Our Top “Trash the Wedding Dress” Moments

Trash the dress refers to part of our photography session in which you can choose to “trash” your beach wedding dress in the sea or sand. Sounds a bit scary but many of our beach brides love it! Popular trash the dress sessions include going in the water, either kissing or jumping waves, or frolicking beach side in the sand and sea with your new spouse. The bride may “trash” her dress by getting it wet in the ocean, all of her dress or only part of it. Most of the time the dress is not ruined and can be cleaned, depending on the fabric (synthetic fibers are usually okay).

Couple trashes the dress in the ocean after vow renewal

This can be a symbolic transformation from a bride to a wife. This part of the photo session can be very romantic as it usually is sealed with a passionate embrace or kiss and makes an incredible picture. While anyone can have a “trash the dress” photo shoot at their wedding at home, it is really popular for destination weddings because you get to take advantage of the stunning sea available on the Florida Gulf coast or Atlantic ocean. So if you decide to “trash the dress” as part of your wedding photography package on the beach, take a look at some of our favorite moments with Florida Beach Weddings company just married couples.

Here is a recent vow renewal couple that wasn’t afraid to get a little wet and have fun at Jacksonville Beach. Five years of marriage deserves a celebration! Crystal and Brandon have incredible passion and their love shines through in this amazing photo take by our beach wedding photographer. We consider this one of our best trash the dress ocean photographs.

Bride and groom in the waves kissing after beach wedding

Trashing the Dress in the surf at Jacksonville Beach

The layers with lace over the fabric of her dress look amazing as the waves in the ocean crash around this couple. Wouldn’t you love our beach wedding photographer to get one of the two of you? You can! You will look back and be amazed at your special day and how wonderful it was. Perhaps you will come back to your favorite Florida beach in the future to celebrate a few years of marriage like this couple did.

Although much calmer, this Clearwater Beach wedding couple is clearly thrilled with their experience tying the knot in Florida! Her simple dress is lightly touched by the rolling waves on this Gulf beach. The water is so warm I’m sure they wanted to go right in, but this sunset wedding is picture perfect. Yes, sunsets are really special if you choose a Gulf beach wedding in Clearwater or St. Pete.

Clearwater Beach bride and groom in the Gulf waters at sunset

Aaaah the “golden hour” in Daytona Beach: pink and peach hues fill the sky as the sun sets over the Atlantic ocean. What a beautiful trash the dress beach picture for this couple’s wedding photo album. The soft pink of the sand matches the sky framing them in soft light, not to mention the blue ocean that gently surrounds them.

Bride and Groom embracing and sitting in the ocean

Trash the Dress on Daytona Beach at sunset

When to do trash the dress photos? After the ceremony in the evening can be just right. It’s hard to beat Siesta Key for romance in the Gulf waters as the sun sets in the evening sky. This bride’s wedding dress is suspended in the water, floating behind her giving added drama to this incredible photograph by our experienced beach wedding photographer. For many years this couple will look back at this day and sigh with pleasure remembering their wedding in Siesta Key. And yes, the water really is that color: the beautiful blue, green Gulf of Mexico needs no photoshop!

This bride and groom share glances during their trash the dress session of our Siesta Key Beach Weddings.

Trash the dress in Siesta Key

Even a long veil can work for your trash the wedding dress session, and a long gown definitely makes a statement. If a trash the dress photo session is on your wedding wish list, then there is no better place than a Florida beach. Even at a cheap wedding on a budget, you can likely afford the extra photography time our beach wedding company offers so that you too can experience the joy of trashing your dress! Don’t be overwhelmed by the stress of planning a beach wedding, if you just got engaged we can help you design the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. Pam, Kayla and Karen have a reputation for top service and beautiful wedding package designs. There is surely one waiting for you and your beloved.

Our beach wedding company photographer captures your emotions and love for each other as a wedding couple. The warm ocean, your love for each other, and your wedding dress will be captured for now and forever.

