Destination Wedding Myths Busted

On the fence on whether or not a destination wedding is right for you? Thinking it may be out of your budget? Well put aside whatever you’ve been told before or doubts you have about destination weddings. We’re going to give you the facts and bust some popular destination wedding myths!

Top 3 Destination Wedding Myths Busted


Myth # 1:

Destination Weddings are too complicated to plan.


If you can book a flight and pack a suitcase, you can plan a destination beach wedding. With Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company, we do EVERYTHING for you to ensure a seamless and beautiful beach wedding. We’re talking beach locations, set up/break down, officiant, photographer, it’s a one stop shop.  And things like what to do the week before the wedding, how to choose the perfect beach wedding dress, beach wedding make up, yeah, we’ve gotcha covered with all the best tips and tricks. 


Myth # 2:

Destination Weddings are too expensive.


The average cost of a traditional (non destination) wedding in America is $26,000. Wait, what? That figure should have you running for the hills, but wait, how about running for the beach? 😉 Your Clearwater Beach Weddings are coming in somewhere between $1,000-$2,000. Out the door wedding package price. Now if that’s not an affordable wedding price, then I don’t know what is. Now add in flight and hotel, dress, hair & make up to the budget. But you could still have roughly 5 beach weddings for the price of 1 “average, traditonal” wedding. Aaaaand, here’s another post on more ways to save money with a destination beach wedding


Myth # 3:

Destination Weddings are for elopements.

destination wedding myth


Ok, ok, you got us here. Kind of. Well, not really. 😉 While a destination wedding elopement is a beautifully intimate way to say “I do,” it’s not just for elopements. We offer wedding packages to accommodate up to 50 or more guests. And it’s not like you’re bringing your guests to Death Valley. We’re talking Clearwater Beach; a dream, beach vacation destination. 


There, there. Don’t you feel better now that you know a destination wedding is not as scary as it seems? Contact us to plan your dream destination wedding or find out the truth behind any other myths! 


Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

You’ve chosen your most cherished friends and family to stand by you on your wedding day. But how do you find the perfect beach wedding bridesmaid dresses? And how much should your bridal party expect to spend? What’s unique for beach wedding bridesmaid dresses opposed to a traditional, indoor ceremony? Well, look no further. We have all those answers and more.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

for your Beach Wedding 

beach wedding bridesmaid dresses   

1. Choose your color/theme

Before you start the dress hunt, you should have a clear vision for your beach wedding ceremony. Browse our photo gallery and beach wedding package options to get the wheels turning. Once you have a good idea of your wedding decor, you can go totally matchy-matchy, go complimentary colors, or simply stay neutral. 

2. Fabric, Length, Comfort

Beach weddings have a much more relaxed and laid back feel than traditional weddings. So beach wedding bridesmaid dresses should be just that. Relaxed and comfortable. Stick with flowing, breathable fabrics like chiffon or cotton. Fabric choice is more important than length. Don’t be afraid of a maxi dress in the sand as long as you have the right material. 

3. To each her own?

If you have multiple bridesmaids, are you choosing a one style fits all kind of dress? Or are you ok with a little variation? There are so many options here, but we recommend at least some consistency. So if you are going with a variety of dress colors, it’s best to keep the same dress style across the board. And vice versa. Check out the knot’s website for a great resource. You can look up dresses by color, length, style… AND they’re all under $100. Which brings us to the next point..

4. Budget

The best advice here is know your audience and bridal party size (as in how many girls, not waist, hip, bust). If you have only 1 or 2 bridesmaids, you can often shop off the rack and find great deals. Or even shopping sales at department stores like Dillard’s or Macy’s can provide affordable dresses. Larger parties often require special orders, but not always. Either way, $75-$100 is a fair and reasonable amount to spend on a bridesmaid dress. Of course, if the style is right we won’t say no to that diamond in the rough $15 last season, final sale. 😉 

5. Shoes/Accessories

The great thing about a beach wedding is “toes in the sand” is quite literal. So you can opt for a barefoot wedding, barefoot sandals, or a simple sandal. Avoid flip flops in the sand, but a pre-wedding “flop and drop” is ok. Meaning flip flops on the way to the beach and ditch them before walking the aisle. As for accessories, this is a great opportunity for a bridal party gift (hint, hint). Earrings, necklace, or hair piece. This takes a little ease of the bridesmaid budget, keeps your girls with a united look, and provides a piece for lasting memories of your beach wedding. 


Destination Wedding Invitations

 “I’m having a destination wedding, but what do I include on my destination wedding invitation?”

