why not a marshmallow?  Learn more about a Ft. Walton Beach Wedding and Bonfire Reception here!

How to Plan a Ft. Walton Beach Wedding and Bonfire Reception

Destin Bamboo wedding arch with tropical flowers

We’ve broken down the Destin beach wedding planning process into 6 uncomplicated steps. Check it out:

  1. Visit and check our all inclusive beach wedding packages page. Match your vision with our expert beach designs to choose the perfect wedding ceremony choice. The Destin and Fort Walton Beach area are very popular with beach brides so its important to get on this early.
  2. Contact us to check on your date availability.
  3. Make a deposit by check, or credit card, to reserve your Ft. Walton beach wedding date.
  4. Receive your confirmation packet and User ID/Password for the selections pages.  From here you’ll choose all of your ceremony decor, ceremony/vows, and music that comes with Destin Florida wedding packages. A general timeline will be included in your confirmation packet (including dates and important details).
  5. Return your completed selections online to our beach wedding planner.  You will then receive a detailed ceremony agenda for your beach ceremony.
  6. And, on the day of your ceremony, we will see you on Fort Walton beach for your wedding ceremony!

Sound easy enough? It really is! And you can visit our FAQ page or contact us if you have more questions.

Ft. Walton Beach Bonfire:

A beach bonfire- a perfect, intimate way to celebrate the start your marriage and the end of the day!

Beach Bonfire Destin FL

So 30A Bonfires is an awesome company sharing a similar philosophy with the Florida Beach Wedding Company. Put plainly, it’s a one stop shop with great customer service and satisfaction. There are multiple package choices and locations for beach bonfires and choosing one is easy with their clear cut descriptions on  Now, you can also obtain your own beach bonfire permit, but you won’t be provided chairs, tables, fire pits, S’mores kit and a set up and take down. Seems well worth a little extra to have that all taken care of.

Couple at Clearwater Beach with a Destiny wedding package sitting

Here’s an idea of what you’ll get with a 30A beach bonfire:

  • Beach Bonfires start between 6:00-8:00PM and are available year round.
  • Vendor will contact you to set up a time for the date you have requested. It is best to book these at least one week in advance due to limited supply.
  • Duration: 2-3 Hrs.
  • Available Packages
    • 2 Hour Bonfire Package: Fire bowl, wood, 5 chairs, S’mores, bonfire permit and attendant to set up and tend fire
    • 2 Hour Deluxe Bonfire Package: Fire bowl, wood, 10 chairs, 1 table, S’mores, Bluetooth speaker, tiki torches, bonfire permit and attendant to set up and tend fire
    • 3 Hour Bonfire Package: Fire bowl, wood, 20 chairs, 2 tables, S’mores, Bluetooth speaker, tiki torches, bonfire permit and attendant to set up and tend fire.

best beach wedding locations in florida

For more details, additions, questions, you can visit Ready to book your Destin or Fort Walton Beach Wedding? Click HERE!

Wedding Dresses For A St. Pete Beach Ceremony

The Clearwater St. Pete Beach area is a top pick for beach weddings among our brides. For us, as beach wedding planners, part of the thrill is seeing each bridal gown as the ceremony begins. Each bride has different taste so it’s a real treat for us to participate and photograph the wedding dresses. You might think we’d see mostly short wedding dresses, but most of the time our Florida beach brides choose full length gowns and they look incredible! The secret is in the material and style they choose to keep them comfortable on these Gulf beaches. And shoes…who needs them? If you begin your beach ceremony with shoes, we are almost certain they will be off by the time we get to the photography session! That warm Gulf of Mexico water is too hard to resist, and with a St. Pete Beach wedding the sunsets will leave you both breathless.

Clearwater Beach wedding couple in Gulf water

Because the internet is so crowded with wedding dresses, we thought we’d share with you some ACTUAL dresses that our brides chose. Don’t become a slave to social media dresses either; you are an individual and what you love matters most. Just keep in mind a few tips we can give you as experienced Gulf Beach wedding planners. In over 13 years in business we’ve seen it all and know what works in this unique Florida wedding environment an you might be surprised. Here we go…

Spaghetti Strap Gowns

Katy wore a lace bodice gown with spaghetti straps for her Gulf Beach wedding. You can see how gorgeous it is from the back too as it flows in the sea breeze. This type of wedding dress is perfect for humid or very warm weather that Florida experiences on the west coast. Classic and cool is the name of the game in Clearwater St. Pete, and this bride made it look so easy. Even her hair was beachy with just a small beaded accessory to show off her sun kissed face.

Bride in spaghetti strap lace wedding gown with groom on Gulf beach in FloridaBeach Wedding dress back view spaghetti straps with groom on Clearwater Beach

Lace Wedding Dress

An outdoor wedding is a beautiful thing, especially on a Florida beach. With heat, humidity and breezy conditions on St. Pete Beach, a shorter dress can be a really smart choice. This bride chose a tea length gown with a vintage feel in lace which was perfect for her simple beach wedding. The strapless, sweetheart neckline however, gives it a modern update as well as the little jacket. Let’s give this bride props for wearing heels on the beach!

Tea length lace wedding gown on bride beside groom on Florida Gulf Beach

Mermaid Wedding Dress

Who can deny a mermaid gown isn’t beachy and seaside ready? By its very nature, the mermaid wedding dress is sweet and very romantic. Without a long train, it makes an impression while being easy to wear at one of our beach wedding places in Florida. Add lace to the mix and how can a beach bride go wrong!

Destin, Florida beach weddings are special when shared with your bridal party.

Wedding Gown Trains and Veils

We are often delighted to see our brides wearing formal wedding gowns and it is always beautiful! In Clearwater St. Pete Beach, the sea breeze is often just right so a train will move in the breeze which is perfect for wedding pictures. Veils are a little more tricky, but still popular on the Gulf beaches. There is less wind on the west coast of Florida so brides can choose a veil. It is all a personal choice and just about anything goes when you have a Florida beach wedding. Even if you have a very small beach wedding or beach elopement, you can still arrive and get tie the knot in style. Even for vow renewals, we have seen couples decked out in full wedding.

Beach Bride, Groom and Child at sunset on Gulf Beach

So find out how you can get married in style with a Florida destination wedding package all-inclusive. Check out our Clearwater elopement packages and learn how to have a beach wedding in Florida to remember. We even help with your Florida marriage license and permits too. Contact our wedding planners today.