Remember, be sure to look at the care label in your wedding gown before you make the decision to go into the ocean. 100% polyester is easy to clean and using a cleaner should make your wedding dress look almost as good as new. However, maybe you don’t care…you just want an incredibly romantic photo like the one taken below. It reminds of a timeless love story in the movies!

Why not be bold and make a statement! You can trash the dress alone like this Daytona Beach bride and her beautiful reflection in the sand. Just the hem of her dress trailing in the water is stunning. Perhaps she is looking at her former self as she embraces her new life on her wedding day. Our photographer from Forever In Love Photos is now part of the Florida Beach Weddings team and available to all our couples when tying the knot. It is important to use a highly experienced photographer that can shoot in outdoor lighting during the night and daytime. Intense sun, salt and sunsets can be challenging. Don’t take any chances!

Daytona Beach Weddings are the best place to have a trash the dress photography session.

If you still don’t want to trash your precious wedding dress in the sea, we have plenty of other poses that make perfect memories of your special day. Why not get down in the sand for some playful couple time? Your dress might get a bit dirty but probably not wet. A few props like buckets or rose petals can set the stage for romantic and unique photographs like this couple who married on Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater Beach Weddings during the sunset have beautiful views of the dunes.

You can also involve your wedding party in a trash the dress session. Even without getting the dress wet, this wedding day was clearly full of fun and joy – what great memories for all of them at Jacksonville Beach! Having a barefoot wedding is the way to really enjoy a Florida beach ceremony. The faces of newlyweds and their friends have a special place in our hearts as we remember their smiles. 

Jacksonville Beach wedding party laughs in photo by the ocean

Now that you’ve done the hard part and picked your wedding date, why not pick your package, wedding location and get ready for your own “trash the dress” photography session! The Florida weather is warm and the water is waiting for both of you to join us. We are standing by so contact the Florida Beach Weddings team today.

6 Reasons to Choose Jacksonville for a Cheap Beach Wedding

To plan an affordable beach wedding, try to choose a location that’s easy to travel to so you and your guests don’t have to spend a lot of money getting there. Consider booking at a resort, since you may be able to obtain a group discount if you book a certain number of nights. Jacksonville, FL, may be just the right location to provide you with a cheap beach wedding, as well as a beautiful and fun experience.

Couple kisses at Jacksonville Beach Wedding

Why choose Jacksonville for your beach wedding? Located just North of St. Augustine, Jacksonville Beach is a small coastal resort community.  Boasting over 11 miles of beach front, it is located right next to the city of Jacksonville, which is the largest metropolitan city in Florida. Jacksonville Beach is a quiet surprise within this large city area. Home to only 21,000 residents, there are several beach front hotels.  Along with a vibrant night life, great surfing, and several golf venues, you will be delighted with the quaint shops, and award-winning restaurants. You, and your guests, can enjoy the nightlife, kick back, and relax while enjoying a drink at one of the several beach front bars. Why not check out all there is to do in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville Beach Weddings in Florida with bamboo canopy, decor, photographer, officiant and more


Getting to Jacksonville Beach for your wedding is easy.  With an international airport right in Jacksonville, you will be able to fly right into the city. Now you will just be a short ride to the beaches for your wedding ceremony. Afterwards, you can visit St. Augustine as a honeymoon location or for a fun day of exploration in the Old City.

Map of Jacksonville Beach


There are several hotels directly on Jacksonville Beach, where you can stay, walk right outside onto the beach and join your guests. How relaxing.  And, why not have your first kiss as a married couple right on the beach!  Next, after we take some great photos, you can walk back to the hotel and enjoy your planned party, or reception. The Hampton Inn is pictured below and offers a heated lagoon-style pool with four waterfalls and a whirlpool grotto. Dine at Tides Beach Bar and Grille and Waterfalls Lounge.

