Beach Weddings or Cruise Weddings?

Why Cruise Weddings are not as great as beach weddings and cruise honeymoons. Enjoy the beautiful natural beach setup with canopy and chairs for your guests and relax before your honeymoon.

By land or by sea? With Clearwater Beach Weddings you can have it all!

So you’ve already decided you want to get married by the water, be it by boat or beach. Now it’s decision time. Cruises can be fun and relaxing and they sell you that everything is all in one place. Sounds to me like a perfect….. honeymoon. Cruise boat weddings can be stressful, expensive, and complicated. So get the best of both worlds with a beach wedding and then it’s “All aboard the S.S. Honeymoon!”

Why beach weddings are a better choice than cruise weddings:

  1. Expenses: It’s good to set a clear budget before any planning starts. Your Clearwater Beach Wedding has affordable and upfront prices with no hidden charges and fees. Set up/break down, wedding coordinating services, officiant, photographer, unity sand, and legal filing of your Florida marriage license is all included at a budget-friendly price. Cruise wedding packages can average around  $4,000-$8,000. And that starting price comes with a whole list of fine print, exclusions, and additional charges. Oh, and it definitely doesn’t include the cost of the cruise/stateroom itself. 
  2. Time constraints: Pre-departure cruise weddings can be stressful. If guests are not cruising, the ceremony and time may feel very rushed. Guests are provided specific boarding and exciting times and special accommodations will not be provided for non-cruising or late guests. 
  3. Don’t rock the boat: Considering getting married mid-cruise? Those pre-wedding jitters don’t mix well with rough seas. A seasick bride, groom, or guests could make for a rocky wedding day. With a beach wedding, seas could be 10-15 feet all while you can enjoy them from the flat sand. 
  4. Make it official: Many cruise wedding packages are not actual legal ceremonies. Don’t be tricked by “keepsake wedding certificate.”  That does not pass for a legal marriage. Furthermore, foreign ports can also be tricky when it comes to legalizing marriages. Your Clearwater Beach Weddings provides all the information you need to legally by Mr. and Mrs. _____________(fill in the blank)!
  5. Plan ahead: Cruise ports, itineraries, and conditions can change, leaving you scrambling last minute. However, you can book your wedding with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings way ahead of time without thinking twice. 

You and your guests can set sail from the Port of Tampa after your Clearwater Beach Wedding. Therefore, beach weddings are the way to go. Say “Bon Voyage” too pricey, regulation-heavy cruise weddings and head over to Clearwater Beach Weddings!

Florida Beach Wedding Gifts

Florida beach wedding gifts and ideas like these barefoot sandals with pearls the bride is wearing.

Pretend for a minute that it’s weeks, maybe even years after your Florida beach wedding. You glance at your shelf and travel back in time to that perfect day. Memories of sandy toes, salty air, and that sweet first married kiss. We can get all scientific about how repeatedly recalling information visually helps strengthen your memories some other day. But for now, let’s focus on amazing Florida beach wedding gifts. Let’s look at gifts that you, your spouse, wedding party, and guests will appreciate and recall fond memories from your wedding day.  And adding a card with a personalized message is the finishing touch. 

Best Florida Beach Wedding Gifts:

Spouse: There are a gambit of ideas for this category. So let’s narrow it down by answering a few questions.

  • What’s your budget? Get an idea of how much you want to spend on each other and communicate that, with each other. If the exchange is a Cartier watch for a beach hat….awkward. 
  • Choose something lasting. Marriage is forever so think about a gift that gets to tag along for a good part of that. Jewelry, housewares, photo frames.. the list goes on and on.
  • Make it personal. This could be in the very obvious sense like engraving or embroidering names/dates. Or simply putting in the extra thought for that “perfect find” gift. Check out these bride and groom wine glasses for the wine lover, or these personalized coffee mugs for the java junkie.

Bridal party: Florida Beach wedding gifts for the bridal party can be wedding specific or simply a token appreciation.

  • Bridesmaids: Looking for something she can wear at the wedding? These barefoot sandals are the perfect gift. Or check out this cute Bridesmaid bag or a bigger bag here. You could fill it with goodies like nail polish for the wedding day, a piece of jewelry, or a simple note.
  • Groomsmen: These cufflinks or nautical dress socks are a fun way of adding a personal touch. Beer lover? Check out these beer glasses.
  • Flower Girl/Ring Bearer: You can go bridal or just think like a kid. Candy, games, and beach toys are always a winner with kiddos! For that extra glamorous princess, you can pair a beautiful necklace with this flower girl basket.

Moms and Dads: Don’t forget about a special something for moms and dads of the bride and groom. 