Great question! So a destination wedding follows traditional wedding invitation etiquette in a lot of ways. However, there are some key points that should not be overlooked when mailing/e-mailing out your destination wedding invitations!

destination wedding invitations

So before we get to the actual invite, let’s brief with “Save the Dates.” Due to additional travel plans/vacation time from work, it’s important to give your guests plenty of time to plan for your destination wedding. Save the Date cards should be sent out approximately 6-8 months prior to your wedding date. No major details needed. Just date and location. Something like this will do the job (click photo for link)…

destination wedding invitations


Ok, now back to the invites! Here’s a list of what to include on your destination wedding invitation:

  • Date & Time (per usual)

  • Address (per usual) *Make sure to include clear indication of “beach wedding” so guests can plan attire accordingly.

  • Reception information or “Reception to follow.” If no reception, there is not need to make any additional note. 

  • Include an accommodations card OR double side your invite with accommodation information on the back. Accommodations card should include guest hotel options/information and any group discounts available. 

  • Wedding Website URL- A wedding website is a great way to inform guests of your engagement story, photos, ceremony/reception details, and any other important details worth sharing. Check out for an easy to use and free wedding website creator!

  • RSVP card 

Invite ideas:

So you can go digital and choose to save time and money. Otherwise, websites like or have some fun beach-inspired destination wedding invitations waiting for you!

destination wedding invitations



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Destination Wedding Expenses – Who Pays For What?

What are the bride and groom expected to pay for when it comes to Destination Wedding Expenses? 


There are the family members, the bridal party, the guests, so who pays for what when it comes to Destination Weddings?

 destination wedding expenses


Bride & Groom

The bride and groom cover the usual wedding expenses (ceremony rentals, photographer, etc.). These are obvious and standard expenses for any type of wedding. However, it gets a little grey after that when it comes to destination weddings. Some couples still opt for a full reception, while others simply choose to dine with guests at a local restaurant. If a reception is not in your plans, it’s still nice to treat your guests to a post-wedding meal. You can find affordable restaurants to celebrate and eat without breaking the bank. Consider the money you’ll be saving with a bigger guest list in town (think feeding 100 people at home vs. 25 in your destination wedding city). Depending on the size of your guest list (and budget), a morning after breakfast or brunch is also a nice treat.


Bridal Party

Bridal party follows same procedure as guest list in respect to paying for flight and hotel accommodations. In addition, they are expected to pay for attire and accessories. So brides, you can choose to pay for hair and make up for your bridesmaids. If you aren’t covering the bill, it’s good etiquette to make it optional. It’s also a nice idea to make earrings, necklace, or these cute footless sandals double as an accessory and bridal party gift from you! 



So your traveling guests are highly likely to look back on your fantastic destination wedding with fond memories. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a relaxing tropical vacation? All that said, they should be expected to pay for flight and hotel accommodation out of their own pocket. It’s common courtesy for the bride and groom to provide hotel options and block rooms. And you could provide a Welcome Bag for an added touch! So guests are basically footing the bills for themselves with the exception of reception/post-wedding dinner. And if they are looking for some fun adventures in Destin, check out our post on DESTINation Wedding Adventures



Bottom line- Your guests will be excited to share your special day. The financial goal for your destination wedding should be for everyone to walk away with an affordable vacation, no unexpected expenses and unforgettable memories of your beach wedding day. 

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Florida Winter Beach Wedding

How fun are those games they put in the back of magazines or the mind games section of the newspaper? You know, the classic “Find the Differences.” Well, Find the Difference- Wedding Edition is right here! I challenge you with this Florida Winter Beach Wedding game.

Find 5 Differences Between a Northern Wedding and a Florida Beach Wedding:



florida winter wedding                                           florida winter beach wedding

Ok, ok. So there are a few more than 5 differences. 😉 But the point is, you can come to Florida any time of year, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, and have a  beautiful beach wedding. Sink your toes in sand, watch the ocean waves and sunrise/set, and leave your winter coat, gloves, boots, and ear muffs behind. Florida’s mild winter temps will have engaged couples ditching the snowsuits for swimsuits any time of year. 

So although Your Clearwater Beach Weddings had nothing to do with the couple in the left photo (brrrrr). The stunning, smiling couple on the right said “I do” right here in sunny Clearwater, Florida with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings. And yes, it was winter. February 10th to be exact. Alyson and Scott (from Wisconsin) planned their Florida Winter Beach Wedding with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings and it was a gorgeous day all around. Beautiful couple, brilliant sunset, 84 degree weather (it was 10 degrees in the couple’s hometown that same day). It was the ideal combination for a destination beach wedding. 

Maybe you’re on the fence if a destination winter wedding is for you. But I think this next comparison will help you with your decision. Would you rather be shoveling snow or walking down a white sandy aisle one your wedding day? And hey, if you really miss the shoveling we can find a beach pail and shovel. And you can shovel sandcastles until your heart’s content. 😉

      florida winter beach wedding

Ready to make like a snowbird and fly south for your winter beach wedding? Click HERE to book your Clearwater Beach Wedding today!