Jacksonville Beach Wedding hotels


Why not plan a reception at Hanna Park’s Dolphin Plaza. It is an oceanfront site that seats up to 125 people. This 2,000-square-foot facility offers an incredible oceanfront view with 30′ ceilings. It is air-conditioned, has kitchen facilities and restrooms. It also includes chairs and tables. The Dolphin Plaza charges very reasonable rent. Wedding couples may provide their own food or catering and bring in their own alcohol. Hanna Park is rustic and beautiful for a beach wedding reception your guests will always remember.

Dolphin Beach Wedding Reception Jacksonville, FL


Jacksonville Beach Weddings are recommended not only because of the beaches, the surfing, the golfing, but of so many other things to do.  How about a visit to the Jacksonville Zoo?  With vast areas of beautiful beaches and waterways, Jacksonville is home to the largest urban park system in the country. Families, foodies, nature lovers, couples, history buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts, will appreciate all that Jacksonville has to offer. Plus here are six more reasons to plan your sunshine, ocean wedding at this Florida beach:

  1. Jacksonville Beach has no permit fees
  2. Hotels in Jacksonville Beach are reasonable
  3. JAX is reasonable and easy to fly into for your guests
  4. Jacksonville Beach has an amazing and cheap reception venue
  5. Port is nearby for built in low cost cruise honeymoons to the Bahamas (if available)
  6. This major destination city has plenty of affordable entertainment

The Florida Marriage License fee is $93.50 and must be paid in cash. The marriage certificate is issued by the clerk of Courts in each County of Florida but can be used throughout the State of Florida. Read more about getting one here.

Affordable Jacksonville Beach Weddings in Florida

It’s pretty clear that to tie the knot in Jacksonville Beach will ensure all your family and cherished friends will want to come celebrate with you. With a Florida Beach Weddings complete package, it will be a perfect place for your unforgettable wedding ceremony or vow renewal! We have a professional and experienced staff ready to help you plan your special day. Our highly rated reputation guarantees you won’t have to second guess your decorations or stress about a wedding company being late or your wedding place unprepared. So take a bow if you’ve chosen to plan a Jacksonville Beach wedding and get ready to dive into the details by contacting us today!

What to do the Night Before Your Beach Wedding

Wedding plans are chugging along and your big day will be here before you know it. Plus, if you’ve hired our Florida Beach Weddings Company, you can rest assured that your beach wedding ceremony is going to be smooth sailing. After all, you can contact us with any concerns you have as well as checking your private and secure wedding portal at any time for details on your complete wedding package. Now, on to the night before your wedding, a good night’s sleep makes our to-do list the night before your Florida wedding…but it’s not the only thing! Let’s talk about what else you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T be doing the night before you tie the knot. 

Bride and Groom under wedding arch on Daytona Beach

Rustic Romance Wedding on Daytona Beach

What to do the Night Before Your Beach Wedding

  • Delegate: Most pre-wedding plans should be in place the night before your beach wedding (check our How to Plan for a Destination Wedding posts for more on that). Don’t use the night before as a time to re-plan your wedding and obsess over details. However, there are a few things that ARE best left to the night before:
    • Marriage license: Make sure to bring this to your wedding ceremony to keep things official. If you have a reliable bridesmaid or family member, you can give it to him/her the night before and ensure they bring it to the ceremony location. Find out more about obtaining a Florida Marriage License here.
    • Rings: Give your rings to a trusted friend/bridal party member (maid of honor/best man) to bring to ceremony location. You definitely don’t want to be running around looking for these at the last minute.
Beach marriage under tropical bamboo canopy with couple kissing