  • Moms: This jewelry set is a stunning gift for the groom’s mom and bride’s mom alike. Jewelry, photo frames, or a special gift that reminds you of special times with your mom are a great way to show her your love. 
  • Dads: Looking to pull on dad’s heartstrings? This sentimental frame outta do. Or help him dry his “daddy’s little girl is getting married” tears with a timeless handkerchief. 
  • Both: Check out this classic frame. Guaranteed to get tears flowing and the memories lasting! 



Florida Beach Wedding Welcome Bags

Florida Beach Wedding Welcome Bags for your guests to enjoy at your beach wedding with water, sunscreen, and snacks.


So it’s the weekend of your wedding and your guests are arriving. Whether your guests have traveled by train, plane, or automobile, make the Florida beach wedding welcome bags a sincere gift to be received. Here are some helpful hints for creating your Florida beach wedding welcome bags. 

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Florida Beach Wedding Welcome Bags:

  1. Paper or plastic? Choose a simple bag big enough to hold all your guest’s goodies. A simple brown or white bag is perfect. Jazz it up with a little ribbon or bow with your wedding color. If you’re really feeling fancy, here are some personalized bags that could double as wedding favors. 
  2. A quick bite- Post road trip stomach growl or day after munchies, your guests will appreciate a little something to snack on. A mix of salty and sweet is the perfect pair. Bottled water is also a staple for beach wedding welcome bags. And speaking of drinking, how perfect is this “Beach House” wine to toast to a blissfully wedded weekend?
  3. So many things, so little time. Your guests will likely have some free time before/after the wedding, so help them make the most of their trip. Here’s a link to the Clearwater Beach Visitor Guide where guests can find endless fun and adventures on the #1 Beach in the U.S. And since visiting the beach/pool/outdoors is likely on the list, a travel sunscreen is a helpful addition to beach wedding welcome bags. 
  4. Late or lost guests? No good. Providing a clear itinerary is crucial for avoiding last minute mix ups. Don’t wait until the night before or day of to explain logistics. Download a template  or prepare ahead of time an organized mass text with addresses and times. This way no one is confused about events and timing.
  5. Beach fun. We’ve covered the necessities, now it’s time for a little something fun. Adding a little treat like these beach wedding sunglasses or personalized playing cards is a great way to liven up beach wedding welcome bags.

Your guests have traveled far to share your special day with you. Florida Beach Wedding Welcome Bags may seem like a small detail, but it will be sure to make your guests feel welcome and get them in the mood to celebrate and enjoy your beach wedding! 






Beach Wedding Favors

Tips for choosing the best beach wedding favors for your Clearwater Beach Wedding


So you’re preparing and planning for your Clearwater Beach Wedding and you’re thinking about beach wedding favors. Well let’s assume you’ve already hired Your Clearwater Beach Weddings to organize and prepare the perfect wedding day. If you’ve done that, the only real necessity left to plan is what to wear and how to get to the beach. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Your Clearwater Beach Weddings can work with you to take care of everything for a perfect wedding from set up to officiant, photographer to music. Click here for proof and a break down of what Clearwater Beach Weddings has to offer.

So, now where were we? Your Clearwater Beach Weddings has everything covered, but you want to add a few more personal touches. Here are some ideas for favors and the do’s and don’ts of what to bring to the beach.


5 Ideas for Beach Wedding Favors at Your Beach Wedding:

  1. Keep it simple- There may not be immediate access to garbage cans and it’s likely your guests may not be bringing bags or purses onto the sand. So when choosing beach wedding party favors, avoid items with something involving lots of plastic wrapping or bulky items that are a hassle to carry.
  2. Sweet Treats- Want the perfect beach wedding treat? Match the salty air with some tasty saltwater taffy. Simply put these yummy treats in a clear baggie, tie with some ribbon, and you have an easy and colorful wedding favor. You can even buy local, Florida made taffy and have it shipped. Click here to order.  Not into taffy? Choose another sweet or salty snack for your guests to enjoy, but be sure to stay away from chocolate or other fast melting foods that won’t make it in the Florida sun.
  3. Practically speaking- No one needs another trinket that’s likely to get tossed minutes after the vow exchange. Think of practical beach wedding favors your guests could enjoy the day of your wedding and in the future. A few ideas- personalized wedding sunglasses like these or fun drink koozies like these. 
  4. Follow the rules- There is a no glass policy on the beach and the general rule is to leave the beach the same (or better) as when you got there. So before you order those cute mason jars or votive holders, remember the rules.
  5. In the sand- There won’t really be anywhere to display your favors. Consider purchasing a basket to place in the sand near the seating area for favors. And don’t forget to assign someone to put it out before your guests arrive.