Tropical Distinctive Design Wedding Package

  • Bag It: Just about everybody has that friend that is a walking filing/medicine/snack cabinet. Or maybe it’s you. Whether it’s a band-aid, safety pin, stain remover, or granola bar, this person always seems to have it. So while it’s not necessary to bring a suitcase to your wedding ceremony, a little bag will come in handy. It’s best to pack a bag with some essentials for the day of your beach wedding. You can buy a fun bride bag or even a simple gallon zipper bag will do the trick. Some possible necessities: (this could also be where you keep the marriage license and rings if you don’t have a friend to delegate the responsibility)
    • Snack- often brides get so caught up with hair/make up/ and a little pre-wedding jitter that meals often go neglected. So to avoid hunger pains and dehydration (or moodiness), pack a mess-free snack and a bottle of water. Take a bite before driving/walking to your ceremony site.
    • Make Up- The beach is your wedding chapel so it is best to be natural and prepared for some sunshine. It’s a good idea to pack your lip stick/gloss and a powder for a quick touch up before walking down the aisle and again before photos (more make up tips here).
    • Hair: Depending on your style maybe a few bobby pins, travel hair spray, or just a brush may come in handy. See more about beach brides hair here.                                             
    • Don’t go crazy and overpack, just think of basic essentials and have this bag ready to grab and go in the A.M.
Pamela Fuit Beach Wedding Officiant

Pamela Fuit Beach Wedding Officiant

  • Choose Your Beverages Wisely: Water is best. It will keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated, especially in the Florida sun. A glass of wine or small cocktail to help take off the pre-wedding jitter edge is fine. But don’t go partying it up which will lead to a more restless night, dehydration, and a possible hang over. Yuck! It’s also best to avoid caffeine, which could just add to your jitters and make for a bouncing off the wall bride at night and sluggish beauty in the A.M.
Destin bride holding bouquet at beach wedding in Florida

Destin bride holding bouquet after Florida Gulf beach wedding

  • Sleep. I know we’re not the first to talk of the importance of a good night’s sleep. This means turning off social media and other screens well before bed. Rest up so you are ripe and ready for your big day!  

Sweet dreams beach bride! And if you’re ready to plan your ultimate dream of a wedding, click HERE!

The 3 Secrets of a Successful Beach Wedding in Florida

What do you think of when you hear the word beach: fun, relaxing, beautiful? Well, just add the word “wedding” after beach and you can still keep those same descriptions. And guess what?  Beach wedding planning can be fun and relaxing with a beautiful outcome on your special day. You just have to know THE SECRETS to getting it all done. Don’t believe it? Then let’s break down some beach wedding planning responsibilities and you’ll see just what we’re talking about it.

Bride and Groom say I do on a Florida beach

Beach Wedding Planning Secrets

The first question is: do you need to use a wedding planner or beach wedding company? The answer is no, but you will have an easier wedding experience, and likely save some money if you do! Here’s the FIRST SECRET: purchase a complete beach wedding package for one price that includes everything you need.

Tropical Wedding Arch on the beach with flowers and white chairs St. Pete

Now we can’t speak for all wedding planners, but here’s what you’ll get with our Florida Beach Weddings company. **Spoiler alert**, you may be shocked to see just how little work you actually have to do. Our M.O. is “one stop shop” at affordable prices. So here goes, your Florida Beach Wedding Planner will:

  • Obtain any required beach permits and help you choose the right beach side wedding venue
  • Provide guidance in choosing exact ceremony location, time (which can depend on the tide or sunset), and package options to design your wedding online
  • Provide an experienced wedding officiant, who will perform, and coordinate, your beach wedding ceremony
  • Provide ceremony and vows (you can also choose your own)
  • Provide consultations by phone and email
  • Provide ceremony decorations– this varies with package selection: choose bamboo, driftwood, flowers, lanterns, chair sashes and more
  • Provide recorded music for ceremony played on our PA system
  • Provide a Unity Sand Ceremony, including: decorated sand ceremony table, keepsake vase, sand color choices
  • Provide Photographer at ceremony site for wedding photos (an extra fee may apply for some packages, very affordable)
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license after the ceremony, per Florida laws for resident and non resident couples

As you can see there is not much you have to do for the ceremony. But what about any guests that are coming? Hotels? Restaurants or a venue for a wedding reception? Here’s the SECOND SECRET: Our Florida Beach Weddings company has a list of recommended vendors we share only with our wedding couples. We know where you can obtain flowers, get your hair and nails done, suggestions for a reception, the best parking areas and more. You can relax as we have many helpful suggestions to smooth the path before your special day.

Ormond Beach Weddings with an affordable beach wedding company.

Still, there’s footwork to be done before you arrive at your Florida wedding on the beach. Luckily, with over 12 years of beach wedding experience, we have written extensive blog articles for you about many of the decisions needed to prepare for tying the knot. Finally, here’s the THIRD SECRET: Florida beaches are a unique environment and it’s NOT the same as getting married in your hometown. These must-read blog topics cover the special circumstances of a beach wedding and how you will need to make adjustments for heat, sun and sea. We wrote them JUST FOR YOU with the goal of providing all the information you need to make decisions. You, your partner, your guests and bridal party want to be comfortable and relaxed. Not to mention guidance on how to obtain a Florida Marriage License. It’s worth your time to learn a bit about Florida beaches and how to make your ceremony memorable for a lifetime.

Bride & Groom

Bride and groom say vows under wedding canopy on the beach

So with the help of a reputable Beach Wedding Company, there isn’t much you’ll need to worry day of your wedding. There are just a few things you’ll need to get in order before the big day.

  • Bride & Groom Attire– Find out what we have to say about choosing the perfect beach wedding dress or groom attire!
  • Choose Decor: Our pre-determind packages are perfectly designed with beach couples in mind. Just choose your style and colors and we’ll put it all together for a stunning wedding ceremony.
  • Transportation– Planes, trains, automobiles. Ya know, find out how you’re getting to and from your destination beach wedding location.
  • Hotel Accommodations– It’s customary for the bride and groom to not only find suitable lodging accommodations for themselves, but also for traveling guests. 
  • Invitations– Send them out in plenty of time, especially important for destination weddings.
  • Favors/Gifts– Traditionally, couples gift wedding party members with something memorable/significant. And if you want to go above and beyond, destination wedding favors are a great way to make guests feel extra special and welcome.
  • Hair/Make Up– So if you’re hiring professional help in the hair and make up department, be sure to book ahead of time. While if you’re fine D.I.Y., we have some very helpful beach wedding make up tips.
  • Marriage License– Though we handle the legal filing after your marriage ceremony, you must apply for/obtain a Florida marriage license. 

So hopefully that clears things up in the beach wedding planning responsibilities realm. In addition, if you’re only planning concern is when do I say, ‘I do?’, then CLICK HERE to book a Florida Beach Wedding. You can also call our Beach Wedding Specialists at 386-214-6361.

Daytona vs. Clearwater: Which is the Best Beach to Get Married On?

Your Florida Beach Wedding is sure to be beautiful and fun-filled, but choosing the right beach can be a hard decision. Both beach cities, Daytona Beach and Clearwater, have beautiful characteristics and no shortage of entertainment. Let’s explore the variety of beach wedding venues and find the perfect fit for your destination beach wedding. Whichever location you choose, your ceremony with our Florida Beach Weddings company will be a smashing success!

Clearwater couple kissing at beach wedding

Different Beach Types

Do you want a big built up city beach with lots to do? Or a more natural beach, with less people? Every beach has a different personality! The west coast of Florida has the calmest water and beautiful white sand situated on the Gulf of Mexico. The beautiful, calm, blue waters that are excellent for swimming and floating. Little children can swim without big waves. Clearwater Beach is a popular spot for water sports, snorkeling, parasailing and jet skiing, and the beach is close to Tampa international airport. Choose from Clearwater Beach, Sand Key Park, Madeira Beach, Indian Rocks, Redington Beach, Treasure Island. Regularly rated as one of the best beaches in the United States, it is a paradise for those who love the sun, sand and sea. 

Our Clearwater Beach Weddings include the packages you will need, officiant, ceremony, canopy, and chairs.

However, if you want to boogie board and enjoy jumping surf, you might prefer beaches of the Daytona Beach area with 26 miles of unique beachfront to choose from including Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Wilbur-By-The-Sea, Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach. Fly into Orlando or Daytona Beach international airport. You will enjoy soft sand near the sea wall, firm sand near the water for biking, running, sports and plenty of room for chairs, towels and umbrellas away from the narrow lane the vehicles are allowed in. The sand gently slopes into the Atlantic, often has active waves, and lots to do off the beach once you are done sunning and swimming. The tide-pools are great for little kids to play in during low tide and so warm! You can choose a drive-on beachfront or non-traffic beach.

A bride and groom celebrate their Daytona Beach Weddings at the Shores resort and spa.

Things to Do


You can see Dolphins on both sides of Florida and there are specific tours you can book – well worth it. In the Clearwater area, there is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a famous aquarium in Clearwater has a strong dedication to rehabilitation of sea turtles and other aquatic life. Pier 60 is great for fishing. The Congo River Mini Golf course is great fun for everyone (there’s one located in Daytona Beach too). For nightlife, there are many beach bars where you can sip your cocktails with the view of the sea, or party all night long to live music.

Daytona Beach Area:

For kids: there is a place you can take your children to where there is water slides and race track and all kind of things to do at this place. It is called the Daytona Lagoon. It offers water slides, a wave pool swim, a multi-level family splash and play center, and lazy river. Something for everyone! The adults can enjoy side splitting laughter at Bonkerz Comedy Club inside the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort, or just chill at one of the many oceanfront bars with live entertainment. If you are into waves or boogie boarding, Daytona area beaches are the place to go: Ponce Inlet is a local favorite.


Daytona Beach:

The beach is long, with regular lifeguard stations, and a popular boardwalk in Daytona Beach and yes, in many areas, you can drive right onto it. There is a lively ambience here, particularly on weekends, with live music overlooking the sand. There’s a nice collection of hotels in Dayton Beach with rooms that are often cheaper than the Gulf coast. The Daytona Beach Shores Resort and Spa is one of the largest hotels on the beachfront in Daytona. With an amazing pool deck boasting an outdoor heated pool, a kiddie pool, restaurant inside for easy dining options, you would be able to have a wedding reception there as well. Beach wedding prices, in general, are lower in Daytona Beach.

Clearwater Beach:

Holiday Inn Harbourside is a wonderful location for couples that want to enjoy an all-inclusive Clearwater Beach Wedding venue. Located near Indian Rocks Beach it offers families fun at Splash Harbour Water Park located adjacent to the hotel. With a pool, jacuzzi, and the full-service restaurant, Jimmy Guana’s, which offers fresh seafood and steaks, how can you go wrong?

Different sun sets

Clearwater is, of course, famous for it’s sunsets. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast, you get a spectacular sunset almost every night! If a vibrant sunset wedding is on your list, then a Clearwater Beach wedding is for you. You can choose tropical colors for your all inclusive Florida beach wedding package to match the oranges and pinks of the setting sun over the water.

Bride and groom on Clearwater Beach as the sun sets over the water

On the east coast of Florida, there are beautiful reflections of the setting sun as it goes down, giving our couples a beautiful pinky, peach glow called the Golden Hour. A soft and beautiful backdrop for a Daytona Beach wedding, if you so desire. 

The main idea is for you and your beloved to do your research and find the Florida beach that tugs at your heartstrings. It is pretty hard to find a beach that is NOT romantic! And your ceremony can include just the two of you, or a number of your friends and family. Whether you choose an affordable Daytona Beach wedding or Gulf beach wedding in Clearwater, you can trust our beach wedding company to be there with you every step of the way and help you have the beach wedding of your dreams. Contact us today to find your favorite beach and perfect date.